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I was tagged and I just found out about it…sorry naman mejo out of sorts and utak ko these last few days. To my dearest Cat-chan, Gomen! I just found out about your tag..but hey! Better late than never….

15 Random things about me….taking the lead from Cat-chan

1) I was born with my two lower front teeth already showing. Yep! When I was young, around 5 until I think I was 12 that was my identity to most people who knew my parents…sheesh!

2) My love for books started when I was 11 years old – thanks to my cousin who handed me a Nancy Drew book. Sadly, said cousin and I haven’t talked to each other in years due to family squabbles which involved our parents….we didn’t really quarrel, the two of us, but she just started not talking to me.

3) I graduated from reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks at the age of 14; Romance novels at 16; Harlequin and Barbara Cartland at 18….now, I seem to have developed a dislike for love stories…can’t figure out why.

4) I can’t handle failure…it bothers me so much that I can’t function properly for days; I just keep thinking about it …a lot!

5) I am addicted to bookstores!

6) I only eat these dishes – dinuguan, papaitan & pakbet – if its cooked at home.

7) I have an acquired dislike for beef dishes, though I eat hamburgers and corned beef…hehehe!

8) Reading is my guilty pleasure…I have a book with me everywhere I go or turn to when I’m at home.

9) I’m a big fan of my Tita Franz liversteak and lechon kawali….yummy!

10) I love okra!

11) I can’t understand it too but I am obsessed with Takizawa Hideaki (Tackey) my hubby knows and he tolerates it…sort of.

12) I actually like Gerald Anderson’s acting and I think Angelica dela Cruz is cute.

13) Aside from Bob, I am also a fan of Luwalhati Bautista.

14) I’m a big fan of UFC..hehehe!

15) My kids love Naruto!

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I am ashamed to admit it but there are very small things that depresses me that some people would consider inconsequential but it means a lot to me…I really don’t know to call it but if there’s one thing I’m afraid of and find real difficulty in handling it’s..FAILURE. I hate it! And I have trouble dealing with it.

I’ve been feeling depressed all day because of a job application I had earlier in the day. They said they would call or text m within the day and yet they haven’t done so yet and it’s almost 8:00 pm. I hate to admit that I have difficulty accepting that I failed to pass the exams when I really thought it was so easy, I really thought it was rather like child’s play and yet here I am waiting for every damn ringing of my celphone.

If only I know where I failed, what I did wrong or what I didn’t do so that I can do something about it next time but as things goes none of those. They didn’t even bother to tell me I failed….they just didn’t call and I think that was rather rude!

Goodness! Do forgive me I know I am ranting and I hate to do that but I really need somewhere to bent my frustrations and this is the best I can do at the moment. I have no one to call and talk to; I just feel so worthless at this point…I hate this!

Did you know….hehehe!

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The Year of the Tiger is a period of change characterized by intense activities, dramatic developments, and political conflicts. Ever wonder what momentous events happened during the year of the Tiger????

World War I erupted in the year of the Tiger; the Cuban missile crisis and the war in Kosovo happened on the year of the Tiger.  And this year will be no different.

Major political changes also occurred during the year of the Tiger – two US presidents experienced major set backs during the year of the Tiger. President Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal during the year of the Tiger; and President Bill Clinton faced impeachment charges on this year too.

Major breakthroughs also happened during the year of the Tiger in techonology and ICT such as – in the previous year of the Tiger Google launched its Internet search engine, the first digital terrestrial TV was seen, and the ballpen, and audio cassette were invented.

Famous people born under the year of the Tiger – Sun Yat Sen, Queen Elizabeth II, Emily Dickinson, Isadora Duncan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Marilyn Monroe, Marco Polo, Beatrix Potter, Karl Marx, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Note that these people are not only famous for the sake of being famous but rather they had made their mark in history.

Not Again!!!!…..

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I just heard it in passing on the news today so I went and looked in up on the internet and WHALAH!!!! It’s true!

Another plagiarism case was thrown at JK Rowling, this time from the estate of Adrian Jacobs for the book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Apparently, they claim that two scenes from the abovementioned book were plagiarized from Jacobs’ book “The Adventures of Willy the Wizard — No. 1 Livid Land.”

They said that “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” borrowed plot elements from the Jacobs book, such as a contest among wizards and the concept of wizards traveling by train. Which JKR claimed were absurbed and unfounded.

Honestly, I couldn’t described it any other way, especially the accusation about the concept of wizards traveling by train. I mean, they’re British and the train is one of the most basic form of transportation in the UK! JKR can reason anytime that its only logical that her wizards should use the train because its so common. Now if JKR had used the same train station as Jacobs then they might even have a bit of a hope that the courts will consider their claims.

On the part about the contest among wizards, this is unclear really. Which contest was the estate of Mr. Jacobs refer to? I am guessing its the Tri-Wizard Tournament which was no different from a normal inter-school contest which happens anyways in the world. JKR just put a bit of twist into the contest considering that those participating in the tournament are wizards. But if Jacobs book contains the same creatures or the same  of challenges that JKR has then the lawyers of Mr. Jacobs would have a case. The news were not very specific but if its just plainly the concept of the wizard contest that they’re using to calim plagiarism JRK could just as easily sue them back for damages. 

But at this juncture all JKR is guilty of is plagiarizing reality…..

The Dragon and Lion Dance

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Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!

It’s Chinese New Year once again and one of the most important and exciting part of this celebration was the Dragon and Lion Dances.

Living near two of the biggest and most popular malls in the country I have come to look forward to these performances. Last year I was only able to see one performance which was at SM City North EDSA and it was really beautiful. But this year, unplanned though it was I was able to see both performances from the Dragon and Lion dances from Trinoma and SM malls.

We were eating breakfast at Jollibee having come straight from church when the Dragon and Lion dances at SM started. I told the boys to run and watch the performance and they came back wide eyed and excited about the fireworks and wanted to know what the dances means.

I realized, a lot of the people there probably didn’t know what these performances means and were just simply enjoying the entertainment.

In the Chinese culture the dragon had always been the bringing of wealth, good fortune and luck…thus it is only fitting that at every major celebration like the Chinese New Year and others the Dragon should be performed. The dragon is usually composed of 10-30 dancers who’re trained especially for these performances.  It is believed that the longer the dragon, the more powerful it is, that is why sometimes dragon performances can have up to 50 dancers performing.

The Dragon is always welcome everywhere it goes and any business establishment that it decides to enter is considered very lucky. The dragon would enter the business establishment moving forwards and go up to all the parts of the store even the private offices then it is given an offering usually money inside an Ang Pao (a red envelope) placing this inside the dragon’s mouth. After that the dragon would exit moving backwards, with its tail going out first. The explanation for was that the dragon entered forward to bring and its exiting backwards so that the good fortune it brought will be left behind where it had entered.

Now, the Lion dance is often mistaken for a Dragon dance by most people. But to distinguish this – the lion dances are always performed by only two people whereas the dragon dances are performed by no less than 10 people.  The Lion dance is probably the most artistic and fun celebration dance I have ever seen. In ancient times Lion dances are performed by individual martial arts schools.

The Lion is viewed as a protector, and so business welcome their presence as well. The owner of the establishments would place money inside the Ang Pow and place this usually on the signage of the shop or like the one at Trinoma the Ang Pao were placed on the ceiling. The dancer holding the head of the lion would climb up on the shoulder of the dancer holding the tail and remove the Ang Pao using the Lion’s mouth.

In olden times, the Ang Pao were attached to a head of lettuce or cabbage and the lion would take the lettuce into its mouth tear the lettuce apart then spit the pieces out and keep the money. Sometimes, two lions from different martial arts school would approach the establishment at the same time and a lion fight over the lettuce would ensue. The fights are always fun to watch as they’re artistic dances imitating the movements of the lion mixed with martial arts style.

Do you believe in Fate????

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I was once asked if I believed in Fate. The question really pleased me in that it made me stop and really consider whether or not I do.

Well, I believe that there is a person out there is just perfect for you and that in this life those who find that right person is one of the lucky ones. But as to whether I believe that one person is fated for something…I guess not.

I believe that everything is within our grasp, but we all have to work for it. Our decisions, our actions decide whether we get what we dream of. What we have or don’t have is all due to the choices we made in this life. To say that it was we were fated for was the lazy man’s excuse for not doing his best.

Everything we could ever want or need is already out there all we need to do is find it; the problem with man is that when couldn’t get his way the first he tends to find a way to explain his failure..why can’t it be just because you didn’t make the right choices or your efforts were not enough?

Others reason that no matter how hard they work for that goal they just couldn’t reach it, well maybe you’re working on it the wrong way.

A friend of mine once said that the right person is out there for you, but once you find that person you must also play by the rules and make the right moves to win that person. It’s the same with everything in life may it be your dream job, your own business, that sought after promotion or the girl/boy of your dreams….the main thing that you must remember is that life will not simply hand over to you the things you aspire most.

True we see a lot of people who’re born rich, who never had to work for the rest of their lives – and their children would be the same; we see these people getting the fame, the fortune and the love of their life but are you in that person’s shoes…do you know if what you perceive as a lucky existence is truly want that person wanted…or even needed?

We’re all just human after all, and being human we all have our own desires…desires that will never be assuage no matter how much we have or come fortunate we turn out to be. So, do I believe in fate – Yes, if the fate you’re taking about rests upon my hands.

True Colors….

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It is often said that in politics there are no permanent friends just permanent personal interests… another saying we often hear about politics was the saying “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” but I have never really seen how completely vivid it was until last January 29, 2010 (Friday).

As part of the team that was in charge of the celebration for our organization’s anniversary, I was one of the few people allowed inside the venue who’s was not part of the guest list. We were the office in charge of one of the very few ceremonies that the President of the country regularly attend each year.

We regularly invite guests from the legislative/executive/judicial body as well as diplomats and other foreign attache to attend the ceremony. And in the last several years the place was full packed and always well attended especially by invited government officials…but this year was completely different….

The venue was segregated into seating arrangements made to speak not only of the guest’s importance but also of their affinity to the Guest of Honor and Speaker…so the top government officials were in front (about 80 seats were reserved) then the diplomats from other countries…and so on. But what used to be one of the first sections to become full pack now appeared quite abandoned.

The government officials who used to fight over where and how close to the president they should be seated are surprisingly absent this year. And the area reserved for them which we used to have trouble with due to the large turn-out is now vacant with only about 20 people seated at what was to be reserved for 80. It was pathetic…it was saddening but more importantly it spoke of the kind of people the president surrounded herself with.

For years, these people fed off her…they clung to her when they know they could get something from them and now that she’s exiting and there are talks of filing both administrative and criminal cases against…her hangers on are all gone. That’s politics for you…Back then they were her closest allies but now they can’t get far enough away from her.

I am not a huge supporter of PGMA, I never voted for her, but I do admire her in a way – she had made many tough decisions that are unpopular and had met with many oppositions but she pushed on. Then later on people would find out that it was good call and she was right to push for it. I mean, she had made many radical changes in our tax laws and have gained the disapproval of the business community by declaring far too many holidays…but what people do not see was that it was done with a good purpose. The tax revisions were done to allow the working public to have more money on hand…the holidays gave even enough time to spend it.

But to have to rise above your own small mindedness and personal vengence to see all those. For the economy to continue to move money must be spent, money must rotate through the system, it must move hands; for as long as money is circulating through the system the country will not stagnate too much and thus keeping us afloat through the recession experienced by many countries. Government is spending too and creating jobs as they did so by taking in contractual workers in the offices and by building infrastructures. I don’t know about other people but for me as hard as life is right now, we at least were not hit as hard by the recession as other countries were.

It just saddened me that PGMA had made a lot of good intentioned efforts but no matter what she did…the corruption of those around her and those of her family will be what people will see.