Lessons from the Rice stalks….

It started with a single rice (palay) grain, humble and seemingly simple. To most he would be nothing but an insignificant being without much value on itself. But in the gentle hands of the farmer, he was planted and tended and from that single rice grain grew a resilient stalk. From the bosoms of the earth it struggled to burst forth into the light; tended by God’s creations…he grew strong and lively. The farmer, God’s steward made sure he got enough water to grow, and the sun made him strong with each passing day; the ruffled his leaves each day – flexing his muscles here and there, sometimes the rain would come and beat him down but always the palay stalk grew stronger still. And in God’s precious time, the palay grew heavy with grains, from a single grain, grew the stalk which produced a hundred other grains. It stood erect for a time but stoop down to bow as its grains turned gold and grew heavier still; humbled and thankful for the blessings he has which he now must share to God’s other creatures.


If only man would learn from the palay….if only man would see the time he struggles through life as a purging towards self-improvement; if only he could see his troubles as the great Master’s hand working in him, shaping him to be the best that he can be. And when he reached his ripened time, like the palay stalk, man must learn to bow down and give thanks to God and instead of being lofty and proud, he must learn to be a blessing to his fellowmen.


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