Women and Shopping………..

Let me just point out that this does not apply exclusively to women…its just that more women have discovered the therapeutic value of shopping  than men. Contrary to what most people believe it is not all about the money or buying…it’s more about taking your mind off your problems. It’s redirecting your thoughts into something more productive and fun. Yes, it does involve money, it’s an expensive therapy but what therapy session isn’t?

But instead of wallowing in your problems, for a short time at least, the shopper is able to take her/his mind off  his/her personal problems. The decision making process of trying to decide which color to buy or what looks good or not, what is a smart buy and what is not, whether to buy or not….those are simple things but it allows you to forget about the hurtful things even for just a while and allow your mind and your heart to heal a little, to rest a little and get off the stress a little.

Shopping therapy doesn’t have to be expensive…you don’t even have to buy anything, just window shopping would do just as well. You don’t have to buy anything at all but at least it gets your mind off your problems.

However, if you’re one of those what I like to called lucky unfortunate women(those who’re married to wealthy jackasses for a husband) then I wouldn’t recommend shopping for you. What I would recommend buying  real estates and purchasing them under your children’s name or an alias that way jackass wouldn’t have any claim on it…hahaha! Yeah, I’m a vindictive bitch sometimes…especially when I’m angry.

But really, it honestly helps to take your mind off things and think of other things. It may not be for long but at least it gave you a breather enabling you to look at the problem at a different angle or even at the point of view of the other person.

I cannot say that it works for everyone, but as for me and my sister…it’s a good therapy. She and I have gone through some very tough times in our relationships and shopping always helps…especially when we do it together. It’s also our way of bonding and helping each other out of rough corners. Thank you, sis..


2 Responses to “Women and Shopping………..”

  1. I love shopping therapy, as does my brother. His favorite way to so it is to spend someone else’s money. often mine 😉

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