A Wife’s Forgiving Heart…

There are days when I literally have so much to write about but can’t decide which one to actually get down to writing….this is one of those days. Right now I decided to write about something that hit quite close to home.

Just last week another sex video scandal broke out and became viral on the internet. Wally Bayola was one of the main stay and half of the comedy act of Wally and Jose from the primetime noon show Eat Bulaga was caught on camera having sex a member of the show’s regular dancers, the EB Babes. On the video, Wally was clearly identified as was the woman, having consensual sex and clearly making a play for the camera. It was obvious they knew the act was being recorded as they both smiled for the camera after they were both satisfied.

The sex video came out on Tuesday morning, September 3, 2013, and immediately went viral. By late afternoon on the same day most copies of the video on the internet had been taken down, but if one knew how to look and where to look, they still find it online. From Youtube to Facebook, to private blogs the sex video was the talk to the next few days. It even got shared and passed on via mobile phones.
The management and staff of the noontime show Eat Bulaga, wisely decided to keep their mouths shut about the incident and allowed the issue to take its natural course; when asked directly about the incident the casts of the show simply said they will allow Wally and EB Babe Yosh, to explain their side of the story.

Now, just this morning news again broke the media that Wally’s wife had decided to forgive him and accept him back. This again started numerous reactions from netizen all over the country; some agreeing with the decision, some not; others gave their opinion on why she did what she did. But most, agreed that the woman should be admired for her decision.

As a wife, I understand her decision. Someone once told me, a spouse will always be a spouse until you sign a piece of paper saying your ties have been severed and even until then that person no matter how bad or how idiotic he had been will always be a part of you. Many feminists will deny the truth of that statement but a wife with a long history with her husband would know that this is true. That no matter how you try to deny it, you cannot hide from the fact that that person is or was a part of you…and that if he had been a good husband up till that point you as a wife will always opt to save the marriage, and save the family.

So yes, Mrs. Bayola’s decision did not come as a surprise to many housewives, someone who have not gone through the same experience, might say that if the same thing happened to them they would immediately leave the husband but wait until they’ve been in the same situation and standing on the same shoes, more often than not they would make the same decision as Wally’s wife did. That is if the husband is not abusive and as I mentioned up to that point when his infidelity was found out, had been a good husband, an excellent provider and a loving father. However, if the husband is abusive then by all means leave the bastard and kick him in the groin before you shut the door.


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