Another day…it seemed the same

It’s been three days since Typhoon Ondoy struck the country and it would seem like it’s back to normal for some folks but for others life would never be the same. A lot of people lost their homes during the flood, others lost the things they’ve worked so hard to get…and still others..those most hurting at the moment lost their loved ones.

I don’t think there’s any establishment, office, organization or group at this point who’re unaffected by the disaster that Ondoy brought. My officemate lost all the worldly possession they’ve worked so hard to build up but he’s still thankful that his family is intact.

This is not so for one of my sister’s people. The man had 12 children, and he did his best to save all of them by tying a rope around them like a chain and taking his children to safety. But alas, when they got to safety, he found that one of his children was missing and up to this time they have not found the child yet.

Being a parent myself, I could understand the pain that man is going through, I don’t know how I’ll handle it if one of children went missing. I know that I’ll function, that I’ll survive for the sake of the remaining child but no matter how many you have the lost of one child is irreplaceable.

Before you sleep tonight please pray for our countrymen that are still bearing the pain that Ondoy gave them and pray also that the void left by a loved one would somehow heal with time.


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