Philippine Government Websites….HACKED!!!

Honestly, I was not even surprised when I heard about this on the news. Our government agencies had been overly confident about their websites – how  these websites are supposed to be well encrypted and how these sites are immune from hacking. I remember one officer from our agency saying that their site is impossible to hack…hah! I wonder what that officer is thinking right now.

As bad as this issue may seem now, considering that the country is very near it’s first ever electronic election process, it’s also a good wake up call to everyone concerned how easy it can be for these talented hackers to break their website defenses.

I still remember COMELEC officials keep on insisting that their PICOs machines are impossible to tamper with, well this new development isn’t exactly building any confidence on the ability and capability of the government to protect the electoral process against tampering if they can’t even defend their own backyard.

The websites that were reported hacked are: Department of Justice; Department of Health; Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Council; Philippine National Police – Criminal Investigation and Detection Group; Department of Labor and Employment; and Technical Education and Skills Development Administration.

I was amazed and at the same time appalled when I heard that the PNP-CIDG was included in those websites that was hacked! I mean, aren’t there sensitive data that could be had from that site??? Just asking.


5 Responses to “Philippine Government Websites….HACKED!!!”

  1. That is terrible that websites are getting hacked.

    I remember that my myspace account got hacked in, I knew it got hacked in, because on the board, was a message that I would NEVER post, and so I had to change my password.

    Anyway….I hope the Philippine Goverment can get everything fixed

  2. Wow!!! That’s terrible and frightening.

  3. This information is for thoe government (minister of defence) We wrote to inform your government of illegal Arms build up by some people in that country some months ago. We suggested that we arrest the people and send them to Philippine for trial or we make them waste their funds by repackaging the Arms and send it as a Diplomatic logage to the defence ministry. Suprisingly uptill now noreply of any sort was received from any body. That consignment or shippment has gone to them and I believe that has gone into the hands of the rebel group figthing the Government. I am informing again that another five containers havev arrived at our port on transite to Philippine. Please direct me urgently on what to do as the items are still here and under our customs custody. BEST

  4. I sent an infoprmation to the government of philippine concerning arms in our port almost leaving for Philippines.\
    I requested for directives

    • otakujade Says:

      From what country are you? Maybe you could go directly to the philippine government website and contact them through that page.

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