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The Lost Hero: The Heroes of Olympus Book 1

Posted in Books, Random on December 5, 2010 by otakujade

Seven half-bloods shall answer the call,
To storm or fire the world must fall.
An oath to keep with a final breath,
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.


This new book from fabulous author Rick Riordan is the sequel to the Percy Jackson series that everyone’s been waiting for.  The book was exciting and fantastically written on the third person perspective, introducing three new half-bloods – Jason Grace (son of Jupiter/Zeus); Piper McLean (daughter of Aphrodite); and Leo Valdez (son of Hephaestus).  And here we revisit Camp Half Blood and some familiar characters we got to know and read about – some just mentioned – in the Percy Jackson series.

Percy Jackson is really still very much a part of the book though. The story actually revolves around him (his disappearance) and Jason’s quest to retrieve his lost memory. Jason and Percy have a lot of things in common in that they are both born leaders, but their leadership style differs a lot. Jason is more in command if a bit unsure because he really didn’t know where he came from and what was his purpose for being at Camp Half Blood. And as his memories slowly return to him during their quest he started to get convinced that he was not supposed to be in the camp and that he was unsure he could even be trusted. This is different from Percy knowing who he was and why the gods and goddesses seemed to be ganging up on him. So Percy was a little for up beat and lose; compared to Jason who was more dignified and serious.

But as always the Greek/Roman gods and goddesses..and their mythology never ceases to amaze. Being more popular, it was easier to relate to the story and it was easier for the reader to understand the plot and the intricacies of the relationships of the gods and goddesses. Also, the fantastic are a lot easier to accept. The story was both entertaining and educational as Riordan’s books are, but the Greek-themed ones are a lot more entertaining. Definitely, the Greek series are better than the Egyptian themed series, that’s based on my personal opinion.

Definitely, a series worth reading and following. Although, really I would really have loved to read, find and see Percy more. I really miss him and I hope we see more of him in the next book which was slated for fall of 2011.

Synopsis: (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Jason is a boy who suffers from amnesia. He wakes up on a bus, sitting next to Piper, a girl claiming to be his girlfriend, and a boy, Leo Valdez, who claims to be his best friend. In a field trip to the Grand Canyon, storm spirits attack the three while their supervising teacher, Coach Gleeson Hedge, reveals himself to be a satyr, and fights for their lives. Jason surprises himself by using a sword disguised as a coin to fight off the spirits, and Coach Hedge is captured while defending them. At the height of the battle, two pegasi land next to them carrying strangers: Annabeth and a boy with a tattoo of a rainbow named Butch. Annabeth gets angry because she had a vision that she would find a clue to her missing boyfriend, Percy Jackson, at the Grand Canyon. She was told to look for the “one with the missing shoe.” Jason, who has lost a shoe in the battle, has no memories of his own identity, let alone Percy Jackson’s whereabouts. Jason, Piper and Leo are informed that they are demigods, (children of a god and a mortal) and are taken back to Camp-Half Blood where they meet other demigod children like themselves. There, Leo is revealed as a son of Hephaestus, Piper as a daughter of Aphrodite, and Jason as a son of Jupiter, (note the Roman, not Greek, nomenclature). After scarcely 24 hours learning about their previously hidden identities, the three receive an urgent quest to rescue Hera, queen of the gods, who was captured by unnamed forces. The three friends set off on the back of a giant robotic dragon Festus on a cross-country quest to save Hera and Piper’s father from the clutches of giants and Khione. Their enemies are under orders from Gaea to reawaken her and overthrow the Olympic gods. On their way, Jason, Piper and Leo meet Boreas the North Wind (who lives in the Château Frontenac), a trio of cyclopes, the evil enchantress Medea, King Midas, a pack of werewolves and the very unhelpful Lord of the Winds Aeolus. In the end the heroes and their friends, the Hunters of Artemis, manage to save both and Piper’s father and Hera, and temporarily stall Gaea’s plans—but they will have to face the giants again. With part of his memory returned, Jason realizes that he is a hero from a Roman counterpart to Camp Half-Blood somewhere near San Francisco, and that Hera has switched him with the Greek hero Percy Jackson, who is now at the Roman camp with no memory of his life at Camp Half-Blood. The Roman and Greek demigods must unite to provide the prophesied group of seven heroes who will defeat the giants. Jason, Piper, Leo and Annabeth have to find the Roman camp and convince them to help.