Simple Lesson…

School began today for my two sons, and as expected they came home with homeworks to do. Earlier in the week we made an agreement that they must be able to finish their assignments from school before I get home so that all I need to do was to check them; and in so doing they will be free to watch TV earlier…well, I must say that as always my youngest son proved to be the very obedient one 🙂

So, as I came home today he approached me and said that he was not able to finish one of his homework because he had difficulty understanding it so we sat down together and worked on the said assignment together. It was poem that he had to decipher, which was actually something I loved to do back when I was in school myself. And as it turned out the poem they had to work on was really simple yet very meaningful. The lesson was very simple, but something we have somehow forgotten along the way as we walk through life and experience many of its challenges.

So now I am sharing with you this very beautiful poem from my 5th grader’s book…I hope you will enjoy and internalized its lessons as I have….

There once was an oyster

Who story I tell,

Who found that some sand

Had got into his shell.

It was only a grain,

but it gave him great pain.

For oysters have feelings

Although they’re so plain.

Now, did he berate

the harsh working of fate

That had brought him

To such a deplorable state?

Did he curse at the government,

Cry for election,

And claim that the sea should

Have given him protection?

“No,” he said to himself

As he lay on a shell,

Since I cannot remove it,

I shall try to improve it.

Now the years have rolled around,

As years always do,

And he came to his ultimate

Destiny stew.

And the small grain of sand

That had bothered him so

Was a beautiful pear

All richly aglow.

Now the tale has a moral,

for isn’t it grand

What an oyster can do

With a morsel of sand?

What couldn’t we do

If we’d only begin

With some of the things

That get under our skin.

Now at the end of this little poem there were several questions and one that really got my son stumped was this “How can you liken yourself to the oyster?”

I guess, at some point of another; at some similarly simple text or instance we have all come across something of the same mettle as this poem and I am guessing when we did we were able to answer that question and learn the lesson it was trying to teach…but how easily we have forgotten this simple lesson in such a short time. How much easier things would be for all of us it we can all still remember that little oyster.


2 Responses to “Simple Lesson…”

  1. Bonnie Mutchler Says:

    Beautiful poem, Jen. thanks for sharing and sorry i missed you last night. I was ill but am better now.

    • otakujade Says:

      You we’re ill? I’m really sorry to hear that Bonnie, and I miss you so much too. I really hope to be able to chat with you soon. I love you my dearest, treasured friend.

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