Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

First and foremost, I must say that this is no doubt “THE BEST” HP movie EVER!!!

With that said, I must now justify that very enthusiastic comment.  Allow me first to state that I am a huge HP fanatic. I loved the books from the first one and even up to the 6th book….and I must confess that I am one of those people (I don’t know how many of us HP readers, have the same opinion but I do know of some people who share the same opinion as I do) who thinks that book 7th – was crap!

I do no impose this opinion on anyone but I personally think it didn’t live up to the expectation. A friend even told me that JKR must have run out of steam (ideas) at the very end. Though, I think she just let herself get affected by all the different demands that the fans have and she tried to please everyone and in the end came up with a very weak ending to a very, very wonderful series. It was sad really.

But back to the movie….as much as I hated book 7; I LOVED the 1st installment of the movie. I got all emotional at all the right places wherein I didn’t really get all that affected in the book. I have to give credit here to the trio (Dan, Emma & Rupert) in that their acting have matured so much in the passed years. Though I also must point out that Dan for all the love I have for him wasn’t quite was remarkable here as in the others…I don’t really know if it has something to do with the role he’s playing…I mean Harry was mostly confused and lost in this part of the story or was it that Emma’s and Rupert’s acting have drastically improved in the pass couple of years. It just feels like Dan was over shadowed by the other two in some of the scenes. But we haven’t seen the rest of the movie yet so maybe things will be different in the next installment.

The first time I got all teary-eyed was when Hermione had to Obliviate her parents’ memories of her. That was really touching, you could really see the pain in her eyes and yet see the determination in there too as she knew this was the best way she could protect her parents. I loved the way her voice nearly choked as she spoke the spell but steadied herself to do what must be done. Then she exited the home she had known all her life, took one last look at the place she would never return to again, and left to join her friends. Right at this part I was gritting my teeth and biting down a sob as hubby looked over to me….what the heck I took my hanky and wiped at my tears.

Hedwig’s death, although it was well written in the book did not affect so much as when I actually saw it happen. I thought Harry’s reaction to the situation was dead on and afterwards he steeled himself and resigned to the fact that he had lost his constant companion.

Another wickedly emotional moment was the fight between Harry and Ron. Oh that was simply magic! The trio just clicked on that scene so much that you find yourself torn between Harry and Ron. It’s like you understand what Ron was saying and what he was going through being worried about his family and all that; and siding with Harry too because you know that he was really trying his very best to get the job done.  You as the audience feel like you’re being torn in the middle up until the point where Ron said something that was below the belt and then you start to side with Harry completely.  Loved Hermione here too, as she tried to stop the fight and ended up having to choose between the boys.

See it here..

Then came the final and insanely emotional part of Dobby’s death; while I was reading this in the book I had to stop and cry for a few minutes before I could continue reading again. The movie really did justice to that scene….after all the action of the fight at the Malfoy mansion and barely escaping with their lives – – they were so happy to have been able to escape only to find out seconds later that Dobby had been hit by Bellatrix’s dagger. Honestly, watching Harry cradle Dobby as the house elf was dying didn’t affect as much as hearing Harry say he wanted to bury Dobby without magic – that it was the last thing he could do for him. It was like he thought magic made things impersonal and easy and he wanted to do this thing the hard way, shedding tears and sweat and giving extra effort for his number one follower who died for him. Needless, to say I find that very symbolic and touching and I was crying unashamedly as I watched all this on the scene.

The movie was indeed very dark as it should be. I still cannot understand how people could see the series as a children’s book when in reality HP is all about the struggle of good and evil.  But as dark as the movie was there were some really, really fun moments in there too. True the trio was struggling but there were some really sweet and funny moments in there too.  Kudos to Director David Yates for such a well rounded film.

Funny moment number was when everyone changed into Harry during the part when they had to take him away from Privet Drive.  It was funny looking at Dan Radcliffe wearing a bra as Fleur changed into Harry after drinking the Polyjuice Potion.

Funny moment number 2 was when George (or was that Fred) caught Harry and Ginny kissing in the kitchen. Loved his teasing tone and the grin he gave Harry was just lovely! hehehe!

Next stop was Ron’s unexpected kiss when they entered the Ministry to steal the locket. He ended up posing as one of the Ministry employees who’s wife was being tried by Umbridge for being a muggle born. When they were able to save her and he asked her to meet him at ‘their house’…she pulled him to her and kissed him just as the real husband came into the scene. Then she shrieked as she saw Ron changed back to who he really was.

Also loved the way Hermione sacked Ron on his return after leaving her and Harry alone after the fight. Hey! She’s a girl and she can stay mad for a long…long time! hehehe!

Sexy Moment! That scene where Harry and Hermione were kissing in Ron’s delusional mind was fantastic. It was really sweet, and sexy and erotic all at the same time. I must also say that Emma’s turned out to become such a lovely young woman. Beauty and brains… and a fortune too…goodness, the girl has it all!

They didn’t show the part where Hermione and Ron paired up but I guess they’re leaving that up for the next installment.

The movie may just be part 1 of the final chapter of the series but if this is any indication of what was come I am even more excited now than ever to see part 2. I mean, even hubby actually watched the movie this and not sleep half way through like he did the others. He was laughing at all the funny moments and asking questions after the movie about parts he didn’t understand. And I guess it helped me too, that I didn’t read the book before seeing the movie. I have forgotten some of the parts from the book which was not all that memorable so I was better able to appreciate the film.

CAN’T WAIT FOR JULY 2011!!!!!!!!


6 Responses to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1”

  1. Same here I’m counting down till July 2011!!

  2. Great Review, Jen!

    I cried too, when Hermione had to erase her parents’ memory.

    I can’t wait, until July 15th

  3. bonnie mutchler Says:

    Can’t wait to see it Jen!! Everyone is raving about it!

  4. I’m a huge HP fan too, i almost well up thinking about it being actually over. Its been such a huge part of my life, i’ve spent many and hours reading and watching it. Ha.

    Glad you enjoyed it too.

    • otakujade Says:

      Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the films…most of them really with a few exemptions of about one or two movies I thought completely ruined the plot of the books they were lifted from. But I love HP and I can’t help but watch the movies.

      I’m sad that the book ended and really sad that the film venture is about to end too. But it had been a wonderful journey for me and I hope everyone feels the same way…

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