Harry Potter: So long…but never Goodbye

It’s 10:45 p.m. and hubby and I  just came back from watching HP 7 part 2….I am feeling sort of melancholy really….the movie wasn’t good…IT WAS GREAT! but somehow I feel like a beautiful chapter of my life had just come to a close.

For the last decade, Harry Potter had become a constant in my life. Harry Potter opened a lot of new doors for me…it is through Harry Potter than I became a part of several Yahoo groups, met a lot of wonderful people who have became an important addition to my life (friends who became so close to me they’re almost like family), and to my otaku friends Harry Potter is an added bond that we have aside from anime. My book, movie and memorabilia HP collection is something I am deeply proud of. They’re not that extensive but they were acquired with a lot of care and patience.

Watching the credits roll tonight was like parting with an old, trusted and dearest friend.  At one point I didn’t want the movie to end because then  I know there would be nothing more to look forward to from then on. This was the last installment of the series, and a part of me never wanted it to stop. The book series concluded in 2007  but somehow that didn’t feel as conclusive as this…somehow at the time I know there was still something to look forward to – several more movies in fact. This time really felt like the closing of a curtain. And still  a big part of me still cling to the magic that was Harry Potter.

Yes, MAGIC for that was really want it was all this time. JKR weaved a mesmerizing spell that bound us all these year; her character had taken on a life of its own and became part of history. I cannot think of any book or even movie that ever have this much following or loyalty.  The series is so popular that every book release or movie premier is considered an international event and hugely news worthy. Seven books, eight movies….and three endearing characters….

As people clapped at the end of the last scene, I sat there and heaved a big and heavy sigh…It is done, the Harry Potter series had ended. As all good things must come to an end, so too something even as beautiful and captivating as Harry Potter. To me this was like seeing an old friend go to some far away land, it is so long but not goodbye. For from time to time that friend will write an email or chat on line or call on the phone..still accessible but out of sight. So too will Harry Potter be…for from time to time I know I will still visit the books, relive the movies and remain friends with the people whom through Harry Potter have become an integral part of my life too…

To Bonnie, Jo, Chris, and Dawn….thank you for being a part of my life. To J.K. Rowling…thank you for the privilege of knowing Harry, Ron and Hermione. Thank you for Hogwarts, Hogmeads, for Snape, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and McGonagall – thank you for sharing this wonderful world of Harry Potter with us.

And to Harry Potter thank you for being with us…your presence will be a uniquely personal part of us your fans….and the Harry Potter world and culture will be an important and characterizing part of the generation that knew and experienced your world.

So long….till we meet again.


One Response to “Harry Potter: So long…but never Goodbye”

  1. Oh, you made me cry!! I love you Jen! And I am so glad you are a part of my world.

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