The Old Lady has a point…..

This was something I over heard while hubby and some friends were talking and relaxing after a long outdoors ride one afternoon.

One of the neighbor’s kids was playing this really loud rock music and one of the guys ( I can’t recall who) commented about the stupidity of the music. Then one of them said that his grandmother used to say that ‘back in their days in grade school the music teacher would separate the class into two groups – the first group would consist of kids who possesses a great voice and can actually sing and who were dubbed as the singers; the other group who loved to sing but can’t carry a note if their life depended on it were called the listeners.’ Thus the music class would continue with the great singers singing and the avid listeners listening. Today, according to grandma those group who’re supposed to be in the listening group are called rappers and rock singers.

This little piece of wisdom made me smile and realized how true grandmother’s observations were. All you have to do is watch Filipino variety shows today and you’ll see artist (actors and actresses) who can’t sing and dance being made to sing and dance and the fans go wild about it. There used to be a time in the Philippine Entertainment Industry when to be able to sing you’ll have to be a really good singer, or dance if you’ve been trained professionally or even act if you undergo acting training. But today, it seems all the criteria you have to pass to become a celebrity is a pretty face and white sparkly teeth.

……or be a part of a damn reality game show on TV!

And they wonder why the movie industry is deteriorating…sheesh!


3 Responses to “The Old Lady has a point…..”

  1. sounds like america to me lol!

  2. Good blog and I totally agree with it. My dad, (who grew up in the 40’s), told me, back then you HAD to be able to sing, dance, act, etc; and it didn’t matter on how you looked; like today.

  3. Ain’t that the truth!!! Same with artists that can’t draw or paint and just squiggle lines on something. We are a generation of no talents!!

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