On Teachers…

There were only three of us for my first class at MBA…and that particular Saturday the other two were indispose at the time. Anyways, tambay ako sa Dean’s Office..sa Faculty Room…(one of the priveleges of old students and MBAs, is that you get to be rubbing elbows with the Faculty and Dean- or mga walang hiya lang talaga!) While there, my last subject professor arrive, mejo nahihiya pa ako kse though I do well naman sa class nya eh…madalas nag-e-excuse ako to leave early making excuses like I was being called at work kse I know that would be a legal excuse and would not affect my grade and class standing at all.

Well, while we were there we got to talking…about how education is right now and how students are…and comparing them with old school ways like really researching and reading things out not like today where students like to copy and paste reports from the net.

She started talking about the responsibility of teachers to gain the interest of the students and help the students become a better person. It was then that I remembered one particular teacher who really made a mark in our lives. My sister, my brother and I all went through her abled hands and we all would be first to say that she was the turning point in our lives.

She was Mrs. Miranda, a grade 5 Science teacher and a beautiful individual. She was also my friend’s mother so I really got to know her well. I have always been a good student, I mean I’m not “the top” of the class but I was one of them. But the year that I entered her classroom was the turning point of my life, it was from her that I learned to really enjoy learning – not just the learning to get high grades kind of stuffs but learning as in finding joy in reading and simply finding out what things are about. She had a thirst for knowledge that was very contageous…and this same thirst, she was able to communicate to her children and students.  She never had to shout or get angry in class, I don’t know why but when she walks in the door we all settled down to listen to what she was about to tell us. What’s surprising is that even the rowdiest of the bunch would quiet down when she’s teaching.It’s like we all knew that we was about to impart something very important to us and we all wanted to know what it was.

Teachers like her are rare, and I have always considered myself lucky, together with my siblings, to have been able to encounter her in this lifetime. I have never encountered another teacher like her again, but one person like her was enough to spur me onward.  It is my pervent wish that one children would encounter someone like her too; a mentor who would set a good example and make a difference in my children’s life.


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