ONDOY makes his mark….

September 26, 2009

This was certainly a day to remember….

The day started out quite ordinary..it was cloudy day, with a promise of rain. The radio announcer said we have signal no. 1 for Metro Manila, usually this doesn’t mean much to most Manila residents.  The weather forecasted heavy rains by the middle of the morning, but I said the storm signal was still at no. 1 – which means, there are classes for college and work for most people – basically its just another rainy day for most folks. Little did we know..

I left the house at 7:30 am to go to school…we were in the middle of class when the first torrential rain came down and by 10 am classes were suspended. One of my professors suggested we have lunch at the canteen first before heading out…and it was a good thing we did! By the time we got out of the school the water in the roads outside was already up to our knees. Left with no choice we waded through the flooded streets and took our chances hoping to catch a bus ride home, but after a while we all realized no bus would arrive. The streets were too flood for the bused to get through…so we walked all the way to the LRT station and from there took a ride going to Taft Ave. where we intended to take the MRT and finally get to North-EDSA. Luckily, we had no problem getting into the LRT…that is if you consider wading through the murky and dirty flood water not a problem.

So to cut the long story short, we got to Taft Ave and crossed over the bridge towards the MRT station….but that proved to be another ordeal! The crossing took about an hour! The place was packed to busting, and people we arguing, kids were crying…it was really trying. It was around 2:30 pm by this time…we were tired, soaked to the bones, and hungry. Finally, by around 3:30 pm we were able to get our tickets and get on to the MRT train.

And this is where we see that tenacious Filipino humor… we were riding along EDSA and people were pushing in and out of the train, at one point a guy shouted “Hwag nyo kong ipitin, buntis ako!” to which another guy replied “Eh di mali ka ng nasakyan, dun ka dapat sa kabila!”

Then when we reached Santolan station, there was this woman who noisily pushed her way towards the door, insisting to get out. Behind her a guy was calling out to her…”Hindi pa! Hoy! Hindi pa!” but the woman pushed forward and was able to get off the train…once out she turned back looking for her companion who was still inside the train and was shouting “Hindi pa! Sa kabila pa!” pointing towards the direction of the next station, but this time the woman couldn’t get back in anymore, the door of the train closed and the guy simple called out to her “Sunod ka na lang!” and the train sped on. As we made our way to the next station, Cubao, one of the guys near the man asked, “Asawa nyo ho?” and the guy replied “Oo eh, tanga eh!” The entire car burst out laughing!

As the train stopped at Cubao station, people began pushing forward to the doors, some of the guys were shouting “Lalabas! Hwag nyo munang salubungin!” but some of the people outside kept pushing in and keeping the people inside from getting out. Then another guy shouted, “Hoy! May mga lalabas! Huwag nyong salubungin yan..di nyo kamag-anak yan!” and  the crowd again laughed.

This was right in the middle of the crisis and everyone was wet and tired and yet the recilient Filipino humor was very much alive. That is one very unique thing about our people, we have the ability to laugh and find something possitive at the least expected moments.

I finally got home at around 4:30 pm; out house was flooded knee-high but at least everyone was safe. My mom was beside herself with worry since I was the only still out by that time and they were worried about how I’ll be able to get home..but I finally did get home.

At 5:00 pm we received a call telling us my sister-in-law just gave birth to a healthy 8.2 lbs baby girl! My goodness! I couldn’t help it I just had to say, “Well, bro she certainly announced her arrival with a blast!” It’s like the kid was saying ‘I have arrive!’ LOL!

I visited them at the hospital this morning and fell instantly in love with my new niece…she was absolutely cute! Daphne Nicole have certainly arrive! LOL! And I whisper to her, “Pasalamat ka boy yung bagyo kundi ipapangalan ka dun.”

Photos at Taft Ave at 3:30 pm



This was infront of our house at 5:30 pm


And the lovely thing that happened that day…Daphne Nicole…



2 Responses to “ONDOY makes his mark….”

  1. bobodollexperiment Says:

    a really tragic day. i was stranded in school and spent the whole night there. enella09 of japinoy.

    the baby looks healthy. ^_^

    • Thank you she’s our new obsession..hehehe!

      I’m glad you’re okay enella-san; there must be very few people who didn’t have a story to tell with regards to this typhoon. But let’s be thankful that we are among the fortunates who escape it’s wrath unscathed and let’s pray for our countrymen who are still suffering their lost at this time.

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