It’s Christmas!!!!

Well, in the Philippines they say the start of the Christmas season always comes with the first day of the ‘ber’ months. But lately, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas at all – what with the typhoons and all the calamity that befell the country lately it just felt like a callous thing to be thinking of Christmas and all the delicious and extravagant and jolly things that came with the season’s celebration.

And yet this morning, I woke up to the cold, fragrant Christmas air. It was the very first time that happened this year, and it just brought to mind that no matter what we do or how pitiful or hard everything is – we could never stop Christmas from coming.

Suddenly there’s something different in the air…it’s colder and it smells different. There’s something uniquely Christmas in the way the cool air touches your face, the smell that permeates the air and the general feeling of something’s coming. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same as I do but somehow, it’s the gifts or the bonuses nor the festivities that make Christmas so different from all other occasions but it’s that feeling of excitement or anticipation…that’s what makes Christmas special.

So maybe we won’t have as many gifts under the Christmas tree this Christmas, some of us may not have a decent Christmas celebration but Christmas is still Christmas and it will come whether we like it or not. And thank the Lord for that; Christmas means hope, and with that hope it is also fitting that the New Year comes after that – for that means a new beginning. A lot of our countrymen are starting a new this time around, they have lost so much and have to start from scratch.

For this Christmas before anything else, please try to remember our brothers and sisters who will be spending their Christmas at the relocation sites and at the evacuation centers and please spare a prayer for them. This is a humbling experience for us Filipinos but as always the Filipinos are resilient and we will carry this through and make it through.

Merry Christmas to one and all.


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