Reunion in two-fold…yay!

Due to circumstances that happened the last few days, I decided to get in touch with the only person I know can help me on terms of media mileage. I wanted to get a public info on the 2 maids that left us. I just didn’t want their next employer to be their next victim, but anyways that is a different story from what I intended to write so getting back to the original topic….

I have always prided myself with the fact that I am in good terms with “almost” every ex-boyfriend that I ever had.  Well, one thought we are in good terms but well, if Idon’t see him again in…oh I don’t know the next 50 years it’ll be too soon… 🙂

Anyways, yesterday I got in touch with Mr. F and met within after office hours. I gave him all the info I have on the 2 maids including their pictures and he promised to get them printed in several newspapers and tabloids he has contact with. With that business done, we started on our catching up – what he’s up to; what happening with me; how’s this person or that person…then a little trip down memory lane. It was wonderful seeing him again..I must say that no matter what I would openly admit that Mr. F will always be special to me. “I remember the boy, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore…”  or so the song goes. Maybe its because when we were still together we were so much more than boyfriend and girlfriend we were friends, collaborators, conspirators, and each other’s worst critic.  Over and above that we were mentor and student, a major part of what I am and how I am right I owe to his mentoring and for that I will always be grateful. He was 15 years my senior but his age have never posed any difficulties for us at the time because he could well hack it with the rest of my friends…some of whom developed a cruch on him to which he taught me to proud of rather than jealous. He used to say that I should be proud of the fact that someone else thinks my BF is hot that means I made a good catch, now it’s up to the guy if he’s such a weakling and low on self-esteem that he would be swayed by it all. He added that if the guy is swayed then I should be grateful that I found out what an idiot the guy is early on. It was through him that I got into almost every sort of social functions from the very elite to the low; he was a true “jack-of-all-trades”.

So as we were talking, my celphone sounded informing me of a text message. It was another ex- who just happened to be an employee of the same network (mind he was not an employee of the network when he were going out). He said “Hi and how I’m doing” and I answered “I’m at the network meeting someone”.

Next thing I knew he was calling me and as I tried to make an excuse to put down the phone he entered the office and I saw him standing across the room. Damn! That cut-off my conversation with Mr. F so we said goodbye making a date to meet again soon and I left their office with Mr S who took me all the way back to the MRT station and there I said goodbye to him too. We did talk along the way, and I saw him looking after me as I entered the station but really, I have nothing against him he was such a nice guy but I really don’t have much to talk to him about.

I do feel sad that my reunion with Mr F was cut short though I know he has a meeting to attend to; and I regret that I have so little to talk about with Mr S – they’re both very good people…though one weighs more than the other for this lady. It was a nice reunion…but honestly the reunion made me all the more solid in my belief that I am with the right man right now.  Mr F impresses me, I admire him and respect him but I know he’ll never commit to anyone for good, he’s just too much in love with his freedom for that. He does have kids and he loves them and are responsible for them but then again children are more lenient than having a wife. As for Mr S I like him, he’s serious and responsible and solid but he’s just doesn’t have the fun factor that Mr. F has.

Whereas hubby is all of the good that’s in the two guys and none of their down side. He’s  serious, responsible, and committed but he’s fun, and athletic and just vain enough for me to really fall in love with…


3 Responses to “Reunion in two-fold…yay!”

  1. It’s good you’re secure in your choice of Tim. He’s a wonderful guy!! And you deserve the best!

  2. LOL! it’s nice to see someone meet up with their ex’s and not walk away feeling regret 🙂

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