The Horcruxes …explained

I am actually doing this to help out a good friend of mine who hasn’t read the books and just saw some of the movies BUT wants to watch HP and the Deathly Hallows…so I hope I do a fairly decent job of explaining it. And if other people would benefit from it too…that’ll be great..

I am of the opinion that it will be quite hard for non-HP book fans to understand the full extent and implications of the final installment of the movie without knowing the background of underlying the plot.

HORCRUXES…what are these?

—based on JK Rowling’s own definition – “the receptacle is prepared by dark magic to become the receptacle of a fragmented piece of soul and that that piece of soul deliberately detached from the Master Soul to act as a future safeguard or anchor to life and to safeguard against death.

The act of creating a horcrux splits the soul allowing the Dark Wizard to hide a fragment of his soul into another object. Creating a single horcrux allows the dark wizard to resurrect himself in the event that his mortal body is destroyed. However, creating multiple horcruxes damages the soul that physically disfigures the wizard and diminishes his humanity.

The creation of the horcrux can be reversed by its creator through truly feeling remorse, though the effects of this can apparently be painful to the point of being fatal. It can also be destroyed by another person but it can be extremely difficult.  It requires that the horcrux should be destroyed beyond repair. All known methods of destroying horcrux are deadly – for example one of the earliest known means of destroying a horcrux is by administering basilisk venom on the object, however procuring that is near impossible.

Voldemort created seven horcruxes. According to JKR herself there are still seven horcruxes hidden and that these are the ones that Harry and the others must find and destroy. This, it seemed does not include the soul he is using at the moment. In any case, Voldemort survived after the curse he casts on Harry was deflected by his mother’s protection and rebounded on Voldemort himself. He then survived by drinking unicorn blood which is also considered an evil act. His body solidified to its current state due to a ritual performed by Wormtail in book 4/movie 4 (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

7 Horcruxes

  1. Tom Riddle’s Diary – this was destroyed by Harry in book 2/movie 2 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret) using a basilisk fang.
  2. Marvolo’s Ring – destroyed by Dumbledore himself in book 6/movie (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) although it was not clear how Dumbledore destroyed the ring it poisoned his hand. Snape was able to isolate the poison on the lower part of Dumbledore’s hand but it will eventually spread throughout his body killing him.
  3. Merope’s locket – Harry and the others found the locket in book 7 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)/ movie 7 part 1 and destroyed the locket using Gryffindor’s sword; the sword was a Goblin-made artifact and thus was able to imbibe qualities that strengthen it. When Harry used the sword to kill the Basilisk in book 2/movie 2 the sword absorbed the strength of the basilisk poison.
  4. Hufflepuff’s Cup – destroyed by Ron and Hermione in movie 7 part 2, again using basilisk poison.
  5. Ravenclaw’s Diadem – destroyed by Harry, Ron and Hermione in movie 7 part 2, using both the basilisk poison and Fiendfyre.
  6. Nagini (the snake) – killed by Neville Longbottom in movie 7 part 2 using the sword of Gryffindor.
  7. Harry Potter – more particularly his scar. Destroyed by Voldemort himself when he performed the killing curse on Harry (Avada Kedavra) however, as Harry passed through that space between life and death his soul separated from Voldemort’s soul and so he was able to go back and live on.

The horcruxes had to be destroyed (all of them!) before Harry faces off with Voldemort because then the Dark Lord will be weakened enough to be killed. Harry Potter can never be as strong as Voldemort but as with any fight everyone has a weakness even Voldemort. This was the weakness that they have been looking for since book 5/movie 5 and was only revealed in book 6/movie 6.


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  1. I think you explained them well 🙂

  2. Very well described. I hope your friend enjoyed the movie.

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