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Movie Review: Kyukyoku! Hentai Kamen (“Ultimate!! Pervert Mask”)

Posted in Movies with tags , , on December 16, 2013 by otakujade


Sides hurting from laughing…face flushed and red….This was probably the silliest movie we’ve ever watched but we totally enjoyed it.  A word of caution to the un-initiated on these type of movies though, you have to be an otaku to be able to enjoy this!

The premises presented were ridiculous and impossible but it was so much fun watching this movie. I would have loved to give a summary of the film but doing so would be a major spoiler as this would give away some of the best parts of the film.

So here’s a bit of info about the character: Kyosuke Shikijoh was a high school student who has a very strong sense of justice but is considered a weakling because he doesn’t know how to fight. He joined the school martial arts club to get skilled in the art of fighting but he doesn’t seem to be improving at all. He was also quite useless around girls – when he is around them either he clams up or says the wrong thing. Something his mother always bother him about, telling him he has not inherited any of her genes. What sort of genes? Well, the perverted genes what else..hehehe! She was an S/M (sadomasochist) worker and it was on the job when she met Kyosuke’s father who was a police officer and who turned out to be quite the masochist himself…talk about perverted genes!

So to cut the story short Kyosuke found out that he did have that perverted genes within him.  His lady love was taken hostage by some robbers and he wanted to save her.  Kyosuke over powered one of the robbers and decided to disguise himself and put on his clothes and mask. However, he mistakenly put on a ladies party on his face thinking it was a mask and the genes was activated turning him into Hentai Kamen!!!!


hentai kamen power max


It was the most outrageous thing, especially as they tried to justify and give logic to the silliest thing on the film. Hubby commented how interesting it was that they were able to put some rationale into this very odd Japanese perversion (used ladies panties vendo machine, quickly comes to mind!)

All in all, it was a fun movie but again you have to be an otaku to enjoy it!