True Colors….

It is often said that in politics there are no permanent friends just permanent personal interests… another saying we often hear about politics was the saying “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” but I have never really seen how completely vivid it was until last January 29, 2010 (Friday).

As part of the team that was in charge of the celebration for our organization’s anniversary, I was one of the few people allowed inside the venue who’s was not part of the guest list. We were the office in charge of one of the very few ceremonies that the President of the country regularly attend each year.

We regularly invite guests from the legislative/executive/judicial body as well as diplomats and other foreign attache to attend the ceremony. And in the last several years the place was full packed and always well attended especially by invited government officials…but this year was completely different….

The venue was segregated into seating arrangements made to speak not only of the guest’s importance but also of their affinity to the Guest of Honor and Speaker…so the top government officials were in front (about 80 seats were reserved) then the diplomats from other countries…and so on. But what used to be one of the first sections to become full pack now appeared quite abandoned.

The government officials who used to fight over where and how close to the president they should be seated are surprisingly absent this year. And the area reserved for them which we used to have trouble with due to the large turn-out is now vacant with only about 20 people seated at what was to be reserved for 80. It was pathetic…it was saddening but more importantly it spoke of the kind of people the president surrounded herself with.

For years, these people fed off her…they clung to her when they know they could get something from them and now that she’s exiting and there are talks of filing both administrative and criminal cases against…her hangers on are all gone. That’s politics for you…Back then they were her closest allies but now they can’t get far enough away from her.

I am not a huge supporter of PGMA, I never voted for her, but I do admire her in a way – she had made many tough decisions that are unpopular and had met with many oppositions but she pushed on. Then later on people would find out that it was good call and she was right to push for it. I mean, she had made many radical changes in our tax laws and have gained the disapproval of the business community by declaring far too many holidays…but what people do not see was that it was done with a good purpose. The tax revisions were done to allow the working public to have more money on hand…the holidays gave even enough time to spend it.

But to have to rise above your own small mindedness and personal vengence to see all those. For the economy to continue to move money must be spent, money must rotate through the system, it must move hands; for as long as money is circulating through the system the country will not stagnate too much and thus keeping us afloat through the recession experienced by many countries. Government is spending too and creating jobs as they did so by taking in contractual workers in the offices and by building infrastructures. I don’t know about other people but for me as hard as life is right now, we at least were not hit as hard by the recession as other countries were.

It just saddened me that PGMA had made a lot of good intentioned efforts but no matter what she did…the corruption of those around her and those of her family will be what people will see.


3 Responses to “True Colors….”

  1. very thought provoking and well written!

    • otakujade Says:

      Thank you so much for the kind praise…though I did see plenty of typos..hehehe! But seriously, I’ve been mauling over this incident for many days.

  2. That’s always the case, Jen, which is why a lot of fresh faced politicians with good intentions soon end up as corrupt as those around them. They figure what’s the point of trying.

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