10 Writers That Has the Most Influence on Me…

This is actually an off shoot of my friend Joleene Naylor’s post about the 15 authors that influenced her. Since I am an avid reader, it made me think on which among the authors I follow actually has any significance for me.  Although for my own purposes I narrowed it down to 10..the top 10! So to speak….

This is in no way done in any sort of ranking…I am just listing the names of the authors as I move along and well, explaining how they influenced me – one way or the other.

1. JK Rowling – Harry Potter – need I say more? hehehe! Well, it was through her HP books that I developed my love for the fantasy genre. I read the Sorcerer’s Stone and I was hooked. I became one of the millions of HP fanatics out in the world. An addiction that I carry up to this day…

2. David Morrell – the way I found David Morrell was really unexpected. I saw a novel of his laying around my friend’s apartment and started reading it while I was waiting for him to arrive. It turns out to be a turning point for me. David Morrell started my love for espionage and the suspense-thriller genre. And although I have started to follow other writers of the same genre and caliber I find that I like Morrell’s style better than anyone else’s.

3. Michael Crichton – I love his attention to details and I love how my intellect is constantly challenged by his works.  My brother always say that I am a glutton for information and Michael Crichton satisfies that craving. It’s sad that he has passed away and won’t be writing any more novels.

4. Anne Rice – Lestat! OMG need I say more? She ruined me for all other vampire novel writers. My idea of what a vampire is and should be is largely influenced by her vampire mythology.

5. J.R.R. Tolkien – Middle Earth; Legolas; Frodo….I don’t think I need to elaborate on how Tolkien became a huge part of any reader’s author list. LoTR was a fantastic book given legendary popularity by 3 hugely successful movies.

6. Miyamoto Musashi – “The Book of the Five Rings” – though I have not read the original Japanese work of this popular Japanese author and undefeated warrior, what I was able to gather from the English translation of the books were enough to shape my own perception of everyday life and how one should live and discipline himself to be in order to attain the perception of his craft. Many of my management and trade principles are also lifted straight out of Musashi’s teachings.

7. Sun Tzu – he was probably a little more famous than Musashi in terms of books. His teachings have been adapted by many corporate CEOs and corporate directors. His book together with Musashi’s are some of the required readings given to Japanese CEOs before they are given any high ranking positions. Though, I love his principles and writing and I would admit that they are very useful, I still find I love the simplicity of Musashi’s writings. But Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” led to me to decide to take up my graduate studies.

8. Caroleen Keene/Franklin Dixon – I know that they are only pseudo-names of several unnamed authors who wrote for Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys but those books were what started it all for me. I first started the love for fiction and reading when a cousin of mine gave me a copy of ‘The Secret of the Wooden Lady” and my love for reading just took off from there.

9. Bob Ong – again this is just another pseudo-name and yet the books made by this author was one of the most entertaining, funny and socially and politically honest books I have ever read.

10. Robert Fulgrum – it is very seldom that I take books on life lessons, opting to learn about life on my own. But Fulgrum’s books were not only very lighthearted but also he sees life in a very positive way. He takes lessons from common folks with a very uncommon look on life.


One Response to “10 Writers That Has the Most Influence on Me…”

  1. bonnie mutchler Says:

    Fantastic list! Many of those authors also influenced me.

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