Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

I know that this review is long overdue but I very good friend requested that I don’t do this soon after I finish reading the book and I complied, although I think by now I have given him a good enough time to be able to read the book himself so I’m going ahead with my personal review of the book.

Well, I have always prided myself with having my own opinions about thing but this time around I think I would have to agree with the rest of the critiques on the book. I hate to say it but there was nothing extra-ordinary about the third Robert Langdon book by Dan Brown. I want to state here that I have become a fan of the Langdon series I love the thrill of the hunt and the fast phase of Angels and Demons; and I love the intrigue of The Da Vinci Code. Sadly, none of those things are present in this book.

For one thing, The Lost Symbol was not the first book that used the secrets of the Masons as a basis for the mysteries; Dan Brown himself used them in his first two Langdon books. And it’s alright, but he should have given this new book a brand new twist, something to keep the readers entertained and thirsting for more. The “national security threat” issue which started appearing after only a few chapters was dragged out far too long to my opinion and then it didn’t justify the hype that was built up for it.

The same goes for the “lost word” which was supposed to have so much power and bring order from chaos. I don’t know but after all the build up that went on through out the book, one would think that this would be a powerful word and something unique and unusual; something arcane and able to unlock a great secret…well, it’s nothing like that at all. I mean, considering all the things that they went through and all the effort the culprit exerted to gain this “lost word” it was disappointing to finally find out what it was all about in the end. All in all the book was anti-climatic, and not in a memorable way. Unless… you want to remember it because you’re disappointed with it.

If you’re embarking on your way to a trip to Washington, DC anytime soon this book would be a great companion; it would be quite fun to go find the symbols and clues that were mentioned in the book. But if you’re looking for something to read that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat, I recommend you just wait for the paper back issue.

In my personal opinion, the book could have ended with half the chapters but it was stretched far too much that it get boring as you go further. Sadly, with all the hype that was created before the book came out…it turned out to be nothing but an ordinary read.


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