Marriage Contract Expiry Date Slammed by Congress

A party list aspiring for the national elections proposed the bill before Congress and was slammed down even before it reached the first reading. The proposed marriage contract with expiry day was put forward by partylist aspirant1-ABAA (Ako Babaeng Astig Aasenso).  It is said that the group’s main advocacy is “to help women become economically empowered by helping them become entrepreneurs, giving them better employment, providing sources of livelihood, access to capital, and other ways to make women financially independent.”

Now please, would somebody tell me where in this supposed advocacy would that proposed bill come into play? How would putting expiration dates on marriages be beneficial to women of this country?

When a friend told me about this proposed bill I didn’t take her seriously, I mean who would? Then I finally saw it in the news and I was…well, to say I was surprised was lying really…I thought it was hilarious! I mean, this is one of only two predominantly Christian country in Asia with about 85% of its Congressmen being Catholics how could they ever hope to pass that bill through Congress?

Okay, so if you don’t like the man you married you only have until the 10th year of your marriage then you can dispose of him? You’re free! But that’s 10 years of your life wasted, ain’t it? With or without expiration date on the marriage it only works if you are willing to make it work. It does not rely on whether there’s a way out or not. We have enough broken families in this country we don’t need more! Shessh! People use what’s between your ears sometime!!


4 Responses to “Marriage Contract Expiry Date Slammed by Congress”

  1. I agree, You should try to make the marraige work, (no marriage is going to be a bed of roses, 24/7). Take my aunt for example, she can’t stand her husband at times, (he does’t help like he should), they try to work it out, they have been married for over 30 years.

  2. LMAO!! I still get a kick out of this! I can;t believe someone would actually suggest it!!

  3. this was totally crazy. Reminds me of some years back when they tried to institute a no way out marriage here. You could choose it and then no divorce was allowed. Needless to say it didn’t pass either. I think governments need to mind their own business in marriages.

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