• Tetsuya Watari – Seiji
  • Hideaki Takizawa – Ryo
  • Atsuko Takahata – Toko

Watch it online: http://www.dramacrazy.net/japanese-drama/kokuchisezu-episode-1/46918


Seiji Hasegawa (Tetsuya Watari) is a respected veteran doctor whose code of ethics is very strong. He believes in informed consent, the idea that patients should know everything about their condition so that they can make decisions about their treatment. He passes this code to his son, Ryo (Hideaki Takizawa), who has just become an intern. However, when a colleague gives Seiji’s wife, Toko (Atsuko Takahata), a checkup and finds she has cancer, Seiji’s conviction wavers. The colleague says Seiji must break the bad news to Toko, but he can’t, and as he procrastinates, Toko’s condition becomes more dire, creating a dilemma that is both personal and professional.

Tackey in Doctor's Uniform - pls forgive the crappy image since I can't DL this I don't have any decent screen caps to show.

Pls. forgive the crappy photo. I can’t download the movie so I don’t have any decent screen caps.


As I watched this jdorama I found myself asking two questions – 1) would it be kinder to tell a dying person that he/she is about to die; and 2) why do i keep watching Tackey jdorama when all I do whenever I do is cry?

This is the result of my longing and search for another Tackey jdorama…thanks to someone with the username “slipknotows” from Youtube who passed on the link for this jdorama. Actually, it says on the site that it can be downloaded..problem is I don’t know how to use rapidshare. ūüė¶

The answer to my second question is easy..I’m a huge Tackey fan! So even though I am torturing myself, crying my eyes out and looking all puffy eyed the next morning I still watch the movie. Besides, the film has Atsuko Takahata…probably one of the best Japanese veteran actresses.

On the second question..now this is a bit more difficult and one that requires no specific answer. If anything else the film showed me that. In the film there were two sorts of people – those who want to know and those who do not wish to be informed. Those who wish to get everything ready for the ones they love and those who would rather deny the fact.

A lot of it relies on the strength of the person and those around them. It is always easier for those around us to accept our fate if the one with the illness accepts the situation openly. And sometimes those around needs to be strong enough to accept first because those with the illness remains in denial of what is to come.

On the case of Toko (Atsuko) although she already knew that she was sick, she would rather no one confront her with it. That way she could still live her life the way she prefer. Seiji struggled for a long time whether to tell his wife about her illness or not, but just when he was ready to do so Toko stopped him, asking him instead to make her well…to encourage her to fight her illness although it was clear in her own eyes that she already knew that she was about to die.

Ryo, their only son, initially got mad at his father for not telling them about it and at the same time berated himself for not seeing the sights on his mother considering he himself is doctor. But in the end he realized that it was his mother’s wish for things to be that way.¬† As a mother, my heart ached to see how devoted Ryo was to his mother, and how attached he was to her.¬† He often said that his mother was the light of their home, that without her even in the daytime the house feels bleak and dark. I guess for a mother like me that would be the best thing a son or any child could say to his mother. It’s wonderful to be loved but its even more blessed to be treasured in such a way.

As a mother my most fervent ambition is for my children to say someday “Mom, you’re a good mother to us”. Then I would be able to say to myself¬† “I have done well.” For what is the use of gaining the rest of the world if you loose the most important part of you — as a mother — its my children.

Goodness  I am crying again!!!!!


One Response to “Kokuchisezu”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    You are a good mother Jen!!! As for wanting to know I was dying, I think I would. I hope I would handle it with dignity. As for Tacky, lol, don’t we all love him!!!!!

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