Walking back memory lane..

This morning’s news online…if you could really call it that, wasn’t really all that special except that it made me want to browse through the net in search of more articles about it and the search ended up leading me back to my youth…literally!

Today on the news it was announced that Ricky Martin had finally admitted he was and is gay. When my officemate told me this I just scoffed and told him, Ricky most certainly admitted as much during his interview with Barbara Walters on the The View way back in 2000. So when I got home tonight I was determined to look for that particular interview on Youtube and share it on my Facebook wall, but I ended up watching videos of Menudo.

To those who have no idea what or who Menudo was..yes, I’m not talking about the dish. Menudo was the biggest boy band from the early up to the late 80s. The group was composed of 5 clean up guys ages 12 to 16 who were trained to sing and dance. They we’re the hottest band world wide at the time! Menudo mania reached the Philippines in 1984 and ballooned to phenomenal heights in 1986 to about 1990. The members of the group were kept perpetually young by replacing them once a member turned 16. The group toured the world all year round and the Philippines was actually quite special to them as they made several returns here, sometimes even 2x in a year – and the Filipinos simply adored them.

Needless to say, I was a huge fan of them at the time…but as I grew up and the group lost some of my favorite members I lost interest in the band as well.

So, I guess by now you’re wondering how my search for news/interview about Ricky Martin ended up with Menudo. I guess some of you have guessed the reason by now too. YES, Ricky Martin was a former member of this boy band! At the time when I was so enamored with Menudo, the central figure of the group was Robby Rosa and Ricky Martin was just a 12-year old, new addition to the group. Ricky was the baby of the group, he was so cute and adorable the fans loved him and the mothers of the fans simply adore him.

The group was responsible for such songs as Like a Canonball, If you’re not here, and Please be Good to me.

Way before Ricky Martin was shaking his hips and singing “la vida loca” he was already singing and dancing with Menudo; I guess it is safe to say that he learned to rattle his hips with the group. I also remember him saying on one of his interviews that he was 14 when he first had his first experience with a girl and it was all that “nice”. And it was easy to believe that he did have his first time while he was with the group, they were all male, all young and they had a lot of money. And I also remember thinking that must have been the time when he started preferring the company of boys rather than girls. Maybe that bad experience was a turning point for the young Ricky somehow…we’ll never know.

But as I watched the many videos on Youtube, I couldn’t help but smile. Ricky was 12 then, and he’s 38 now…I’m 36. So much had happened both to him and to me as well, but looking at those videos transported me back to a time when life was simple and uncomplicated.

Allow me now to share some of those videos with you….

Ang liit-liit pa ni Ricky at the time; Robby was the one in the middle and Ricky Martin was the little guy wearing blue on the right of your screen. (1985)

With a new member this time, Sergio Blas as replacement for Roy Rosero. With Charlie singing this time around.

Here we see Charlie saying goodbye to his fans and introducing his replacement, I think his name was Raphy. The song was entitled, I’m Going Back to the Philippines which was originally made for Charlie as a tribute to their Filipino fans.


One Response to “Walking back memory lane..”

  1. It’s always wonderful going back to your youth. I like listening to the old songs now and again. Hope you enjoyed your blast of the past.

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