The Secret of Staying Young: My Tackey Obsession and Being an Otaku!

I can still remember the first time I saw Tackey on TV, I was rummaging through my things then trying to sort out my room before dinner while half watching, half listening to Music Station on cable. The maid had come up to my room to inform me that dinner was served and as I was about to turn off the TV and go downstairs I looked up and saw this devastatingly handsome man on the screen getting ready to sing. I didn’t catch his name earlier since I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the TV. The face on the screen stopped me dead on my tracks and I started listening to his song, I waited till the screen showed the title of the song and the name of the singer – SAMURAI – Takizawa Hideaki; I waited until the end of the song and the singer exited before I finally turn off the TV and went down to dinner but I was hooked. I was in love by then; it was love at first sight!

That was several years ago, and my obsession with Tackey had not stopped or even dimmed. I was as infatuated with this wonderful man as I was that first time I saw him on TV. Since then I’ve collected all his CDs, anime that he did voice acting for (seiyuu), and scoured the internet for news, magazine and pictures of Tackey. I’ve always loved anime themes but up until I knew of Tackey I wasn’t all that addicted to J-music. Even my love for Jdorama started with Tackey; the first dorama I ever watched was First Love and from that I started watching every Jdorama Tackey’s in and even started watching other Jdoramas as well. I have always been fascinated with everything Japanese but it was only after getting hooked with dorama that I started learning about the language in order to basically understand what was going on. I still need the English sub-title up to this point but at least I can now watch a jdorama without an English sub-title and understand a little of what was being said and what was going on.

One thing I found about being an otaku (fanatic) of both anime and Tackey; by the way my favorite anime is Yuyu Hakusho and I’m positively loyal to Kurama there, is that it is fun and wonderful but it’s EXPENSIVE! My hubby, wonderful man that he is, respected my Tackey obsession short of my creating a shrine for Tackey at home…hehehe! He’s wonderful man and he’s known even when we first met that I am enamored with this hunk of a man with a lethal smile. As for my anime addiction? Well, hubby tolerates it because he’s an anime otaku himself though his preference leans towards mecha type anime.

So till when will I have this fanaticism towards Tackey…I really don’t know, I’ve been idolizing the man for years now and as of yet this adoration had not faltered or even dimmed. Well, anyways I love being in love with Tackey…it’s fun and it keeps be fun. I would even recommend it to anyone! Not idolizing Tackey of course as everyone has their own set of preferences but I believe that to stay young is to feel happy and have fun. One should have a hobby, something that occupies one’s time and a diversion from the hub dub and pressures of everyday life. Being an anime otaku keeps my social life active, being Tackey’s fan makes me happy and collecting my numerous novels gives me satisfaction and stimulates my intellect.

I’m a contented person………..


6 Responses to “The Secret of Staying Young: My Tackey Obsession and Being an Otaku!”

  1. heh-heh. That would be because Tackey is GORGEOUS and because anime rules!!


    you’ve turned me into a tackey Otaku and I am grateful for that 😉

    • otakujade Says:

      I’m honored to have been instrumental in your Tackey appreciation, Jo! He’s really a very good person, and a great actor, singer and dancer. He even supports numerous charitable organizations. I mean, what’s not to love about this guy?

  2. Great blog, Jen,

    i”m glad you’re still a Tackey fan, after all of these years.

    This form looks awesome, I will try to come here and comment on your blogs.

  3. You’re right, to stay young and feel good, love something besides yourself. I love Tacky too. He’s beautiful. and thanks to you and Jo I’m learning to love animae.

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