Nostalgia Attack….

A couple of days ago hubby started downloading an indie film he seemed so excited to watch; he started falling in love with Filipino indie films a few months ago, like me, he rarely watches any Filipino movies but when we discovered Filipino indie films we became hooked. So when he started his download I was not surprised. What actually surprised me though was after the download was done, I found out that it was a movie done in honor of Teddy Diaz and what about the New Wave band – The Dawn. The movie was titled “Tulad ng Dati” and its an opener for a lot of The Dawn fan like me.

Its hard to find a life partner that you absolutely jive with but (modesty aside) this is what hubby and I have. True, we do have our differences but those are mostly minor ones and nothing we cannot either tolerate or work around. As for our interests – they’re mostly the same. And one of those similarities is music…yes, I still don’t like his loud music and he still finds pop and hiphop music repulsive but most of the time we like the same thing. The same is true with the band The Dawn.

The Dawn was and is probably one of the most influential band of the New Wave era, their songs still spark the same craze from the audience as they did 20 years ago. I don’t know if the new generation of mainstream listeners know them but among rock, alternative and new wave listeners, The Dawn still carry the magic that they had at their prime.

The Dawn is probably the most resilient band there is – having lost their founder and anchor Teddy Diaz at the peak of their fame. Teddy was and is probably the best Filipino guitarist there is…and all that talent was wasted when he was stabbed and killed in front of his girlfriends house in 1988.

Here’s some of their most memorable songs….songs our generation will never forget.

Teddy Diaz at his best…


2 Responses to “Nostalgia Attack….”

  1. Bonnie Mutchler Says:

    I wish I could hear them!1

  2. mami_noodles Says:

    Well, aside from the ones you mentioned, the song “Standing By Your Heart” is one of my most favorite The Dawn songs…mahirap nga lang makakuha ng MP3 nun…

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