Election 2010

Just two days before the election and things still look fuzzy for most of us. Today is the last day of campaign for those running for public positions, and the start of the liquor ban.  To me this is just overwhelming, just two days and I still can’t decide who to vote for. By this time next Tuesday, we’ll have a new president, a brand new set of senators, congressmen, councilors, mayors and vice-mayors…etc.

This is also an election wrapped in doubt (well, that’s nothing new) and apprehensions.  Everyone is apprehensive about the Electronic voting system. We have 9 people running for the presidential position and at this point everyone has their own prediction on who will in. Honestly, right it’s still anybody’s ball game.

We have –

an achiever

a “perceived” savior

a businessman/real estate tycoon

a former president

an evangelist

a naturalist

a real people mover

a civic leader…and

a woman/former senator

– Right now one group is predicting that the son of the former president/freedom icon and former senator/national hero would be a shoo in for the position. They’re saying that trouble will erupt if he doesn’t win because then it would mean that the government cheated.

But what if the administration bet doesn’t win, and Mr. Savior doesn’t also…what then? Does that mean the winning candidate cheated too. This is the only country I know where no candidate ever loses, because they didn’t win then they were a victim of cheating…sheesh! People grow up!

Here’s a piece of unsolicited advice to all my Filipino friends, who still read my blogs – when you go to the polling area on Monday morning please keep this in mind…“that whoever wins this election, we are getting the public officials we deserve.” So please..PLEASE, think before you put in your votes. Whatever happens from this point on we will have to live with for the next 6 years with repercussions that may last for years and years to come. When you vote, before you leave the house please take a minute or two to look at a small child and tell yourself that your decision now will definitely affect that child’s future.


One Response to “Election 2010”

  1. yes that is something every free person needs to do before they go to the poles. Think of their children and what they need for the future.

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