I’ve been wanting to do a blog about Hachiko for a very long time…don’t know what kept me until now but this time I really made the time for it; missed several cable series to do so but what the heck. Actually, I don’t really know how to title this blog – Hachiko Monogatari seemed too adapted as there’s a movie of that same title; the same goes with Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale. So I finally settled with just the name – HACHIKO – that seemed justified and in truth dear Hachiko was the source of this blog.

I first found out about Hachiko several years ago when I was searching the web for images and information about dogs under the Akita breed. I absolutely adore this breed and wanted to buy one (I haven’t bought yet until now…reason? Well, its very expensive I haven’t saved enough for it yet). So before I do purchase one I wanted to know everything there is to know about the Akita breed, I mean if I’m going to purchase a puppy costing almost 40,000 pesos ($ 870) I wanted to make absolutely sure it’ll live and grow to adulthood!

And so I found Hachiko…and here’s his story.

Hachiko was born on a farm near the city of Odate in the Akita Prefecture in 1923.  His name Hachiko means – “hachi” meaning eight which refers to his order of birth from the litter; and ko meaning prince or duke. To the Japanese he was often referred to as ‘chuken Hachiko’ or faithful dog Hachiko for that was exactly what his story was about …. love and loyalty.

In 1924, Professor Hidesaburō Ueno took in the Akita puppy, Hachiko as a pet. Over the next year or so pet and master developed a very close bound. They have developed a daily routine where Hachiko would see Professor Ueno out to the door of the Shibuya train station and be there again at the end of the day when he would greet his master and they would walk back home together. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno did not return on the usual train one evening.  The professor had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at the Tokyo University where he was teaching. He died and never returned to the train station where his faithful dog and friend was waiting. But every single day Hachiko wold return to the Shibuya train station at the expected time of the professor’s return…he did this for the next nine years.

After the professor’s death Hachiko was given away to a different owner, but he would routinely escape returning again and again to his old home. Eventually, Hachikō realized that Professor Ueno no longer lived at the house. So he went to look for his master at the train station where he had accompanied him so many times before. Each day, Hachikō waited for Professor Ueno to return. And each day he did not see his friend among the commuters at the station.

Hachiko became a permanent fixture at the train station and attracted the attention of the commuters.Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachikō and Professor Ueno together each day. They brought Hachikō treats and food to nourish him during his wait.

That same year, a student of Professor Ueno who had become an expert in the Akita breed, saw Hachiko at the train station and followed him home. He found Hachiko at the home of the professor’s former gardener,Kikuzaboro Kobayashi, there he learned the history of Hachiko’s life.Shortly after this meeting, the former student published a documented census of Akitas in Japan. His research found only 30 purebred Akitas remaining, including Hachikō from Shibuya Station

Over the years Professor Ueno’s student frequently returned to the Shibuya station to see Hachiko, he also published several articles about Hachiko’s remarkable loyalty.  Then in 1932 one of these articles ended up at the one of Tokyo’s largest newspaper circulation, this threw the dog into a national fame. Hachikō became a national sensation. His faithfulness to his master’s memory impressed the people of Japan as a spirit of family loyalty all should strive to achieve. Teachers and parents used Hachikō’s vigil as an example for children to follow. A well-known Japanese artist rendered a sculpture of the dog, and throughout the country a new awareness of the Akita breed grew.

Eventually, Hachiko’s remarkable faithfulness became a national symbol of loyalty.

In April 1934, a bronze statue in his likeness was erected at Shibuya Station, and Hachikō himself was present at its unveiling.

On March 8, 1935 Hachiko was found dead on a street in Shibuya.His heart was infected with filarial worms and 3-4 yakitori sticks were found in his stomach. Out of deference for this remarkable dog, his remained were stuffed and mounted and are kept at the National Science Museum of Japan in Ueno, Tokyo.

Hachiko’s monument was destroyed during World War II but in 1948, The Society for Recreating the Hachikō Statue commissioned Takeshi Ando, son of the original artist who had since died, to make a second statue. The statue still stands up this day, and had become a tourist attraction and a popular meeting place for many. The station entrance near this statue is named “Hachikō-guchi”, meaning “The Hachikō Exit”, and is one of Shibuya Station’s five exits.

**** Information from Wikipedia

Annual Ceremony

Each year on April 8, Hachikō’s devotion is honored with a solemn ceremony of remembrance at Tokyo’s Shibuya railroad station. Hundreds of dog lovers often turn out to honor his memory and loyalty.


Hachikō was the subject of the 1987 movie Hachikō-Monogatari which told the story of his life from his birth up until his death and imagined spiritual reunion with his master. Considered a blockbuster success, the film was the last big hit for Japanese film studio Shochiku Kinema Kenkyû-jo.

Hachi: A Dog’s Story, released in August 2009, is an American movie starring actor Richard Gere, directed by Lasse Hallström, about Hachikō and his relationship with the professor. The movie was filmed in Rhode Island.

…..Several books were also written about.  Including a recording of his bark, now I know that this is going overboard but…..

….In 1994, the Culture Broadcasting Network (CBN) in Japan was able to lift a recording of Hachikō barking from an old record that had been broken into several pieces. A huge advertising campaign ensued and on Saturday, May 28, 1994, 59 years after his death, millions of radio listeners tuned in to hear Hachikō bark. This event was testimony to Hachikō’s continuing popularity.

Hachiko’s stuffed and mounted remains at the National Science Museum at Ueno, Tokyo.

Hachiko’s statue at Shibuya Station

The real Hachiko…

…………and a little bit more….


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  1. Bonnie Mutchler Says:

    what are yakitori stiks? Very interesting. Most animals are more loyal than their masters. so many are thrown away every day, it makes my heart bleed.

    • otakujade Says:

      I know what you mean…sometimes, I feel like I feel more compassion for animals than most people. Anyways, yakitori are skewed bite size chicken slices cooked on a grill. Yakitori sticks are a lot like barbeque sticks only smaller.

      • “I know what you mean…sometimes, I feel like I feel more compassion for animals than most people.” You speak my mind!!

      • It’s because animals/pets especially dogs love us and are loyal with just the minimum expectation being loved in return. They don’t demand much but give so much. People just don’t do that…

      • Kristoffer James M. Dy Says:

        i saw the movie just today and i scincerely cried a lot .. never in my year i thought i woould cry like this again … i felt hachi’s longing and sadness … *speechless* and i agree we both have more compassion for animals thans humans

  2. E. Gaston Says:

    Thank you for researching all this about Hatchi! I just watched the movie, and was profoundly moved by the story. If you are a Buddhist, as i am, you may believe that Hatchi was already evolved as a spiritual being. He was practicing ‘sitting meditation’ at the train station. I wish to be so undisturbed in my own practice. I am so grateful that this film exists!

  3. hachiko, your the best dog!

  4. hachiko , your so loyal .. i love you hachiko.

  5. Hachiko, I never knew about you until I read up on Shibas which led me to Akitas which led me to you. Though I never knew you and you were long gone before I was born, it brings me to tears to hear/watch/read about your story. I wish I had a dog like you.

    Dedication: Candle in the wind.

  6. 😦 huhuhu hachiko’s movie makes me cry, i wish I had a dog like you…

  7. i saw the movie three times and i still cry. I love animals and after i read about how he died it really broke my heart. i hope that for the non- animal lovers, hachiko would touch their hearts. i hope people would be kinder to animals specially strays who have no one to care for them. ive been rescuing dogs and cats for years and it gives me so much joy to see them beautiful and loved in new homes. And the happiness theyve brought to these families

  8. Hachi your a great dog and i watch the movie i really love it you touch my heart hachi hope someday i can have like your bread 🙂

  9. I just finished watching the movie “Hachi – A Dog’s Tale” tonight and it really has brought me to tears. Knowing how faithful and loyal Hachiko was towards his owner really touched and melted my heart. May God bless his soul and his story/memories reach and touch many hearts as it has mine.

  10. Susanna Wallace Says:

    I just saw Hachi……A Dog’s Tale. I loved the movie, although I must say it left me feeling so sad. Having 8 dogs myself, I understand the incredible bond between dogs and their owners. It is amazing to me how loyal dogs actually are. My oldest dog is a yellow labrador, he is 14 1/2 years old, and is completely dependent on me for his senior care. It breaks my heart just thinking of losing him, but I know he’s had a wonderful life! This movie reminded me of why I actually prefer to be in the company of dogs than people!!

    • Susanna I too have a number of dog’s 10 to be exact 4 of whom are seniors but my most beloved is Morgan my 8 1/2 year old Rottweiler. I feel like you it breaks my heart to think of losing him, he is my rock and my best friend. And I too know I have provided him with the best life. My feeling’s are the same as yours as I prefer the company of dogs than people. After watching Hachi Sunday I was so completely moved by the story I could think of nothing else. Especially knowing it is a true story and there really was a loyal dog named Hachi and how his life was so devoted at waiting for his master. Our country could learn a lot from the Japanese at how they have revered this dog and even stuffed him and put him in the National Museum. Love and loyalty are just two of the greatest qualities dog’s have. They love us more than they love themselves!

  11. In the beginning God created man, he saw man needed a mate so he created woman, he then saw man needed a friend, thats when he created Dog.
    People can turn on you in an instant, they always have an agenda.
    When I look in the eyes of both my Akita’s I see the most unconditional love ever…..

  12. Loved the story. Watched it last night and have not been able to stop thinking about such dedication and how sad the story was. I am an avid pet lover and it touched my heart so deeply.

  13. one word .

    one word is not enough ..
    your memory will always in my heart …

    tissue please ..

  14. otakujade Says:

    Hi, I’d really like to approve your comment on my blog but I don’t really understand what you are saying…but thanks anyways.

  15. Hachiko is the dog which has given the whole mankind a moral of being loyal this movie is awesome i loved it special thanks to the producer, director and Richard Gere who agreed to play such a great role in the movie. i know this is silly but i pray God(Allah) that hachiko meets his most loving friend in heaven.

  16. I watched “Hachi-A Dog’s Tale” last evening and was so moved that I played it back a second time. I watched it with my little Papillon and could not stop crying ( in a good way). The bond between dog and human is so infinitely special. I would like to thank you for providing the actual history of Hachi in your blog. The next time I travel to Tokyo I will definately visit the station, and the museum.

  17. kristy burton Says:

    I watched this movie..both american and japanese with englsih subtitles(it’s on youtube) and I love it ! very very meaningful about love and loyalty, thanjs for this blog.
    I am blessed with 2 wonderful faithful dogs, an english Bulldog and a Golden Retriever,,whom I bawled on while watching the film.
    I love Hachi and I know I will meet him someday !!!
    on the other side………what a wonderful dog,,,,,,,,,I can’t stop thinking of him………I feel sorry for dogs who have no love, I give so very much to mine..I’m only giving back what they give to me …………

  18. oh hi…. to all viewer of hachiko …
    I do really empress the story of that !(why?) because I don’t think so if there are people like that because that dog shows LOYALTY and LOVE …TO THE ONE WHO CARE WITH HIM..
    huhuhu!!!!! its so very nice
    love itttttttttt

  19. i watch this movie 2010,10,23—-my friends cry that day everyone in my sides cried it`s a touchable heart movie we love it,we cry it, we like it……

  20. i will surely visit shibuya station and look for the statue of HACHIKO, i really love the movie and im shy to tell but it makes me cry, for a man to cry?? hahaha i love HACHIKO

    • otakujade Says:

      Yes, Shibuya is definitely one destination I intend to visit, and I would also love to see the stuffed Hachiko at the national museum

  21. I have never been so moved by a movie in my life as I was when I watched, “Hachi, A Dog’s Tale”. I have watched it 6 times and go to YouTube to listen to the beautiful music which always brings me to tears again…not just a trickle of tears, a torrent. It makes me sad for days, and this question keeps haunting me…why did no one take care of his physical needs, take him to the vet, take care of the mange, the heartworms, the skewers inside of his body? My heart breaks for this poor dog, and I keep trying to find something uplifting about it, but I can’t. We can believe that he went to heaven and was finally with his master, but we don’t know that for sure. Why did God let him suffer for so many years waiting? My heart breaks every time I think of poor, poor Hachi and again, the tears come…

    • otakujade Says:

      In reality there were people, those who frequent the station and those who work around the area, who gave Hachiko food. But as for taking care of him, well, we have to consider the attitude of the Akira breed. They are very loyal, but they are also very territorial in that they do not accept people easily. Like if you introduce an Akita in your home when he was a puppy he would accept those people who are already in the house with you, but an additional resident in the house or another member of the family who comes after the Akita has acclimated himself on the household will not be readily accepted. Most of the time, you cannot have another dog or cat in the house with an Akita unless that pet is already there when they arrive or that they are their own puppies.

      They are also a very powerful, a very big dog breed it would be very, very hard to get close to him unless he lets you or he tolerates you; so the best that people can do is leave food for Hachi to find. They can also tranquilize him but this was the middle of the 1920s and his story was not known to a lot of people until very late in his life and after his death.

    • Pam, What you said I so agree with. the last time I cried this hard after watching this story was when I had to put my beloved “Bunners” who was my first rescue kitty. I cried so hard for this beloved dog Hachi that I mad my self sick. I can only imagine how that poor dog felt and yes why did no one take care of him….why?? I have to believe he is united with his master and his spirit is at peace. Honestly…this story moved me so much I don’t think I will be the same. One can only pray for such love and loyality in ones life time. God bess you Hachi may your spirit be at peace.

    • I watched this movie last night and I haven’t stopped crying. It impacted on me doing my job and I’ve been sad all day. However I’m also very angry. I googled to find out more and found lots, including this blog. Because of Otakujade’s reply I understand a little more about why Hachi didn’t accept help. However I’m angry at the huge amount of blogs about how loving and loyal he was. That’s not under dispute but I do dispute the kindness shown by humans. He was petted on the head, spoken to sometimes and given scraps to eat. But where was the consideration for his unbearable loneliness, his heart broke when his master died. When people saw he wouldn’t accept another home and he was returning daily for a dead master after 1 or 2 years that they might think this shouldn’t go on. I would have thought someone would consider putting him to sleep so he could be with his master again and save him the further 8 years of pain and suffering and loneliness. That’s all I can see, his loneliness. As for the humans who think he’s so ‘cute’ and ‘loyal’ and Jamie who says he prays for such love and loyalty, they just sicken me. Love cuts both ways. Who is prepared to do what’s necessary to end suffering?

      • otakujade Says:

        Actually, it is the waiting and the loyalty that impressed the Japanese people so much. Remember that this happened in Japan where loyalty is valued above nearly everything else. They would not even consider “putting him to sleep” as you put when he was performing what many perceived as his duty. In a culture that would rather die (perform ritual suicide) rather than be put to shame or betray a master….Hachi’s sacrifices and loyalty is highly honored.

      • annemarie mariani Says:


        I can’t agree with you more about being kind and putting him to sleep so he could be with his master. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I saw the movie last night, June 25, 2011. I was crying at how loyal he was, but when i heard it was a true story, I fell apart. I’m still carrying on with my two westies, whom I love more than life itself. Bless you for making that statement.

      • Shirantha De Alwis Says:

        Hachiko was an amazing inspiration, and its time we humans start to think how strong and deep dogs and also many other highly developed animals’s feelings can be. But I dont believe about ‘putting him to sleep’. That would be cruel without knowing Hachiko’s own feelings. People who do that do it so they (people) themselves dont have to bear the pain.

        He waited day after day, because he knew his beloved master will return one day, and I know for sure that he did come as the spirit and reunited with Hachiko’s own soul on his last day in this physical world. And they are forever together now.

        I also believe Hachiko waited becasue he had a message to give to the world in decades to come. He would change many human lives. He changed me. I always loved and adored dogs and other animals but Hachiko taught me, that we should get together and do more as much as possible for so many animals who are suffering.

        Lets really make a difference for Hachiko. Lets remember Hachiko, in each day of our lives. I know, the time will come when I myself gets the chance to meet him. I cant wait to hug and play with him.

        Please, my friends also take a look at these sites and videos, because this is happening around the world today. Its gruesome, but please try to watch it once atleast otherwise we will never feel the pain. Its so easy to IGNORE.


      • Shirantha De Alwis Says:

        I don’t agree with putting a dog to sleep like that, without knowing the real feelings of him. People who do this do mostly so they themselves don’t have to bear the pain. I believe Hachiko went through those lonely 9 years because he knew he had to keep waiting. He knew his beloved master would come back as his soul when his own time in this world comes to an end. And today they are for ever together.

        Hachiko waited for another great cause. He had another message to give to the us humans. He showed to the world a dog has a soul, a dog has feelings as deep as an human can have. He will change many human lives. He changed me, despite I am already being a dog lover. He opened my soul to reality and showed the suffereings of millions of animals (dogs, cats, raccoons, sheep and so many more) around the world.

        Can you just imagine having watched the innocence of Hachiko, that countless dogs and other animals are been skinned alive. Yes Skinned ALIVE. These people Laugh watching the PAIN of them. Can you even think of the pain they go through, from the hands of these (in) humans.

        Please, dont take the easy route and IGNORE this. You have to witness these sufferings. Then only we will feel the pain too. Please lets all be a powerful force to stop these happenings. Lets do what we can to help the few good people who are trying to do help them. Lets spread this message to everyone. Lets spread Hachiko to everyone.

        Please we can make a difference.

  22. daisy may Says:

    i love this story…i cried 3 times…

  23. I love this story…and movie…and THIS HACHIKO…:))

  24. I had the opportunity to watch the movie and cried like everyone in this thread however it has really hit home to me for I too have a HACHIKO. He is a 9 year-old Akita named Niro, I can only describe him as my MOON, STARS and SUNSHINE above. I would feel like HACHIKO if I lost him!!!! He has been by my side longer than any human, never judgmental, loves me unconditionally and waits impatiently for me EVERYDAY with his nose under the garage door and sometimes the neighbors say he howls. I guess calling for me. I love him and he is my WORLD!!! Niro is the smartest, loving but stubborn pup I have ever had but I would not trade him for 1 MIL. GREAT BREED loyal for LIFE.

  25. Tammy Jones Says:

    Thank you for giving a realistic description of this dog’s life. I watched the Hallmark version and liked it very much but left feeling much sadness. Your story tells it very nicely and now I can look at this story with more happiness and appreciation.


  27. devinseverson(hachiko fan) Says:

    wow so the statue is beautiful.. oh wow….. id love to be able to visit shibuya station and see hachikos statue… its so hard to beleive that a dog would be that loyal…. and wait for his deceased master…… i would beg walter to take me there…. i cried when i seen the movie.. i loved it it really touched me…. nine years hachiko waited….. its like a love story of the animal world……

  28. I love you Hachiko ;'(

    BTW are there any of Professor Ueno’s relatives who still alive and happen to know Hachiko? Are there any of his relatives who blog about Hachiko? I kinda love to see more of Hachiko’s photos since there’ re only a few of it available on the internet. Thanks 🙂

    • Good question…though there’s no mention anywhere of what happened to Professor Ueno’s family after they gave Hachiko away.

  29. i love hachiko

  30. Jazelle Ann Capuli Says:

    I have watched the movie almost ten times but no matter how many times I still sobbed to tears. I continue to publish and spread the news about him to touch the hearts of many people around the world. I’d love to have a dog like him. Who will be faithfull to me till the day I die.

  31. Jazelle Ann Capuli Says:

    I’d like to say that the story of hachiko inspired us all.

  32. cant understand why the wife never took him in and made him stay with her!! especially when she saw him all old and grey and about to die!! Makes me so so sad, can not stop thinking about what a crap life he had!

    • I guess they didn’t want to deviate too much from the original story. In real life Hachiko was given away after his master’s death but he would routine escape there to go to the train station. From what I was able to research on the story the family of Prof. Oeno moved away from the area after his death and never returned (not like what the Hollywood version).

  33. i am talking about the wife of richard gere!

  34. well, there are so many tourist attractions that you find on asia and europe. i would really love to travel a lot “;*

  35. Your posting was so lovely. My mother saw the film on the plane and insisted I see it. After a google search about Hachiko, found your blog post. What I find most touching, is the fact that Hachiko still impacts those who know about him today. In a time where love and true loyaly is either missing, or mistreated- this story fills those with hope and touches even the coldest of hearts.
    Animals have such beautiful energy, and such giving souls. Hopefully, one day, all domestic animals will have a loving home to welcome them. Until then, Hachiko will serve as my daily inspiration to remember how lucky I am to have such a beautiful dog of my own.

    • Thank you so for the compliment. I hope that in the years to come Hachi will continue to touch hearts as he has done so for many decades already. And I am also very thankful that Hollywood decided to do an English version of the film…They made a few infractions from the original story but the story still touch hearts and that’s all that matters. And this way more people will get to know Hachiko.

  36. I cried all the way from the start of the movie to the end.
    The reason i cried is because i knew what was coming few minutes before i start watching it.i put the dvd on and said to myself this movie has fun name and my favourite actor is in it.lets me google it,and ooops to my suprise it is a true sad inspirational story.
    Thank u for ur blog
    I love u Hachi

  37. I just watched the movie and tears just flowed out of control! and even now, reading this blog, it’s hard to hold them back. I hope that by knowing about Hachiko’s story, people would realize the UNCONDITIONAL love that Dogs have for their masters.

  38. hachiko’s… an inspiration… i can’t imagine the pain it must have felt for the nine long years.. it makes me think that there’s something special after death… for hachiko.. !

  39. i have watched for so many times on Hachiko-a dog’s tale(English and Japanese version). both are good movies to watch, even if you watched it over and over again you will really love the story. such a loyal and loving dog. i also have dogs. Maltese and Japanese/Alaskan Eskimo breed. even if they are so super active breeds i love them so much.

  40. walerio Torres Cavalcante Says:

    E uma história comovente, que nos ensina a arte da Lealdade, pois, tem que ser os chamados animais que nos ensinem sempre o que é um sentimento o respeito por quem se ama.
    Assistir ao filme me emocionei outra vez, pois, tinha um Cão só que era um exemplo de Lealdade, até doi, não adquirir outro, pois, só se ama uma vez na vida seja uma mulher, uma ave,ou seu animalzinho de setimação. De animal eles não tem nada.

  41. Nancy Schmidt Says:

    I am a project manager for an educational publishing company in Quebec, Canada. We would like to put the photo of Hachiko at Shibuya Station. Can you give me permission to use the photo on your site or, if not, do you know who I could contact to get permission?
    I look forward to your comments by phone or email.
    In appreciation,
    Nancy Schmidt (514) 626-0826

    • otakujade Says:


      If it were possible I would certainly give you my permission but the photo I used here is not mine originally. I got these photos off a Google search and I can’t really remember exactly where I got it from or from whom. Sorry. For what it’s worth, if you need my permission, of course you can use the photo from my blog.

  42. esse filme e muito bom eu chorei quando eu assisti Hachiko deve esta com seu dono nesse momento so seu

    this film very good and I cried when I watched this with Hachiko to its owner at that time only sky

  43. I just have finish watch the movie, Americain vers whit R.gere.
    This history it’s beautiful,
    I like all animals.

  44. Just watched the movie. Loved it. We learn so much from these little miracles who don’t speak a single word. I thank God for my dog Precious. My loyal companion. She has changed my life completely. Because of her, I am a better human being. I love you Precious and will until I take my last breath. Thank you Precious for so many years of love and for all that you have taught me.

    Love Always,

    Your mommy

  45. I had a Samoyed 14 years and played music for him to pass, cremated and sprinkled him. I hope someday he will greet me at my death and we can run and play again. I cried so hard over this movie because no person has shared as much of my life and loved me even when I wasn’t perfect. Dogs are so superior in this way-we should all aspire to love like that.

  46. What an amazing spirit Hachiko possessed on this earth. Humankind can learn so much from his example, such friendship, such caring, such compassion, so much giving of himself to make such a quality life for another, as well as others. Haschi’s dedication, and loyalty, certainly earned him the right to run through the pearly gates of heaven, to romp about freely in heaven, and to be universally loved by all others graced to be there, the same way Haschi gave his love during his time on earth.

  47. Hachico is a beauty true history. I see the movie today and cry so much….
    Is a extraordinary life…
    I don´t have words…

  48. I watched Hachi: A Dog’s Tail with my family last night. It was the only movie we have ever seen that brought ALL of us to tears, many many tears. I have never seen my father cry that hard even after loosing his parents! We had a 17 year old dog named Westley that resembled the real Hachi with one ear down. He was the only dog I ever had and he died in my arms in his old age. I believe dogs like Hachi are to be an example to us humans, of how to be selfless and loyal to others. Its so amazing how some domesticated animals have the good qualities that man should have, but also a wildness about them that would be criminal in humans. What a mix these creatures have! Just a thought…. I will leave you with this. I watched an animal hoarding show the other day and one of the hoarders said:

    “When you die, a dog will mourn you until the day it dies. However, a cat will be playing with your toe-tag on the way out the door.”

  49. I just watched the movie and tears just flowed out of control!i saw the movie and i still cry.It’s so amazing movie in the world!!!!

  50. I saw the movie last night. NEVER have I cried so much heck I’m crying now! I hope in the next life I can meet the real Hachiko and give him a big hug. Its the most remarkable story I have heard in a very long time.
    If people don’t believe animals have feeling or remember then they should read this. I wish people could show just half the amount of love and loyalty this dog showed towards each other and other animals. The world would be a much much better place. I have two Akitas both rescues along with about 20 other dogs. They are getting older but are very sweet dogs. My female looks just like the dog in the movie. 🙂 There bond with each other is something else. I could have adopted out the female buttercup several times but I didn’t want to seperate them Ralphie the male has a goofy jaw and it makes him look mean he is anything but. Well five years latter I still have them and will keep them until the pass. Not a dog for everyone so please if you want to get a Akita research them for thier sake.

  51. i think this is a type of movies witch deals with animal behavior When you die, a dog will mourn you until the day it dies. However, a cat will be playing with your toe-tag on the way out the door.”

  52. Maybe somebody is trying to kill him..why is their a Yakitori stick on his stomach??!1

    • I almost cried watching this movie… i just trying to stop it!!!

    • otakujade Says:

      🙂 I don’t think anybody wanted to kill Hachiko…but he had been on the street for many years and eating whatever he could find. In the last days, few people really know where Hachiko was staying at first he kept going back to the house where Prof Ueno’s gardener lived but no one really know if he stayed there for all those years.

  53. Hi,
    Both my wife and me watched the movie on TV and it really moved us. It reminded us when we were kids when we had dogs too. But we never really understood how special they were until they were actually gone.. But what a movie! Shows that animals can be more ‘human’ than real people!
    Thanks for the blog. Feel like visiting the station in Tokyo to pay my respects.
    Warm Regards,

    • otakujade Says:

      I do too! Japan had always been THE one place in the world I intend to visit and the Shibuya station would definitely be one of the places I wouldn’t miss to go.

  54. i was into tears after watching movie Hachiko a dogs story…

  55. HACHIKO: You’re a great, great dog. Words are not enough to describe how amazing dog you are…When we’re (with my son, who really likes dog) watching this movie, it really touch our heart & makes us cry…
    The best movie ever…..Hachiko we’ll miss you……

  56. I am really very much emotional person, and i wish i could find some good friend or love like hachiko in my entire life, his kind of Loyalty is something i am looking in my love life.
    Hachiko is my hero…

  57. I absolutely loved the movie, not to mention the notion. I wish I had an Akita, but I’m happy with the dogs I do have.

    It took a dog to show us humans what loyalty really is.

    To wait nine years? We wouldn’t wait 9hours.

    Hachiko’s story will forever be in my memory.

    • otakujade Says:

      I agree with you. Watching Hachiko and knowing what he did kindda slap me in the face and actually made me rethink a lot of things about my own life. I’m impatient by nature but love someone that much to wait for him that long…his story just touch your heart.

  58. RyanBacSPhil Says:

    the story is so very sad when i see the movie of haichi i though i dont want to leave her in our country and i want to go there in japan to hug him.

  59. Michelle Morgan Says:

    Just watched the film tonight and my god this film has really got to me, i cried most of the way through it. I have a 12yr rottweiler myself and the thought of him passing on one day really upsets me. He too has been loyal and better company than most people but it does make me feel better that he has had a fantastic life with myself and my husband and has filled a gap by not being able to have children.

  60. michael (U.K.) Says:

    I said really very sweet and friendly for people from Hachi. Make me too sad, upset and true story for Hachi life. I really want one.

  61. Michael (U.K) Says:

    I said really very sweet and good heart and friendly for people from Hachi. Make me too sad and upset from Hachi life. Hachi is very cool. God bless Hachi.

  62. I just watched the movie n read your blog. I can’t stop crying. Thinking how lucky that professor is. I wish i have a dog like hachiko. I’ll be the happiest man on earth.
    Love u hachiko………

  63. Just watched the movie..it made me cried sooo hard ..I love it so much!!iim so sad now and I reall can’t help cryng til now..I wanna go to japan!!

  64. waahh. just watched it last Thursday(feb10,2011) and I really cried a lot!! and had watched it the second time around today,and know what the same emotion runs me. 😦 ….I am really touched since I am a pet lover and my cats do always leave me and that is very painful since i don’t have siblings. I never expected that an animal would wait for his master for more than nine years. In some stories that I know, it is the animal who will die first and the master would suffer then like mine. But in this story, it is not. I really love to have a pet like hachi. Hopefully I can go to where his monument is. LOVE YOU HACHI!

  65. Francis Ivan Datu Says:

    i just watch the movie (US version) last night and offcourse just like the rest who watch it, can stop to cry.. This morning i started to look some articles and blogs about this site and found yours. Again i cried while reading those post and thinking about the dog. I just curious about what the japanese guy said to hatchi in the US version? Haven’t seen the japanese version though… Thanks for your reply in advance, good job with your blog.. 🙂

  66. Francis Ivan Datu Says:

    i just watch the movie (US version) last night and offcourse just like the rest who watch it, cant stop to cry.. This morning i started to look some articles and blogs about this site and found yours. Again i cried while reading those post and thinking about the dog. I just curious about what the japanese guy said to hatchi in the US version? Haven’t seen the japanese version though… Thanks for your reply in advance, good job with your blog.. 🙂

    • Dear Francis;

      In the Japanese version there were numerous people who came to talk to Hachiko, some like the hotdog vendor just came over to give him food and drinks. The two significant people who would be as near to what the Japanese guy in the movie did were Professor Ueno’s student who did the first article was him and their old gardener who came several times to take Hachiko home with him during the time he escaped from his second owner.

  67. the hachiko was very sad becuse he was death from his cousin

  68. Rachel Lim Says:

    yakitori sticks are grilled chicken speared on sticks. All different parts of the chicken, thighs, skin, liver, etc. can be used for yakitori. I think they fed him those before he died.

  69. I just watched hachiko today and after the death of the professor and hachi kept on waiting for him infront of the station my tears keep flowing and till the end of the movie im still crying. I really love this movie and right after watching it Im researching for hachiko in the internet…i touched of hachiko story.I cant explain the feeling that as if im longing for something… Now i miss my dogs too Witty and Clever their so sweet that when your just walking home you’ll heard their barks and jump at you right after opening the door…I love them!

  70. hi. i just watched the movie. one of my friends suggested to me to watch it and before i did, i searched on the internet what this hachiko really was. after watching the trailer and read few reviews bout the movie, i just knew this was gonna bring lots of tears to me. i watched many dogs stories since i was little, and i never failed to cry. and this movie was the the best of the best. i cried countless times watching hachi waiting for the master at the train station. trust me, in these days, we’ll never find such loyalty especially among us, humans. honestly, i dont have any dogs, never did, but if i could, i really love to own one. i wanna know how does it feel to be fully loved by a beautiful, loyal, smart and sweet animal like hachi.. .

    you’re still one of a kind, hachi.. well, maybe u didn’t live for million years in real life, but u surely live in our hearts for another million years because of the huge love and loyalty u showed, not just to your master, but also to the world..

    u show this generation, something that is very important, yet something that we’re losing, LOVE.

  71. ang ganda ng istorya,nakakaiyak. nagkaroon din ako ng aso na ganyan ko faithfull.kaya lang nang umalis ako sa amin napabayaan na sya hangang sa nakita nalang syang patay,nabarahan ng buto ng porkchop ang lalamunan nya.

  72. ERIC MATIAS Says:

    very nice movie.

  73. maria cecilia t. paygane Says:

    For the second time i watch this movie … i was amaze … honestly my hearts melts and my tears never stop to fall even after the movie ): maybe because, i really love dogs and i was touch to hachi for the unique love and faithful to his master …

    really good movie …. ♥♥♥

  74. Mihkel Rand Says:

    Dear animal lovers, join you local animal shelter or international organism like PETA , people see how can dogs love us so much like Hachiko,but still do horrible things like this Chinese fur farm: http://www.peta.org/tv/videos/featured/69724478001.aspx , let’s join together and help those wonderful creatures . Congratulations for this great blog for a dog who taught us to be more human, they deserve anything we can do for them.

  75. jeff briones Says:

    Very touching dog story. nice hachiko!

  76. I just watched the American version of Hachiko and yes I cried a lot (and I am still crying!) I’ve had a dog all my life. Recently after the death of our “old girls” (3-years ago) we have adopted a rescue dog. I figured that at my age I would mercifully die before my dog that I love and adore. But after watching the movie I now know that this is selfish. I wanted to avoid the pain of the loss of another beloved pet member of my family. Again after watching the movie I now pray to be there for my pet companion when she passes away!

  77. FABIANA - BRASIL Says:

    Just wonderful …. worth watching

  78. I feel very happy that he is such a loyal an a faithful dog dog. I saw the film

  79. nelson calimag Says:

    its really amazing movie….its touch my heart deeply.my daugther was right when she told me that she was crying when she watched this movie…

  80. David MacLeod Says:

    I will say this is the best movie I have ever watched, the old saying, a mans best friend…I have been so lucky to have experienced this a few times in my life……love you Lady….

  81. I saw the film and I bet the wife misses her husband but leaving the dog there ready to die was wrong. I wish I could see the statue of him but its probly gone cause of the earthquake that caused a tsunami.

  82. I had a friend, my own Hachikó, she was almost what you see in the movie Hachi, she chose me, she was loyal to the end, and most of all she saved my life. She got sick on Sept 11, 2001 while the towers were attacked in USA, and died 4 days later , Sept 15, 2001.
    Still today, March 15, 2011 I have her ashes, Could not just trow her away like trash, I could not bury her in place where she would be alone, so I had her cremated, and have placed specific instructions that for her ashes to be buried with me, she was loyal to then, me during my trouble times, I have to be loyal today, cannot leave her, when the time comes, her and I will be together again if not in the after life, at least in my grave

    • otakujade Says:

      That is so touching. I admire your love for your companion. I grew up having dogs, father loved them. We had 6 dogs at one time though they’re all retrievers but my Dad loved each and everyone of them especially the oldest one. When she died, (she was 13 years old by then) he was so devastated that to this day he refused to have another dog.

      I haven’t found that connection with a dog yet but I really, really want to feel that. Maybe someday I will, when I get my own special companion.

  83. helen viardo Says:

    i saw the movie once and i cried alot. i dont want to watch it again coz i get so lonely towards the end when the master died and hachi keep on coming back at the station for 9 years. i love dogs, i remember when i was small i would get bread from our store and give it to stray dogs without my mother knowing it. now i have 2 dogs, 1 jack russel and 1 shih tzu. i named my shih tzu hachiko although she’s not an akita. i’ve seen an akita in korea and i was so happy as if i have seen hachiko in real life. someday i want to go to shibuya japan to see hachiko’s statue and he’s stuffed body.

  84. helen viardo Says:

    i saw the movie once and i cried alot. i dont want to watch it again coz i get so lonely towards the end when the master died and hachi keep on coming back at the station for 9 years. i love dogs, i remember when i was small i would get bread from our store and give it to stray dogs without my mother knowing it. now i have 2 dogs, 1 jack russel and 1 shih tzu. i named my shih tzu hachiko although she’s not an akita. i’ve seen an akita in korea and i was so happy as if i have seen hachiko in real life. someday i want to go to shibuya japan to see hachiko’s statue and his stuffed body.

  85. Guilliamo Says:

    I’ve eaten Bear, Moose, Cow, Deer, Chicken and Fish… I am a farmer… have no qualms about butchering animals for food.. (a prayer is spoken to the animal before it’s death) and I do not like to see the death of living things even the pests that are shot.., BUT, a dog’s love for his human friend (you’ll notice I don’t say Owner… it is a relationship, and, a dog mistreated will leave it by choice…) is ALWAYS expressed as “Loyalty”… Many people, especially women, adopt pets as they have lost the Loyalty of a “human” partner, and, as Mark Twain once said, “To assign human characteristics to animals,.. is degrading to the animals”.. Dogs are the essence of Loyalty, Humans are not…

  86. Dnesh Shrestha Says:

    today 2011-03-19 saturday my wife and I watched this movie in english version played by Richard Gere,Joan Allen and Jason Alexander, we cried and remembered our dog (jange) died last year.

  87. InternationalT Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to blog about Hachi. I just saw the movie and its amazing how dedicated and loyal Hachi was. I was hoping that he could just understand that he wasn’t coming back somehow. I hope to be able to visit the statue one day also.

  88. love this story… im so touched .. this story represents the loyalty of the dog to his master … it also represents true friendship.. :)) love HACHIKO… :)) >>>

  89. Love this story…Great example of Love & Loyalty.

  90. sahadev Says:

    no words to describe hatchi’s loyalty

  91. salvi jagdish Says:

    i saw the movie it is very emotional and very touchy movie i ever saw on a dog.

  92. max diego Says:

    my sister is very emotional and very touchy in hachiko

  93. i love u Hachiko

  94. Katalina Says:

    Hachiko is one special dog, who everyone adores. His loyalty and love for his owner is just unbearable. You will never see any dog behave that way. Hachiko is a one – in – a – billion dog. 🙂 x x

  95. DonjayR Says:

    I watched the movie just last night, and really, it made me cry… Love that dog.. Can’t move on until now… Now i value more my dog even though he is not like Hachiko.

  96. Margie Dionio-Leonard Says:

    Hachiko movie was introduced to me by a friend. i just watched it last night. The story is so touching. i cried a river.

  97. Hi! I was wondering if you could email me directly. I have a question regarding the Hachiko statue image that you used in your blog. Thank you!

    • otakujade Says:

      Hello. Sorry it took me so long to reply..but I wonder what question you have re the status image that’s so secret. I picked up these images from the net sometime ago so I don’t really know what your question would be but my email address in the same as my username here ..just add @yahoo.com to it.

  98. Rakesh Kumar Says:

    I had not realized even animals could teach us so great qualities. Thanks to Hachiko I know what loyalty means. I know now what un- flickering love means.

  99. Oldey in Florida Says:

    I and my Spouse along with our third rescued Miniatured Schnauzer, Abby watched the Hachiko movie last eve. Abby likes to watch animals on TV and immediately picked up on Hachiko. It reminded me so much of all the dogs we have had in our lives over the past 50 or so years of our marriage. All were loyal to a fault and all loved and grew up with our two children and were always part of the family. I feel sorry for those who have never experienced the love of a dog. We both cried over Hachiko and I am so glad the story of such loyalty was expressed so poignantly.

  100. bhaskar rana Says:

    thats the loyalty of a dogl for the human……a soul connected between human n animal…….

  101. francielly Monteiro Says:

    oii entao sobre o filme:
    Ja assisti esse filme e achei imprecionante muito comovente acho que ate agora foi o filme que mais me comoveu lindo de mais adorei.
    esse filme mostra quem realmente é o verdadeiro amigo adoreiii …

  102. no one will forget this kind of movie especially for those people who has a dog..and no will forget what hachico did to his professor.a VERY loyal dog and friend.my love for my 2 dogs will be forever untill they die or i..i hope hachiko will undretand what we wrote and what i wrote 4 him..we always love you hachiko..

  103. Priscila dos Prazeres Says:

    nossa essa historia é emocionante
    eu assisti o filme a versão americana “sempre ao seu lado”
    chorei muito
    historia linda

  104. Shirantha De Alwis Says:

    Hachiko is my inspiration. I have always loved and adored dogs as much as other animals my whole life. I have several dogs, all stray, took them when they were homeless and lonely from the streets as puppies. Still since watching Hachiko, my life has changed, my thinking is different. He opened up my my eyes, my heart but most of all he opened up my very soul.

    I know for sure that Hachiko waited, waited for 9 years knowing his master would indeed return and reunite with him when his own time in this world came to an end. Hachiko also left a message for all us humans how valuable and how much we should cherish of our relationships we have both with humans and animals. He is the symbol of innocence, loyalty, faithfulness, love, devotion and hope.

    I know Hachiko and his master are today are as happy as ever in the beautiful everlasting world they are in. I can’t wait to see and meet Hachiko who is indeed my hero. I know i will meet him someday.

    PS – Please, can someone explain what the japanese guy was telling hachiko in the english version. And also i want to watch the original japanese movie. Please let me know any link where i can download it.

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  108. I watched the movie when i was travelling & literally i was crying in the BUS, such a Loyal & Wonderful DOG Hachiko… when ever i thnk abt it i get tears in my eyes… heart touching movie…every1 shld watch it, its more than a Human i can say…no words… Love U Hachiko

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  113. i have another dog name hachico is very pretty and i love it he is very player and likes to bite me.

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  116. I love dogs…..I had a lot of best friends.. bt then, my dog serves as the best. the most loyal ever… 😉

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  119. fouad mohamed salah Says:

    a kind of faithfulness the humanity should be learned of ….

  120. anthony leonardo Says:

    such a fairy tale, i never expected that it was for real but it is…. how i wish to have a dog like hachiko. he’s different^^, he never fetch but he did for a reason:)) solid affection:)))) nice show, thanks for sharing this wonderful story:)

  121. Cutie…

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  122. great story as a dog lover,I enjoy reading stories like this one 😥

  123. we also watch HACHIKO STORY as a dog lover i named my puppy HACHIKO he is now 1 YEAR AND 9 MONTHS OLD he is active,playful,and very LOYAL to us .

  124. i also watched Hachiko with my family and my cousin’s and some of my friends, that story gaved us tears.. ='( The best story i ever felt to love is “Hachiko” ~ The True Mighty Dog. i have 2 puppies now one name is Hachi and other one is Hachiko. love u hachiko.

  125. Hi I watched the hachikos movie for the first time a few days ago. It moved me beyond belief. I spent the next few days researching everything I could find about hachiko. I must say that although this was a totally moving story I can’t help but wonder why no one actually did mch else other than feed him to alleviate his suffering. How could people enjoy watching this poor poor animal waiting for 9 years for his master, knowing he was dead and never going to return! This just isn’t right in my eyes. And even when the papers reported on him and took pictures no one came forward to adopt him and take care of him. I just can’t accept that no matter how much the Japanese people value loyalty. It just isn’t right!

    • otakujade Says:

      Hello. I’m glad you liked the movie as much as we do. As to your question about why nobody took Hachiko home or adopted him. Based on the original Japanese version of the story, Hachiko was first given to one of the servants of Professor Oueno but he kept escaping and returning to the same spot where he waited for the professor to return. Please understand that to the Japanese Hachiko was not only showing his loyalty but also he was performing his duty, and duty play such a big role in the Japanese culture. It was actually out of respect for that duty (bushi) that they let him return to the same spot every single day for the next 9 years. By giving him food and drink the people were actually helping perform his duty and its considered a very noble thing for the Japanese. Duty and honor is integral in the Japanese culture by letting Hachiko do his duty; they are in fact performing an honorable act.

  126. I hear what you say, although it is really hard for me to swallow. I guess if hachiko was never allowed to do what he needed to do, he wouldn’t still be a shining example of unconditional love and loyalty that he is today. 77 years after his death, he is still teaching and touching the hearts of millions. I hope and pray that where ever his dear sol is, it has found peace and joy. I know the Akita breed well. Highly intelligent, yet aloof in many ways. My own two dogs are Japanese Shiba Inus and exhibit similar qualities. I pray I never die before they do.

  127. i watched the movie for the 2nd time.,.i still cry..i always remember my dog,.i dont know her breed but she listen and follow orders, miss him.r.i.p my snow white.

  128. I must say that the more I read about Hachiko, the more I come to think that had Hachiko been given a decent home, he would have ended this long vigil of his. The fact of the matter remains that Hachiko was a homeless animal who lived his life on the streets, and that he didn’t have a home because there was no home to go to. To be honest no one really was willing to give this animal a proper home. My view is that quite realistically any number of people could have given him a home, but rather preferred to watch silently as this animal returned daily to the station, all in the name of duty. In all that i have read, i have come to think that it was rather convenience rather than duty and honour that resulted in this sorry state of affairs. While the Hachiko story is a truly touching one, it is also a haunting one, and to me serves as a lesson to humanity to take care of their animals, to give them a loving home, love, and care, to alleviate suffering(which no one did for Hachiko) and to return the devotion showed. Quite frankly, the Hachiko story is a story of animal abuse and a subtle form of cruelty. Anybody noticed Hachiko’s droopy left ear? That droopy ear is regarded as an imperfection in the Akita breed standard. How does one explain this droopy ear? Breeders tell me that with years of hardship on the street, otherwise perky ears will droop, and that is most likely why Hachikos one ear drooped. This reinforces my belief that while the story no doubt is one of undying devotion from a dogs point of view, it is a story of cruelty, heartlessness and abandonment from a human point of view – something we sadly see everyday. My two Shibas are adopted, were also left, to die in the streets at a young age. I don’t know who their original owners were, but I can tell you after 10 years with me in a loving warm home, that is a distant memory. I have no doubt that the Japanese people may have had good intentions at the time, but there is a saying that goes ” the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and “bad things happen when good people do nothing”

    • otakujade Says:

      I hear you. However to be fair to the humans, we must put ourselves in their state of mind. Remember, this all happened in Japan in the 1920s where the code of bushido is still very much observed and no quality is more important than that one is able to endure and accomplish one’s duty. I don’t think it was an excuse not to care but that they simply believed that Hachiko “must do what he needs to do”. It’s the same principle that applies with ritual suicide, you’ve put shame to the family name and so one must commit ‘harakiri’ – it’s against all we believe in but it’s an accepted fact of life in that culture…one that is even expected. Maybe, today what happened to Hachiko wouldn’t have happened…the animal shelter would have forcibly taken him in. That is something we can never really know but we cannot judge them also because that is what their culture dictate; I’ve studied and been fascinated with the Japanese culture for most of my life but as a gaijin (foreigner) I have accepted that I can never truly understand how they really feel or what make them tick.

  129. Thank you for comment and I really don’t mean to be disrespectful. I spend much of my time rescuing and rehoming lost and abandoned pets so do forgive my apparent criticism of the human element in the Hachiko story. Sadly I see all too often our failure as humans to respond compassionately to the animals that share our space. And it really never gets easier each time you see it. My home has been a foster home for hundreds of lost and abandoned pets over the last 10 years, and each one is special and unique. My greatest joy comes from the wonderful feeling I get when I find a loving home for that animal. I have worked with Akitas. They are truly a very special breed, and make great family pets to the right family. My other concern after having watched the Americanised movie of Hachiko’s life was that people may rush out to buy the breed. Akitas are not for everyone and the last thing we want is another Hachiko story. Hopefully this has not happened.

    • Shirantha Says:

      I totally agree with you. There are millions of dogs out there, without a home, without the compassion of a human they yearn for. Right this moment, dogs around the world would be killed in pounds. Around 2 million dogs and cats a year would be skinned alive in China for their fur, another million brutally killed for meat in China, Korea, South East Asia, Another million suffering in labs mostly in the West, and an unaccountable more suffering in the streets, abused in homes. Hachiko was my inspiration, What i learned from Hachiko is that dogs and many other animals (don’t forget the cattle, the horses or the pigs etc) are conciouss of their own awareness, conciouss of both physical and mental pain just like any of us human, fears death and pain. Please adopt a homeless/abused animal, and love it, and you will see they are ALL Hachiko’s.

    • otakujade Says:

      I really admire you for what you’re doing. To tell you the truth, I have great respect for people like you take care of lost and abandoned pets. I hope there would be more people like you. Sadly, we in my country are just starting to appreciate rescued pets…before if you want a pet you either buy one or ask a friend/neighbor for a puppy from his litter. These days however more and more people are starting to adopt pets from animal shelters.

      I share your concerns about people going out and buying Akitas as pets. You are right in saying that this breed is not for everyone as they are a very proud breed and they required special treatment. I myself would like to get one but I want to make sure first that my family is ready for a dog like an Akita.

  130. Many thanks. Actually it’s not all that much different in my country either. People still wish to buy from a breeder or friend first before going to a shelter to adopt. It’s an uphill battle everyday to get people to start thinking about adopting. I agree completely also that animals are conscious of their own awareness. And yes, you do see Hachiko stories all the time. Only a few months ago, it came to my attention that a stray cat had been roaming the corridors of a very well known and open air mall here where I live. The shopkeepers took pity on it and some put out food and water every morning. One shopkeeper in particular used to also let the cat come into her shop and sleep on her couch. Over weekends when her shop was closed and she was home, she learned that this cat would visit her shop every day and wait for her until it got dark. When I found this out, I visited her and asked why she wouldn’t adopt the cat as the cat clearly had attached itself to her, and she said she hadn’t thought about adopting the cat. I pointed out the advantages to both her and the cat of her adopting the cat. She clearly loved the cat so why not give him a forever home. Sadly that next morning, our cat never arrived as per usual. He was later found dead on a side road, probably from having been involved in a fight. I was saddened beyond belief. Had she thought about adopting the cat earlier he would be still alive today. It’s so strange to me how something this obvious isn’t actually at all obvious to many good people. That is why I say it’s an uphill battle everyday. The Hachiko story is to me a reminder to us to think about adoption rather than rushing out to a breeder or friend for a puppy.

  131. lov u hachiko…

  132. i wished that i have a pet like hatchiko,,,,i love the movie so much,,full of emotion,i can’t avoid my tears fulling down.

  133. Hachiko is a great friend….. How I wish that I have a pet same with Hachiko and when I watching the movie I wished that Hachiko is still alive, to hug him tight.. very very tight…… .

    • otakujade Says:

      I agree that Hachiko’s loyalty and devotion is quite unusual but any dog given the right love and friendship will be just as special and loving.

  134. I too just watched the movie on the hallmark channel. I absolutely loved it. The story is touching to say the least. It’s the perfect definition of why I love dogs so much.

  135. I can’t believe it. I am 48 Years old an i have cried like a baby,when i saw this film. After this film,i lost my believing in the most humans (except Mother Theresia). I have two dogs and i see my dog now with new eyes. Thanks for opening my eyes and my heart.

    • So glad you enjoyed the film but really to m own opinion it does not do enough justice to what this lovely creature had done.

  136. A great story to know…. I never got emotional watching any movie in the past but this story made me cry.. Its a honest confession… These are some wonderful stories which keeps us inspiring & moving in this horrible world…

  137. I watched the 2009 Hachiko movie. Best movie I’ve ever seen. I’ve had many dogs over my 62 years and if you treat any dog with love it will be just as loyal as Hachiko.
    Anyone know of a good cure for animal cancer? My last 3 dogs died from it. My vet did’nt have a clue of what to do about it other than chemo and that did’nt work.

  138. Hi, I read your blogs regularly. Your writing style is awesome, keep it up!

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