Not Again!!!!…..

I just heard it in passing on the news today so I went and looked in up on the internet and WHALAH!!!! It’s true!

Another plagiarism case was thrown at JK Rowling, this time from the estate of Adrian Jacobs for the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Apparently, they claim that two scenes from the abovementioned book were plagiarized from Jacobs’ book “The Adventures of Willy the Wizard — No. 1 Livid Land.”

They said that “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” borrowed plot elements from the Jacobs book, such as a contest among wizards and the concept of wizards traveling by train. Which JKR claimed were absurbed and unfounded.

Honestly, I couldn’t described it any other way, especially the accusation about the concept of wizards traveling by train. I mean, they’re British and the train is one of the most basic form of transportation in the UK! JKR can reason anytime that its only logical that her wizards should use the train because its so common. Now if JKR had used the same train station as Jacobs then they might even have a bit of a hope that the courts will consider their claims.

On the part about the contest among wizards, this is unclear really. Which contest was the estate of Mr. Jacobs refer to? I am guessing its the Tri-Wizard Tournament which was no different from a normal inter-school contest which happens anyways in the world. JKR just put a bit of twist into the contest considering that those participating in the tournament are wizards. But if Jacobs book contains the same creatures or the same  of challenges that JKR has then the lawyers of Mr. Jacobs would have a case. The news were not very specific but if its just plainly the concept of the wizard contest that they’re using to calim plagiarism JRK could just as easily sue them back for damages. 

But at this juncture all JKR is guilty of is plagiarizing reality…..


6 Responses to “Not Again!!!!…..”

  1. It sort of serves her right considering the way she sues everybody. actually they all should stop suing each other, there are no new ideas.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean…I still feel cheated that she sued Lexicon and wouldn’t let them publish their book.

  2. LOL! there are so many books about child witches and wizards already that you could find something form every page and claim it was plagerized. the same goes for vampire books, or werewolves or any genre book. there’s nothing new under the sun :p

  3. wonderwall97 Says:

    Rowling claims that she has never heard of Mr. Jacobs or even read his book. ^_^

    • The wizard and vampire themes are far too popular these days it’s hard to say which is original and which are plagiarized!

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