What more do I need?

During lunch yesterday, we were informed that two of our upper class, who were incidentally a couple, had passed their thesis evaluation and were due to graduate this March. That brought a lot of goodwill wishes from all of us and then one of my classmate who was close to the couple started to tell us how the couple met at the MBA class and how their courtship during those times happened.

We were entertained and not a little moved by their story, for the purpose of this story I’ll called them J (the guy) and R (the girl). Now J was a real romantic and it was such a joy to find such a man in this day and age; our classmate told us how on one Valentine’s day J didn’t send any flowers to R which made her very disappointed seeing all her officemates getting flowers and gifts from their respective husbands and boyfriend and she was the only one with a partner who didn’t receive any. Then on the next day, February 15th, J arrived at R’s office with a guitar and flower in hand and made straight for her table and started serenading her. Everyone at the office was so impressed that R’s boyfriend sent her a singing telegram for Valentine even if it was a bit delayed. J simply smiled and just before he started on his second song he announced to the entire office that he is R’s boyfriend and that he intentionally didn’t send anything on the 14th because he wanted his token for her to be memorable. At that point even the bosses at the office were commenting how they’ve been married for more than 20 years and their husbands had never done anything as sweet and romantic for them.

J loved to sing and he’s a pretty darn good singer too; on the day he proposed married to R he asked her to meet him in front of SM Megamall Building B telling her that he’s got something to show her. J arrived there ahead of time and stood by the entrance to the building with his guitar and sang love songs. R was late for about an hour and he was still there singing his love songs…as she approached he turned to her showing everyone that his songs were meant for her…then he proposed. People all around them were cheering her on…goading her to say “yes” and she did.

On her wedding day, J again did something so unexpected….as he saw R walking down the aisle he began to sing “You are More Beautiful”. No question about it, J was in love and he was marrying the girl of his dream and he was really to love her for the rest of their life.

We were so touched by their story, and we (the ladies) agreed that it was really so sweet. It was then that one classmate asked me something unexpected…she asked, “was Tim sweet also?”

That made me stop and think….then I replied, “Yes, he’s sweet in his own way, though not the sort of sweetness that people think of as sweet. But I’m more than content because he spoils me rotten.” And all of that was true. True, hubby isn’t sweet; he doesn’t bring you roses, or chocolates or wine and dine you on special occasions, but he spoils me like a baby. If I so much as mention an event or an occasion I am interested in going he remember that and work his schedule around it so he could take me there. Sometime, I’ve had even forgotten about it then he would remind me. If I need or want anything all I have to do is say I’m planning on buying this or that and the next thing I know he’s making a gift of it to me. Allow me to state that I am not materialistic, but to me the mere fact that he remembers and cares about I say, hear what I say is a very important thing. Some guys could only hear their own voice, they refuse to listen even if you ask them to and here’s someone who attends to what I have to say, who’s sensitive to my needs even without being asked….I am spoiled. And what more could I ask for?


6 Responses to “What more do I need?”

  1. I am so glad you have Tim, Jen. He is a man in love and you deserve him so much *hugs*

  2. That is a nice story of, J and R. Tim sounds like a real sweet guy.

  3. catchan1980 Says:

    Sweeeet-o! I loved reading this story ā¤

  4. Those are both sweet stories šŸ˜‰

  5. Have you recently experienced the end of your relationship.
    When you accept reality instead of avoiding it, you eliminate an
    enormous amount of tension and worry that is being felt by both you and your
    boyfriend. So the question arise if you don’t make any
    attempts to apologize your mistakes then what should you do
    right now.

    • otakujade Says:

      Fortunately, no. We’ve gone through some very challenging times but in the end we’re still together. I guess the key there is to just accept the other person for who they are, warts and all; they will make mistakes, mistakes that will cut you through the heart and leave you almost breathless with pain. At those times, you have to really decide if you can still love, respect and trust them just a little after what they’ve done and if you do then accept them back.

      As for not apologizing, I don’t know but to me an apology will always be part of the deal. If you did something that hurt me I want to hear and apology, face to face, then I need to see remorse in your actions. Proof that you’re truly sorry and will not repeat the same mistake. And I for my part will do the same. There is nothing wrong with knowing and admitting your mistake; the important thing is that you realized you’re wrong and have learned your lesson.

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