Random Pictures…

I’ve recently taken to taking pictures of things that catch my fancy. These are just random things that I pass on my way to work or around the house.  No, I’m not taking up photography as a hobby; I guess I just like taking pictures of things that fascinate me….

It’s actually my neighbor’s car and I love seeing it parked right outside there door…he owns a shop that specializes in this sort of thing.

These are pictures taken of flowers I see on our veranda. My mother loves roses and she filled our veranda with them. She personally takes care of them and give them vitamins and things to make them bloom, so here are some pictures I’ve taken of her roses and other flowers we have.

Don’t really know what this flower is called in other countries but here it’s called Euphorbia (please don’t ask me why?…hehehe)

These next two pictures were taken during my kid’s field trip at the Lemery Leisure Farm and I’m really proud of them….


3 Responses to “Random Pictures…”

  1. bonnie mutchler Says:

    wonderful pictures!1 I enjoyed them very much

  2. bonnie mutchler Says:

    wonderful pictures!! I enjoyed them very much!

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