Lenten Message…..

As the country prepares for the start of the Lenten Season I am amused to note that the entire Philippines seem to be gearing up for a few days of shut down. Banks have announced that ATM service will be closed at 1am on Good Friday and phone and internet banking will be closed starting tomorrow. The train services had also announced the seizure of their operation starting tomorrow (April 21, 2011). Malls as usual will be closed from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday (April 21 to April 23, 2011) and all other businesses will be close as well. For the next 3 days the country will be at rest.

The Lenten Season was supposed to be a time of meditation and prayer however, in the recent years it had also become an opportunity for families to get together and spend time together either at home or at some resort.

I have nothing against the Lenten practices. Actually, I am fascinated with the many rites and rituals I see during this season however I am also put off by many self-righteous people who cannot keep from telling other people what is proper to be done during the Holy Week.
If you really want to please GOD then talk to HIM and pray to HIM not only on Lenten Seasons but every single day of your life. Do not recite to HIM prayers you’ve learned as a child but rather really converse with your GOD. Tell him about your aches and pains; about your triumphs and failures; tell HIM about your day and then listen to HIM as he talks back to you.

GOD do not need us to repeat our prayers to him 10 times….HE heard you the first time! Sometimes when you speak too much you fail to listen to what HE has to say. So talk to GOD as if HE’s right there in front of you (because HE is!). You may call him by another name Yahweh, Allah, or Abba but the thing is it is still one GOD and HE’s the GOD who listens and waits for you to come to HIM not just during Lenten Season but every single minute of every single day of your life.


7 Responses to “Lenten Message…..”

  1. Michael Archangel Says:

    A Child’s faith is purer than ours, and his believing is faster than the grown ups.

  2. Michael Archangel Says:

    Believing without an iota of doubt:-A child believes without an iota of doubt whatever somebody says.

  3. Michael Archangel Says:

    Believing completely:-A child does not remove anything from what is told to him. His belief in what is told is complete. But grown ups know how to believe with a pinch of salt what others say.

  4. Michael Archangel Says:

    Believing without analyzing:-A child does not analyze and does not come to a conclusion whether the thing told him is credible or not. Without considering any aspect of it, he believes what is told him.

  5. Michael Archangel Says:

    Willing to bear any hardship to get what he wants:-A child is least bothered about the hardships he has to face in order to get what he desires. A child will forego food. A child will forego any toy in order to get the toy he wants. A child will get beaten by his parents, but he will not leave the thing he desires. A child will not calculate the energy and time he has to spend in order to get what he wants. A child, in order to get the thing he desires, sacrifices everything else completely. A grown up, even though he desires a thing, calculates everything and if he has to make a little sacrifice in order to get what he desires, he forgets his desire rather than his other pleasures.

  6. Michael Archangel Says:

    This is the nature which Jesus wants us to learn from children. He wants us to believe whatever he says without doubting, without removing anything from it, without taking time, without analyzing and without holding on to those things which can stop us from following Jesus.

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