Question: About AVATAR the movie…

So, I didn’t watch AVATAR the movie the time it was being played in cinemas here; I didn’t want to…but now I was able to see (and I do admit it was good movie with awesome CGIs) I am filled with one question that until now I am unable to figure so I am hoping that someone…someone who would read this blog would be able to answer my question. So here goes….


Now, I fully understand the premise..the film was set sometime in the future (2154) and the humans have developed technology enough to travel through space to another galaxy. Pandora was an Earth-like habitable moon inhabited by the Navis – a 10 foot, blue-skinned, humanoid but the atmosphere was poisonous to humans. However, it is rich in rare minerals that greedy humans (as always) want so they invented a way to middle with the natives of Pandora to study it’s biosphere and maybe be allowed to acquire the minerals.  Thus, came the Avatars, the Navi-human hybrid bodies that the humans control by transferring their consciousness into. This is where by confusion began…

For the Avatar to move among the Navi and be able to feel and communicate with Eyra (Navi-god) it has to be organic – not sythetic, not plastic, and of course not robot. Got that one. So it is “HYBRID” therefore it must have been genetically created (like the Dinosaurs of Jurassic part) meaning part of the gene would have come from humans and the other half from Navi. And they are probably developed in test tubes…..but even genetically engineered creatures have their own consciousness. So how can consciousness be transferred to that host body?

The only explanation I can think of is they were able to develop a system wherein the body (hybrid) that comes out – comes out as an empty shell. It has all the mechanism but without the faculties. However, the movie does not explain this…unlike with Jurassic Park they explained by the animals are all females…and how they were able to substitute the genetic code of frogs to incomplete DNAs.

So what I want to know is…what constitute the make up of the Avatar and why or how was it created so that it becomes an organic being without consciousness?



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