Weekend Movies…

Weekends are movies days in our family (well, that is when we have help around) and lately, hubby and the boys had been revisiting several classics and some movies, I really didn’t have any interest to watch…before.

So being forced to watch what the boys want, I can to realized that my own prejudices actually drove me not to watch these movies but in reality they were quite good. And these are…

Full Metal Jacket – this was an 80s movie that I didn’t have the interest to watch way back then because it was a boy-flick and back in HS I’m not really into war movies and things like those. But watching it with the boys and with hubby’s commentaries about the movie, it was actually a good movie.


Star Wars series – honestly, I loved Episodes 1-3! I think they’re awesome and the story was really, really thrilling. My father was not a big fan of foreign movies so I didn’t get to watch Episodes 4-6 when it first came out. Naturally, I grew up not having any idea what it was all about and though I know that the series created an entire new pop culture I was not a part of it. Then I met hubby, and he was just nuts about the series!  And from him the boys contracted the bug.

Last Saturday was actually the first time I will ever see Star Wars the series. And I don’t know if I was lucky to have been able to watch it from Episode 1 to 6, because having seen the first 3 installments of the series which was made just recently it was hard not to compare the effects, as well as the acting of the actors.  It was amazing to watch and compare the first 3 episodes with the last 3 episodes because you can’t help but be amazed with what they were able to accomplish in terms of effects way back in the 70s. Although, I am disappointed that Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker would have such a clumsy son like Luke.  It seems like Princess Leah got all the spunk of their parents. However, putting that aside I think it was really a very good series and I am now a fan.


Resident Evil – again another series of film. And yet again something that I didn’t bother to watch because well, I just got so sick of vampires, zombies and werewolves. It seemed to me that Hollywood just can’t get of them..sheesh!

But as Sunday came I was again seated with the entire family, eating crackers and watching with the movies. It is hard being the only female in the family. However, I did like playing the game on Playstation so I figured it can’t be all that back..the movie I mean. And true enough it wasn’t. I rather enjoyed it, especially on those parts when something would come up and surprise the heck out of the boys! LOL, that was fun!

So, I guess I enjoyed my weekend, it was actually a learning experience for me and I rather liked that. I wonder what hubby has planned for next weekend…..



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