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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Posted in Movies with tags , on September 10, 2012 by otakujade

I just spent the last  1 ½ hours trying to read up and find answers to numerous question in my mind about this film….didn’t and couldn’t find  any. Total waste of time!

Okay, I know this is a bit late, okay wayyyy late but better late than never, right? I really don’t know how this movie escaped me or what I was doing at the time but I was not able to watch it in the theaters so I went and looked for it online.

So, from the start I knew this would be an alternative version of the original fairy tale. I mean, one should already expect that considering all the other fairy tales turned to film-with-alternative-story lines. What I didn’t expect was having more questions about the film than I can find answers to.  It’s not that I hated the film, I actually enjoyed watching it. I mean, it was visually good if the plots are a bit askew and totally out of context…not to mention confusing. But I mean if you’re looking for just mindless entertainment without getting involved in what you’re watching then it’s an okay film – which is the exact state of mind I was in when I watched this.

The film did have its fine points even if it deviates from the original fairy tale.  I especially liked that fact that it tried to explain why the evil Queen was so obsessed with beauty and power; and not just because she wanted to be beautiful forever but deeper than that was the need for revenge – that her beauty was her power and she desperately wanted to keep that power and exact revenge against men over and over again. Sometimes, I wonder if there isn’t a bit of the Queen in every female?

Actually, I think Queen Ravenna’s (Charlize Theron, she was awesome in this film) character is rather tragic.  Ravenna’s mother was a sorceress and when Ravenna and her brother, Finn, were only children their village was attacked by a group of soldiers. Before the soldiers reached their home, their mother spilt 3 drops of Ravenna’s blood on a bowl of milk and made her drink enchanting a spell “By fairest blood it is done, by fairest blood it can be undone”. She added, “”This spell will make your beauty your power and your protection.”  As they were being dragged away by the soldiers their mother shouted “Avenge us!”. Using her beauty Ravenna would then destroy kingdoms.

It amazes me how very true Ravenna’s mother’s words were: BEAUTY is power even today. It’s funny how some women can have brains are tiny as walnuts and still be elevated onto pedestals just because they’re beautiful.

However, I couldn’t help but think, how come the king (Snow White’s father) have not heard of this evil queen/witch if she had truly destroyed kingdoms? At first I was surprised that after rescuing her from her supposed captors the king married her the very next day. I mean that was just stupid. Sure he fell in love with her at first sight but to marry her the very next day after her rescue…that was just stupid. Well, anyways, this was supposedly lifted from a fairy tale so I guess that can happen.

Now if like me you think Snow White’s father’s ignorance is fantastic, here’s something even more fantastic – just as the queen found out that she would gain immortality by consuming Snow White’s (Kirsten Dunst) heart and commanded her brother Finn to collect the princess; two birds appeared on her window and showed her the nail sticking out from the wall and just within her reach. I mean, why couldn’t they have shown her that earlier? Just wondering…

Then upon her escape, the said birds guided her towards the opening to the sewers, and out to the ocean and to a deserted beach where a white horse was conveniently waiting for her. Said horse also conveniently got sucked in the swamp after roughly unloading the princess as they were being chased by the guards. It just seemed like everything was so CONVENIENTLY arranged for her escape, magical!

And where are the dwarves? Aren’t they a vital part of the story? But the dwarves didn’t appear until about an hour into the film and even after they did appear their role in the plot was so minimal. This is in complete contrast to the original tale wherein the huntsman’s role ended as soon as he let the princess live and from hence she was in the care of the dwarves. In the film, the huntsman became the focal point of the movie aside from the queen and Snow White and the dwarves were driven to the side lines, which was really sad.

And of course most notable of all, the kiss. In the original tale after Snow White was killed by the queen by making her eat the poisoned apple she was awakened (brought to life) through the kiss of the prince. Well, the film didn’t have any prince but it does have the duke’s son, William who was a childhood friend, and implied love interest of Snow White. However, when William kissed her nothing happened.

So her body was brought to Hammond Castle and while she was lying there obviously dead, the huntsman (Helmsworth) broke into his monologue of how she reminds him of his wife and that he was sorry he couldn’t protect her and then creepily kissed her corpse before walking away. And viola! The princess opened her eyes….I mean, WTF?! Is that all about?! I cannot think of any explanation for it so I began searching the net and no one seemed to know and everyone seemed to be as confused as I am. Sheesh!

So, I guess what I am saying is that the film is visually good but as for the story it’s an epic fail. It you haven’t seen this, and want to watch…please, do so with an open mind (empty would be preferable) and don’t go looking for rhyme or logic on the film. Otherwise, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.