Something to Say about New Moon or More Accurately… Admiration of Taylor Lautner!

Call it boredom or simply a lack of anything to occupy my time (my officemate calls it denial… as I refused to be viewed as even remotely interested in the Twilight series) in any case, yesterday I found myself watching New Moon. As it has become quite obvious by now that I am no Twilight Saga fan, nor am I a big romance novel fan for that matter. And if it’s vampire I’m looking for I believe I can find enough satisfaction with Anne Rice’s vampires. Lestat, now that’s one mean vampire..hehehe!

Anyway, so here I was watching New Moon and was actually about to get really bored not even half way into the film when out came this gorgeous half dressed hunk, whose abs was enough to make the mouth water. Sheesh! Of course I am talking about Taylor Lautner. The description “sort of beautiful” really didn’t do him justice; he was all male in that film. Taylor Lautner was oozing with machismo on this film without even trying. He could just appear on the screen and your attention was instantly riveted towards him. This guy has a certain kind of presence that demands attention. (I’m feeling a bit of the cougar thingie here but what the heck.)

I couldn’t believe they were actually considering replacing Taylor Lautner from the role earlier. I mean, he was just the perfect guy for the character. Lautner has the gentle looks well fitted for the role. He had certainly built his physique for the role but more than that his facial features were more than exactly what the role required. He has the gentle yet fierce looks of a man/wolf. I was easy to imagine in him having the gentleness and loyalty of the dog and the fierceness of the wolf – all tied into one bigger than life character. The longing in his eyes were all too real and the hurt you read on his face was so tangible, Taylor Lautner made it all more believable for me. His character, Jacob, was something of a tragic hero here…a younger guy in love with an older girl he can’t possibly have. The concept was…to put it very gently – mediocre; it’s been used countless times before but there was something about how Lautner played it that made it the character quite interesting…and sexy.

As I watched Jacob and Bella grow closer together, after Edward’s leaving, I found myself actually wishing she would just dump the vampire all together and go for the werewolf! I also found myself wanting to roll up a newspaper and just smack the girl on the back of the head for being so dense. I mean, come on vampires are just too over rated these days. Or was it that I was actually routing for Taylor Lautner in place of Robert Pattinson? Hmmm.

And by the way, what happened to Robert Pattinson? He was so beautiful in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, yet in the Twilight Saga he just looked so washed up – dull and skinny. Aren’t vampires supposed to be ethereally beautiful? Their skins are supposed to shine and shimmer, they’re supposed to look eternally young! Edward looked either sick or lacks about a week of sleep…you choose!

Okay, back to Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Jacob. So here I was hoping Bella for once would do something sensible and just go for someone more reliable but no, she was too obsessed with the vampire. Oh well! I found myself really wanting to comfort Jacob when she told him “it has always been Edward”. I wanted to put my arms on the poor guy and kiss him – ops! – I mean kiss the pain away! Hahaha!

Alright, I think I am obsessing over Lautner here, but I guess that’s love for you. Bella must really love Edward to want him so even when faced with someone as desirable and more deserving of love, as Jacob.  No wonder this type of genre appealed to teenagers so much, they can relate to it. I mean, I guess I’m just too old and jaded for the entire concept to work on me but I’m also old enough to understand that when you’re young love seems to mean everything…and especially when that sort of love is coupled with a bit of danger.  It’s sort of a fairy tale romance – but I guess I still prefer the dark and deeper story of Harry Potter, there’s just nothing like it really.


3 Responses to “Something to Say about New Moon or More Accurately… Admiration of Taylor Lautner!”

  1. hee-hee, i gave you my opinions last night 😉

  2. Edward did look washed out and skinny. I found myself wondering what happened to him. as for Jacob, yeah I’d have chosen him anytime. Lol!!

    • otakujade Says:

      Though I wonder if the rumors are true that Robert Pattinson is into drugs…that would probably explain his not so flattering looks these days.

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