At the Polling Site….a documentary.

It’s become a sort of tradition within our family to vote early. The practice was started by my father and it hasn’t changed over the years. We’re used to being at the polling precinct at 7:00 am when the voting starts.  And so we once again arrived early at the polling precinct today.

We got there at around 7:15 am and already the school was full of people. As we have been informed earlier, the precincts were clustered together in sets of 3, 5s and even 6s, it was a good thing that we knew our precinct number which hasn’t changed in about 10 years and so we were able to immediately find where we should head to.

Remember people, this was at 7:15 in the morning and the line in our precinct was already about 50 meters!

So we waited in line for about 2 hours before we got our chance to finally vote. Only 10 voters at a time were allowed inside the precinct – that’s 8 regular voters and 2 senior citizens. It was a good thing too that they decided to do that because with the length of time we had to wait in line and the heat of the sun beating down on us, I shudder to imagine what it would have done the senior citizens who would have probably collapsed from heat stroke or hypertension.

The voting procedure itself was quite convenient for me. I experienced no trouble finding my name on the list, the lady who was checking my registration even greeted me nicely because she recognized us from the last election we had. So after I was processed I went straight to a seat on the corner and started shading. When I was through, they ushered me to the PCOS machine where I slid my ballot and waited for the machine to verify my votes, count my votes and congratulate me! hehehe! Then they put indelible ink on my index finger and I was through. The entire process took about 15 minutes all in all….what a contrast to the 2 hours I waited in line to vote!

Now, I’m just monitoring the news on TV and waiting to see what happens next. I mean will they be able to give a partial result by tonight?????

PS: This just in the COMELEC just announced that they are extending the voting hours until 7:00pm!!!

A few pictures I took while at the elementary school where my family votes.

The usual scene  over head during Election periods…only in the Philippines! hehehe!

The usual clutter and scene just outside the school.

Going inside…..

The Voting Assistance Center of the COMELEC….still trying to set things in order at 7:15 am

People trying to find their precincts, cluster and their names…remember, 2 elections where you don’t vote and your name gets cancelled you have to register again. So, please make sure you make it an obligation to vote!

Waiting in line to get inside the precinct….with the sun on your head at 28 degree Celsius…this is at 8:00 am people!


4 Responses to “At the Polling Site….a documentary.”

  1. You can keep the heat, dear. Lol!! Very interesting!! It’s fun to know how other countries do things.

  2. catchan1980 Says:

    Now the candidates must clean up the streets and take their posters and streamers down from the walls! Kakasawa na ang mga fez nila!

    • otakujade Says:

      So true!!!!!

      Actually, kanina na-deploy yung 2 track ng police to help clean the streets…POLICE yun! Tamang bang gawin street cleaner???!!

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