Ewan ko ba kung bakit ako naiinis, pero naiinis ako! I can’t figure it out kse, I mean bakit ba naging habit na ata ng marami lalo na ng mga actresses naging feeling sosyal to use the word “Super” with almost anything as in “Super natutuwa” daw sya; or “Super Thankful” daw sila; or “Super worried” ako…and so many more at sa totoo lang “SUPER” nakakainis sila!!!!

What irks me most is the fact na ang dami na ngang baluktot mag-english sa bansa natin to the detriment and embarassment of others tapos alam naman ng mga artistang ito that they influence people lalo na yung youth and they go around twisting the language even more!

Okay na nga yung tag-lish eh. Kahit papano we have gotten used to it, pero naman…yung mag-invent pa ulit ng baluktot na language eh “Super” nakakalungkot na talaga..pramiz! sheesh!!!!!

Just a few days ago, our domestic help was watching the PBB thing on TV and sad to say my pc is located in the living room of our house WITH the TV! So no choice ako I can hear the entire thing at ang nakakahiya eh these contestants were all trying to get accepted into an exchange program abroad. Then when one girl was asked, “What is your best physical asset?” Ang sagot…”I am patient.” Patay!!!!! Tapos the next girl was asked, “What is your country’s biggest problem?” Ang sagot!? “Early pregnancy because of premarital sex!” WTF!!!!!!??? Kelan pa naging mas importante yun kaysa poverty or graft and corruption!?

Tapos eto, dadagdag pa ng problema yung mga artistang walang magawa! Ano ba yan!?



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