Tagged!….My Meme list…hehehe!

I was tagged and I just found out about it…sorry naman mejo out of sorts and utak ko these last few days. To my dearest Cat-chan, Gomen! I just found out about your tag..but hey! Better late than never….

15 Random things about me….taking the lead from Cat-chan

1) I was born with my two lower front teeth already showing. Yep! When I was young, around 5 until I think I was 12 that was my identity to most people who knew my parents…sheesh!

2) My love for books started when I was 11 years old – thanks to my cousin who handed me a Nancy Drew book. Sadly, said cousin and I haven’t talked to each other in years due to family squabbles which involved our parents….we didn’t really quarrel, the two of us, but she just started not talking to me.

3) I graduated from reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks at the age of 14; Romance novels at 16; Harlequin and Barbara Cartland at 18….now, I seem to have developed a dislike for love stories…can’t figure out why.

4) I can’t handle failure…it bothers me so much that I can’t function properly for days; I just keep thinking about it …a lot!

5) I am addicted to bookstores!

6) I only eat these dishes – dinuguan, papaitan & pakbet – if its cooked at home.

7) I have an acquired dislike for beef dishes, though I eat hamburgers and corned beef…hehehe!

8) Reading is my guilty pleasure…I have a book with me everywhere I go or turn to when I’m at home.

9) I’m a big fan of my Tita Franz liversteak and lechon kawali….yummy!

10) I love okra!

11) I can’t understand it too but I am obsessed with Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey) my hubby knows and he tolerates it…sort of.

12) I actually like Gerald Anderson’s acting and I think Angelica dela Cruz is cute.

13) Aside from Bob, I am also a fan of Luwalhati Bautista.

14) I’m a big fan of UFC..hehehe!

15) My kids love Naruto!

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5 Responses to “Tagged!….My Meme list…hehehe!”

  1. Well I was challenged. Random things about me huh? I’m not sure I can come up with 15, I’m pretty boring.

    1) When I was 5 years old I got on the wrong school bus and was nearly driven off before they discovered the mistake and got me on the right one.
    2) I read a Harlequin romance book a day when I was pregnant with Jo cos I was supposed to take it easy. Since then I can’t stand them. I always say I ODed on them.
    3) Repetitive noises drive me insane. So does metal scraping metal. I can’t stand even scraping pans out without grinding my teeth.
    4) I’ve written poetry since I was a child but I haven’t written anything really new in over a year because I have writer’s block and nothing will come.
    5) I love potatoes of every kind, which is why I’m shaped like one, lol.
    6) I used to diet and exercise all the time and I was still always fat so I have quit since I turned 50. I figure I’m old and can relax now.
    7) My heart bypass threw me for a loop and I have been wrestling with depression ever since. I spend a lot of time thinking about death when I should be thinking about life
    8) I gave up driving several years ago because the arteries in my neck are clogged and I get dizzy when I turn my head to the left.
    9) My best friend lives in the Philippines and I would love to go there someday and spend time with her and her family. I’d especially like to go to her wedding.
    10) My favorite flower is lilacs. When I was a kid we had bushes growing right outside the window and in the spring the smell would fill the living room.
    11) I’ve been a vegetarian for years now. I believe animals have a right to live too. They are created by God. But I don’t judge other people who eat meat. That’s between them and their conscience.
    12) Wow! I’m further than I thought I’d get :P. I love stuffed animals and have a ton of them (I think Jo has more than me though )
    13) I eat pizza at least two or three times a week.
    14) I like all kinds of music from love metal to Jpop, classical to folk, gothic metal to even some heavy metal, but I can’t stand rap.
    15) I don’t like the government. I think they plunder us daily and give us nothing in return while they feather their own nests.

  2. catchan1980 Says:

    Neesan! Gomen! My fault too, I didn’t tell you I tagged you 😛

    Comment time! 😀
    1. Wow! How old were you when you had them taken out?
    2. Nancy Drew generation FTW!
    5. The smell of books…aaahhh…
    9. Now I’m craving for lechon kawali 😛
    10. I love okra too, haha. Never mind that it’s slimy 😛

    PS: Di ko pa rin malimutan ang poque-poque….hay, ang sarap!

    • otakujade Says:

      Actually they came off when I was 7 I think…they’re milk teeth but my parents we’re amazed they lasted that long! LOL! I personally think I overstayed inside but my mother keeps insisting I was actually right on cue….so I guess even then I’m different. 😀

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