I accept the challenge…..


I came into the office yesterday with all the televisions turned on to the same channel and everyone was anticipating the announcement to be made by Senator Noynoy Aquino.  The senator’s speech was quite long and drawn out but at the end of it all he pronounced what everyone was waiting for…his decision to run for the presidential bid.

Now what’s really surprising was my officemate’s reactions….after momentous announcement they started commenting that the good senator was not ready and that he shouldn’t have decided to run for president…I mean, WTF?!!!!

I mean here they were all glued to the TV and waiting for the announcement..and what the heck for? Just to say that the man wasn’t ready? They could have just taken it for granted but I guess they were curious.

Well, for me…the senator is taking a big risk but then again running for any political position is a risk and I believe he’s up to the challenge on that score. As for being raw and inexperience…right now he’s got my vote if it happens to be the only consideration. I don’t believe he lacks experience..I mean he’s been in public service a long time he knows the job and what it entails to be constantly in the public eye. True, he hasn’t really made a big and amazing impression as a senator but if he’s clean and I am sure we are sure to find that out soon enough. Noynoy Aquino will soon find out what it means to be a presidential candidate where his tiniest deviation from the norms will be blown up and made into an issue which he will be held accountable for. I am really interested to see how the good senator will pare under pressure.

Besides that, I don’t know what other people, but I am personally sick and tired of the TRAPOs…seasoned and well-experienced politicians who as it turns out are much too well-learned in the art of corruption and of lying to the public. I would surely be a breath of fresh air to find new blood in public service and hopefully one who’s heart is truly into service. The Aquino name had remained unblemished and well-loved; let us hope that Senator Noynoy Aquino has the mettle to keep the integrity of that name. His parents had paved the way for him and now it is his chance to prove that they have taught him well. His parents were adored and uplifted by the Filipino people as a great mana and a great woman; may they find him worthy of the heritage that they have left for him.

My family had always been a supporter to the Aquino clan (with the exception of Kris Aquino when she does her many escapades). My father was a supported of Ninoy during the martial law years, we were at EDSA People Power when it happened the first and only legitimate time (I was only 12 at the time) and when Cory decided to endorse Fidel Ramos as her successor we voted for him and he did not disappoint us with his performance. So it goes to follow that this time around he will support their son in his endeavor.

But over and above that loyalty and trust, I will vote for Senator Noynoy Aquino because I believe that we need a change and change will only come if we put new people in government…people who’s values and integrity is unblemished. As one presidential candidate after another started backing down to support his bid,  I hope the people will as well.

I also would like to point out that I am really approved of the Piso Para Kay Noynoy Project. It’s a project that Senator Noynoy Aquino himself initiated wherein they will put up donation cans (like the one for Piso Para sa Pasig and the Red Cross donation can) all over the country to gather fund for his campaign so that he will not be endebted to anyone but the people with regards to funds and in so doing will lifte off the bond of obligation from his shoulder and once in office he won’t have to tiptoe around anyone. His obligation is to the people and that’s the way it should be.


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