Iron Man 2


The film began 6 months from where the 1st movie ended, Tony Stark had announced to the entire world that he is indeed Iron Man and now the US government, Senator Stern in particular, demands that he turn over the suit to the military. Tony Stark had used the suit as a nuclear deterrent and as a means of maintaining world peace. And now the US government wants it. The government claims the suit or the design for the suit may be copied and this will create massive destruction in the wrong hands. Stark refuses, publicly shaming rival Justin Hammer in demonstrating how rival states and groups are at least five years away from successfully recreating the technology. He declares that the suit and the man are one and he cannot give the Iron Man to the military as he cannot give himself to them…(with a bit of innuendo on the gay side).

All is not well in Stark’s life: he has discovered that the palladium in the arc reactor keeping his heart beating has begun to leak into his body and is poisoning him, raising his blood toxicity levels and slowly killing him. All attempts to find a substitute element have failed. Slowly going off the rails as a consequence of what he believes to be his impending death, he becomes more unpredictable and wild bothering on suicidal. Stark Corp was in shambles, until Tony appoints his former personal assistant Pepper Potts CEO of Stark Industries, replacing her with Natalie Rushman (who is actually an undercover agent for S.H.I.E.D. – codename: BLACK WIDOW)

On one of his “unpredictable” bratty moments, Tony decided to drive his team’s Formula 1 during a race in Monaco. In the middle of the race, he was attacked by Ivan Vanko, wielding a pair of electrified whips that are powered by an ARC reactor of his own.  Defeating Vanko with the aid of his Mark V armor (a transforming briefcase), Stark discovers that Vanko is the son of disgraced Russian physicist Anton Vanko, who collaborated on the first ARC reactor with Stark’s father. Anton had wanted to use the arc to earn money, and so Howard had him deported back to Russia, where he subsequently died and passed on the technology to his son, who swore revenge against the Stark family.

Vanko is promptly broken out of jail by a revenge-seeking Justin Hammer, who puts him to work fashioning a line of “Hammer battle suits” that he will use to upstage Stark at his own Expo, as well as fulfilling his military contracts. Vanko decides to transform these battle suits into “Hammer drones”, replacing the helmet assemblies with drone heads.

With the government coming down on him even harder, Stark throws what he believes will be his last birthday party and proceeds to get drunk whilst wearing the Mark IV Iron Man armor, becoming a danger to himself and others. His friend Lt. Colonel James Rhodes is forced to wear the Mark II armor and subdue him, after which he confiscates the armor for the military. The disgraced Stark is approached by Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D, who reveals Natalie to be an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Natasha Romanoff, assigned to keep an eye on Stark. Fury also reveals that Howard Stark was a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and provides Stark with a chest of his father’s old artifacts that can hopefully be used to find a cure for his palladium poisoning, thus completing his father’s unfinished work on ARC technology. Reviewing the film reels in the chest, Stark discovers a message from his father that leads him to the original 1974 diorama of the Stark Expo: in reality, a disguised diagram for the atomic structure of a new element. Stark hand-builds a particle accelerator with the aid of his computer J.A.R.V.I.S. (voiced by Paul Bettany – YAY!) and synthesizes this new element. The newly synthesized element is then loaded into a modified arc reactor chest piece, and cures Stark’s palladium poisoning. Vanko then calls Stark and taunts him, revealing that he is still set on revenge and plans to assault the Stark Expo.

At Stark Expo, Hammer unveils his new military drones, captained by Rhodes in a heavily-weaponized version of the confiscated Mark II armor, now referred to as the Variable Threat Response Battle-suit. Stark arrives at the expo in his new Mark VI armor, attempting to warn Rhodes, but Vanko takes complete control of both the drones and Rhodes’s new armor and attacks Iron Man. As Stark battles against these remote-controlled enemies, Happy Hogan and Natalie race to Hammer’s Queens facility to stop Vanko. By the time they arrive, Vanko has already departed for the Expo in a new, more powerful suit of armor, but Natalie is able to hack through Vanko’s control terminal and gives Rhodes control of his armor again so that he and Stark can fight the drones and Vanko together. The two armored allies draw the drones away from populated areas and into the Japanese garden within the Stark Expo grounds, and together defeat the Hammer drones.

They then confront Vanko, who has developed a powerful suit of armor for himself based on a Hammer battle suit but incorporating scaled-up plasma whips that he used against Stark earlier. After a short but intense battle, Vanko is defeated. A slowly dying Vanko cynically chuckles ‘You lose’ and a ticking sound is heard. His armor and drones are revealed to have had their ARC reactors rigged for a self-destruct sequence. As they begin to go off, Stark races to save Pepper, rescuing her at the last minute. After landing on a roof she quits her CEO position, and the two finally kiss. Rhodes leaves with the War Machine armor despite Stark’s objection, determined to keep the armor for national security purposes.

At a debriefing, Fury informs Stark that while Stark is “unsuitable” for the “Avengers Initiative”, S.H.I.E.L.D. wants Iron Man as a consultant. He agrees on the condition that Senator Stern be chosen to present him and Rhodes with their medals for bravery from the U.S. government.

Post Credits Scene:

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson is seen driving to a remote impact crater in the New Mexico desert. He then informs Fury over the phone that they’ve “found it” as the camera zooms to Thor’s hammer.


Rotten Tomato gave this movie a 76% fresh rating..which was quite high considering how critical most of their raters are when it comes to sequels. So we went to the theater with high expectations, and we were not disappointed! The movie was really good if not great but it was wayyyy better than how sequeals usually turn out. Very few movies could claim to have a very good series, or one that would continue to rake in money but Iron Man looks to be going in that direction. Kudos to all the people behind the film!

In this 2nd film we saw a lot of more of Tony Starks bratty-side. He was rich, handsome and a genius – and he knows it! He flaunts it! 😀 Then as the film progress we are confronted with the fact that Tony was in truth getting reckless and suicidal because he thought he was dying. As the story moves along we see Tony constantly checking his blood toxicity, and as the level of it increases so does his desperation. It was he was trying to capsulate everything in what time he has left, thankfully, Nick Fury came into the picture and helped out.

Well, there was really nothing to delve into deeper into the film – it was pretty straight forward even grade school kids could understand it with a bit of guidance into the background of the character that is. The film was action packed and brilliantly made.

I loved Scarlet Johanneson on this film, I mean I do like her a lot in her other films but she was awesome on this one.  I guess one of the things that made this so wonderful for me was that her role was so unexpected and that she really delivered on her role. That girl could kick some butt! And look sexy doing it! A real femme fatale.

War Machine was awesome in this film as well. The suit was awesome but I was a bit surprised when I saw that they changed the actor playing the role. But the guy playing Rhodes was great I mean, he really delivered the role well.

My kids were, well, they were used to us talking about Marvel, DC, anime, games and all those sorts of stuff sothe movie was a little easier for them to understand.  One of the highlights of this activity with the kids for me was when, in the middle of the film, my youngest Eugene leaned towards me and asked “Ma, I haven’t seen Stan Lee yet, have you?” 😀 They have started to hunt for Stan Lee’s cameo on Marvel films!

I guess the only downside of this experience for me was the fact that the cinemas really squeezed out a lot of money from this movie. I am not sure if its only in the Philippines because  I tried to searched the net for any other country who did  the same and couldn’t find any.  But here, the cinemas have two types of screening; 1 – they called it regular screening; and 2 – on 2D. Now, I asked the lady at the booth what they meant by 2D since the movie is actually in 2D only. But I was informed that the 2D version was a clearer version with crystal clear sound and the visual was cleaner. I raised an eyebrow at this. So it was like, the Regular was ordinary DVD copy and the 2D is synonimous with Blu-Ray. What the heck?!

Thinking, the regular would be sort of decent like most movies we opted for the regular and my! was that a mistake! It was clear enough but there were scenes where the faces of the people on the background were blurred and certain parts were the sound was a bit softer than in other parts. I mean it was watchable and okay but this is the first time I’ve ever seen that done here. It was like the Regular one was the last editing before the final edit..if you get what I’m saying.

Now if you watch the movie, like we did, at SM North EDSA – you pay Php 161.00 ($ 3.58) for cinemas at the main mall; Php 171.00 ($ 3.80) if you want to see it at the cinemas at The Block (the theaters are the same as in the main mall only of course you’re watching it at the upscale part of the mall); and Php 201.00 ($ 4.58) if you watch it on 2D.

What a rip off!


2 Responses to “Iron Man 2”

  1. it doesn’t come out here until Friday – but am hoping to go 🙂

    4.58!?!?! good lord – it’s 9.00 here for 2D and 11 or more for 3D movies :p for two tickets and a soda we pay $25!

    • otakujade Says:

      Really?! And we thought we were being ripped off…sheesh! Well, 3D costs about & 5.8 here and IMAX is $ 10. Though snacks are never included on the ticket price. You should come in live here Jo! LOL! Though you would probably melt here…I feel like melting myself and I was raised here.

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