Do you believe in Fate????

I was once asked if I believed in Fate. The question really pleased me in that it made me stop and really consider whether or not I do.

Well, I believe that there is a person out there is just perfect for you and that in this life those who find that right person is one of the lucky ones. But as to whether I believe that one person is fated for something…I guess not.

I believe that everything is within our grasp, but we all have to work for it. Our decisions, our actions decide whether we get what we dream of. What we have or don’t have is all due to the choices we made in this life. To say that it was we were fated for was the lazy man’s excuse for not doing his best.

Everything we could ever want or need is already out there all we need to do is find it; the problem with man is that when couldn’t get his way the first he tends to find a way to explain his failure..why can’t it be just because you didn’t make the right choices or your efforts were not enough?

Others reason that no matter how hard they work for that goal they just couldn’t reach it, well maybe you’re working on it the wrong way.

A friend of mine once said that the right person is out there for you, but once you find that person you must also play by the rules and make the right moves to win that person. It’s the same with everything in life may it be your dream job, your own business, that sought after promotion or the girl/boy of your dreams….the main thing that you must remember is that life will not simply hand over to you the things you aspire most.

True we see a lot of people who’re born rich, who never had to work for the rest of their lives – and their children would be the same; we see these people getting the fame, the fortune and the love of their life but are you in that person’s shoes…do you know if what you perceive as a lucky existence is truly want that person wanted…or even needed?

We’re all just human after all, and being human we all have our own desires…desires that will never be assuage no matter how much we have or come fortunate we turn out to be. So, do I believe in fate – Yes, if the fate you’re taking about rests upon my hands.


3 Responses to “Do you believe in Fate????”

  1. I agree with you fate is often just an excuse for lack of determination

  2. bambybam Says:

    me too

  3. bambybam Says:

    me too but i believe that fate exist

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