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Movie Review – Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

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After 17 years of waiting Toei Animation finally came out with another DBZ movie! And I don’t really care what some people say, for us this new movie was a wonderful addition to the DBZ genre.

We’ve been fans of the DBZ series since the mid-80s and since then have followed the series and its movies whenever they came out. While hubby and I were more oriented with the old series and can sing along with the original “Cha-la, Head Cha la” theme which our kids barely recognize as they’re more familiar with the Dragon Ball Kai theme, this series is one of those anime that we have some commonality. And to be completely honest about it, we love this new movie because it had a certain feel that was so authentically DBZ. I didn’t really know what that was until I read from Wikipedia that Akira Toriyama, the original mangaka of the series was heavily involved in its conceptualization and creation. Yay!

Out of the numerous DB movies what makes this particular movie unique is that it’s actually a part of the Dragon Ball timeline; the events of the movies was placed between after Son Goku defeated Kid Buu and before the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. So unlike the other movies this one is not a spin off but an actual part of the series. Hooray for that!

The movies was like a walk through memory lane for us, DB fans. And we do so much enjoy the familiar situations and inside jokes and sarcastic remarks between the different characters. There were the old antics between Son Goku and the others; I thoroughly enjoyed Vegeta’s serious but funny attitude. Oh Vegeta really rocked on this movie for me. It seems that he already knew who Lord Birus was and tried to keep him happy so he would not destroy the earth. He even went so much as to set aside his pride just to please the Lord of Destruction, but all that went to naught when Lord Birus slapped Bulma. Vegeta went berserk! LOL! Loved how he yell “You dared hit my Bulma!” then attacked Lord Birus…in his anger he was even able to surface Goku’s current level and that was saying something!

I won’t go into details about the movie because that would be spoiling it for everyone, but I will stay this – it was a very entertaining and awesome, awesome DBZ movie! If you’re an anime otaku and you missed this, you’ll be kicking yourself to the next decade! So, go watch it!