Coming Home…

This is silly! I have written so many posts here for years..and then I had to stop not wanting my personal troubles to spill over on my writings…and so, here I am now – still challenged by uncertainly but having that need to write just like before, when I started this page. The only problem now….how the heck do I begin again???

It’s weird that I have written so many posts for so long, been all over the place and now I really don’t know what do say. I want desperately to write about something that my readers would enjoy, something that would capture their attention and yet here I am lost and uncertain…Sheesh! What happened?

So here I am…writing whatever comes to mind hoping through this I would be able to awaken my muse once again and she would bless me with interesting things to write about. Hoping that my next posts wouldn’t be about just simple musings but something informative and at the same time amusing; a post that would once again capture attention.

In the last 3 years I wasn’t here a lot has changed. I have started on a new career – teaching – and as I write this I am here inside our classroom, my students scattered all around the room working on their individual tasks. I so wanted to share with them this blog but not just right now. I really don’t have anything interesting for them to read but may, definitely later, I will share with them this page and let them judge for themselves what their mentor is all about.


3 Responses to “Coming Home…”

  1. Just good to see you posting!

  2. Thanks Jo! I hope I can continue as before…I will do my best.

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