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Another day…it seemed the same

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It’s been three days since Typhoon Ondoy struck the country and it would seem like it’s back to normal for some folks but for others life would never be the same. A lot of people lost their homes during the flood, others lost the things they’ve worked so hard to get…and still others..those most hurting at the moment lost their loved ones.

I don’t think there’s any establishment, office, organization or group at this point who’re unaffected by the disaster that Ondoy brought. My officemate lost all the worldly possession they’ve worked so hard to build up but he’s still thankful that his family is intact.

This is not so for one of my sister’s people. The man had 12 children, and he did his best to save all of them by tying a rope around them like a chain and taking his children to safety. But alas, when they got to safety, he found that one of his children was missing and up to this time they have not found the child yet.

Being a parent myself, I could understand the pain that man is going through, I don’t know how I’ll handle it if one of children went missing. I know that I’ll function, that I’ll survive for the sake of the remaining child but no matter how many you have the lost of one child is irreplaceable.

Before you sleep tonight please pray for our countrymen that are still bearing the pain that Ondoy gave them and pray also that the void left by a loved one would somehow heal with time.


ONDOY makes his mark….

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September 26, 2009

This was certainly a day to remember….

The day started out quite was cloudy day, with a promise of rain. The radio announcer said we have signal no. 1 for Metro Manila, usually this doesn’t mean much to most Manila residents.  The weather forecasted heavy rains by the middle of the morning, but I said the storm signal was still at no. 1 – which means, there are classes for college and work for most people – basically its just another rainy day for most folks. Little did we know..

I left the house at 7:30 am to go to school…we were in the middle of class when the first torrential rain came down and by 10 am classes were suspended. One of my professors suggested we have lunch at the canteen first before heading out…and it was a good thing we did! By the time we got out of the school the water in the roads outside was already up to our knees. Left with no choice we waded through the flooded streets and took our chances hoping to catch a bus ride home, but after a while we all realized no bus would arrive. The streets were too flood for the bused to get through…so we walked all the way to the LRT station and from there took a ride going to Taft Ave. where we intended to take the MRT and finally get to North-EDSA. Luckily, we had no problem getting into the LRT…that is if you consider wading through the murky and dirty flood water not a problem.

So to cut the long story short, we got to Taft Ave and crossed over the bridge towards the MRT station….but that proved to be another ordeal! The crossing took about an hour! The place was packed to busting, and people we arguing, kids were crying…it was really trying. It was around 2:30 pm by this time…we were tired, soaked to the bones, and hungry. Finally, by around 3:30 pm we were able to get our tickets and get on to the MRT train.

And this is where we see that tenacious Filipino humor… we were riding along EDSA and people were pushing in and out of the train, at one point a guy shouted “Hwag nyo kong ipitin, buntis ako!” to which another guy replied “Eh di mali ka ng nasakyan, dun ka dapat sa kabila!”

Then when we reached Santolan station, there was this woman who noisily pushed her way towards the door, insisting to get out. Behind her a guy was calling out to her…”Hindi pa! Hoy! Hindi pa!” but the woman pushed forward and was able to get off the train…once out she turned back looking for her companion who was still inside the train and was shouting “Hindi pa! Sa kabila pa!” pointing towards the direction of the next station, but this time the woman couldn’t get back in anymore, the door of the train closed and the guy simple called out to her “Sunod ka na lang!” and the train sped on. As we made our way to the next station, Cubao, one of the guys near the man asked, “Asawa nyo ho?” and the guy replied “Oo eh, tanga eh!” The entire car burst out laughing!

As the train stopped at Cubao station, people began pushing forward to the doors, some of the guys were shouting “Lalabas! Hwag nyo munang salubungin!” but some of the people outside kept pushing in and keeping the people inside from getting out. Then another guy shouted, “Hoy! May mga lalabas! Huwag nyong salubungin yan..di nyo kamag-anak yan!” and  the crowd again laughed.

This was right in the middle of the crisis and everyone was wet and tired and yet the recilient Filipino humor was very much alive. That is one very unique thing about our people, we have the ability to laugh and find something possitive at the least expected moments.

I finally got home at around 4:30 pm; out house was flooded knee-high but at least everyone was safe. My mom was beside herself with worry since I was the only still out by that time and they were worried about how I’ll be able to get home..but I finally did get home.

At 5:00 pm we received a call telling us my sister-in-law just gave birth to a healthy 8.2 lbs baby girl! My goodness! I couldn’t help it I just had to say, “Well, bro she certainly announced her arrival with a blast!” It’s like the kid was saying ‘I have arrive!’ LOL!

I visited them at the hospital this morning and fell instantly in love with my new niece…she was absolutely cute! Daphne Nicole have certainly arrive! LOL! And I whisper to her, “Pasalamat ka boy yung bagyo kundi ipapangalan ka dun.”

Photos at Taft Ave at 3:30 pm



This was infront of our house at 5:30 pm


And the lovely thing that happened that day…Daphne Nicole…


On Teachers…

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There were only three of us for my first class at MBA…and that particular Saturday the other two were indispose at the time. Anyways, tambay ako sa Dean’s Faculty Room…(one of the priveleges of old students and MBAs, is that you get to be rubbing elbows with the Faculty and Dean- or mga walang hiya lang talaga!) While there, my last subject professor arrive, mejo nahihiya pa ako kse though I do well naman sa class nya eh…madalas nag-e-excuse ako to leave early making excuses like I was being called at work kse I know that would be a legal excuse and would not affect my grade and class standing at all.

Well, while we were there we got to talking…about how education is right now and how students are…and comparing them with old school ways like really researching and reading things out not like today where students like to copy and paste reports from the net.

She started talking about the responsibility of teachers to gain the interest of the students and help the students become a better person. It was then that I remembered one particular teacher who really made a mark in our lives. My sister, my brother and I all went through her abled hands and we all would be first to say that she was the turning point in our lives.

She was Mrs. Miranda, a grade 5 Science teacher and a beautiful individual. She was also my friend’s mother so I really got to know her well. I have always been a good student, I mean I’m not “the top” of the class but I was one of them. But the year that I entered her classroom was the turning point of my life, it was from her that I learned to really enjoy learning – not just the learning to get high grades kind of stuffs but learning as in finding joy in reading and simply finding out what things are about. She had a thirst for knowledge that was very contageous…and this same thirst, she was able to communicate to her children and students.  She never had to shout or get angry in class, I don’t know why but when she walks in the door we all settled down to listen to what she was about to tell us. What’s surprising is that even the rowdiest of the bunch would quiet down when she’s teaching.It’s like we all knew that we was about to impart something very important to us and we all wanted to know what it was.

Teachers like her are rare, and I have always considered myself lucky, together with my siblings, to have been able to encounter her in this lifetime. I have never encountered another teacher like her again, but one person like her was enough to spur me onward.  It is my pervent wish that one children would encounter someone like her too; a mentor who would set a good example and make a difference in my children’s life.

May TIN number ka na ba?

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I actually got this as forwarded e-mail several years ago and I kept it just for the sheer fun of it and also because it’s so real and all so true. I hope those who still read my blogs will also find humor in this one…(mejo mahaba lang sya…Gomen!)

May TIN Number ka na ba?
Writings : Adventures Sa Kawatanan ng Rentas Internas
Contributed by mechajol
Friday, January 31, 2003 @ 01:50:27 PM

Okay. So natanggap na ako nung November sa NCCA bilang researcher. Contract employee lang. 3 months. May Yearbook project kasi sila at kailangan ng extrang tao. Okay lang ang bayad, kaso may 10% withholding tax, at siyempre, dapat may Tax Identification Number ako.  So tinanong ko yung boss ko- “Sir, di po ba yung employer ang maglalakad ng TIN ng employee?” Sagot ni bosing- “Di ka kasi regular employee kaya dapat ikaw ang maglakad ng TIN mo.” Assurance nung assistant ni bosing- “Okay lang yan, one-time hassle lang yan.”

Ala ako problema. Sige, ako maglalakad ng TIN ko. Tutal, ano ba ang worst case scenario? Mahabang pila? Red Tape? Naknamsiomai, sanay naman ako sa UP e- kuhaan ng classcards, pila sa registration, pila sa graduation, etc. Ako rin naman ang naglalakad ng registration ng beetle ko, at sa pagrerenew ko ng lisensya, so okay lang.

Sabi ni bosing, dun daw ako mag-apply ng TIN sa BIR Main, sa may QC, para mas konti ang pila. May BIR din naman sa labas ng Intramuros, walking distance para sa mga sanay maglakad, pero mas konti raw ang tao sa Main. So, sige, nagpaalam ako, isang araw mag-aabsent ako para lakarin yun. Dun ako sa Main, dahil malapit lang sa amin, tapos plano ko, dadaanan ko yung ilang research materials sa UP. Solb.

Pagdating ko sa BIR Main, nagulat nga ako dahil wala ngang katao-tao. Ni wala akong nakitang pila, maliban lang dun sa pila sa harap, dahil tsinecheck nung sekyu yung bag ng mga tao. Nung pagpasok ko, wala pala silang TIN forms. Wow. Naubusan ng TIN Forms ang BIR Main. Hanep.

Tinanong ako nung lalaki sa desk kung para saan yung TIN application ko, sabi ko, para sa work. Tinanong kung saan ako nagtatrabaho,  sabi ko sa Intramuros.

“Dun ka mag-apply sa Intramuros.” sabi nung lalaki.

“Di po ba puwede talaga rito?”

“Hinde, kasi sa Intramuros ka e, sila ang may hawak sa’yo.”

Okay lang, although medyo naburat ako sa efficiency nila. Ibig kong sabihin, wow, Main BIR sila tapos una, naubusan sila ng TIN Forms, pangalawa, ewan, ang laki-laki ng saklaw nilang lugar, ang laki-laki ng mga building nila, tapos hindi nila ako ma-accomodate. Taragis, e malamang sa kanila rin naman mauuwi yung records ko kung sa BIR Davao o BIR Batanes ako mag-apply, dahil tutal, Main sila e, di ba? So ala na akong magawa, ala rin silang TIN Forms, so useless din kung magprotesta pa ako dun. So pumunta na lang akong peyups for official business, for the first time. Hehehe!

Pagpasok ko sa work, sinubukan kong lakarin yung TIN application ko sa BIR sa labas ng Intramuros, yung malapit sa port area. Pag-akyat ko sa taas, hinanapan ako ng certificate of employment, at baranggay clearance. At dahil walang nagsabi sa akin na kailangan ko nun, lalo na yung lalaki sa BIR Main, wala akong bitbit na requirements.

Pagbalik ko sa opisina, inexplain ko sa bosing namin yung problema. Nakatingin sa akin yung bosing ko na parang nawe-weirdohan din at di maintindihan yung paghihigpit ng BIR. Lintek, sabi nga nung isang workmate ko, the fact na nag-apply na ako for TIN, dinedeclare ko na sa gobyerno na puwede na nilang kupitan, err,  kaltasan ang maliit kong suweldo. Ako na nga ang magbibigay ng pera sa kanila, ako pa ang hinihigpitan. Tanginang gobyerno yan, kahit kailan talaga pahirap sa mga tao.

Anyway, pag-aaralan pa raw nila kung mabibigyan nila ako ng certificate of employment. Yung baranggay clearance, ako na ang maglalakad. Plano kong bumalik ulit sa BIR Main. Hindi ko na lang sasabihin na sa Maynila ako nagtatrabaho. Yung ninang ko na may business, binigyan ako ng TIN Forms. Form 1901, take note. Para sa mga regular employees. May pipirmahan sa likod ang employer ko. After nito, dumiretso ako sa baranggay hall namin para sa clearance. Hiningan ako ng CV para sa file. Medyo naiirita na ako sa puntong ito. Isipin mo naman kung gaano ka-hassle ang buong prosesong ito, para saan? Para gawin ko ang aking role bilang mabuting mamamayan sa pagbabayad ng tamang buwis. Anyway, tinanong ako nung babae sa baranggay hall kung may TIN daw ako. Napapalo ako sa noo ko. Whoooooo!!! I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

Okay! So may clearance na ako! Humingi na ako ng certificate of employment sa bosing ko, at pinapapirmahan ko na siya sa likod ng Form 1901 ko. Kaso sabi niya, hindi raw puwede kasi wala ako sa roster of employees ng NCCA. Project employee lang ako e. So tinanong ko kung puwede ibalik yung mga kaltas sa akin, tutal ala naman akong TIN e, at ayaw akong bigyan ng BIR, kaya putangina sila, di ko bibigay pera ko sa gobyerno!

Ang problema, hindi raw puwede yun. Tuloy-tuloy ang kaltas sa suweldo ko. Kapag hindi raw kasi kinaltasan, sila raw ang malilintikan kapag nag-check ng expenses ang NCCA, makikitang hindi binawasan ang suweldo ko. So tinawag ngayon yung isang accountant ng NCCA para tulungan kami sa aming munting problema. Hindi rin maintindihan nung accountant  kung bakit hinihigpitan ako ng BIR. Putsa, ako na nga ang magbibigay ng pera sa gobyerno, may gana pa silang magpakipot. Sabi nung accountant, yung kinaltas sa akin, mapupunta pa rin sa gobyerno, may TIN man ako o wala, at hindi sa bulsa ng kung sinoman sa NCCA.

Well, dadaan muna sa gobyerno, sa BIR, bago mauwi sa bulsa ng isang congressman, pero technically, alang problema dahil pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa simbahan pa rin ni satanas ang tuloy. Ang difference bale, kapag may TIN ako, dinedeclare ko lang na sa akin galing yung kakaning-ibon na baryang portion ng pang-tip ni Mr. Congressman sa pokpok niya sa Pegasus. Otherwise, mula kay Mr. Anonymous yung pang-tip niya.

Advise sa akin, sabihin ko na lang na freelance writer ako. Tutal, may kaltas din naman daw kapag nag-freelance ka sa mga diyaryo. Tapos i-assert ko raw na ako na ang magbibigay ng pera sa kanilang mga letse sila kaya dapat bigyan pa nila ako ng libreng chocolait at biskwet out of gratitude mga hayop silang mga impakto sila.

Okay. So bumalik ulit ako sa BIR Main. As usual, ang pila lang ay yung sa harap, kung saan nagtse-check yung sekyu ng bomba sa mga bag ng mga tao. Anyway, babae na yung nasa desk ngayon. Pinakita ko na yung baranggay clearance ko, at yung accomplished Form 1901 ko. Nung tinanong sa akin kung saan ako nagwowork, inexplain ko na freelance writer ako kaya wala akong regular employer, kaya walang nakapirma sa likod. Okay? Okay. Hinde. sabi nung babae, since hindi ako regular employee, ibang form dapat ang finill-up-an ko. At bigla siyang naglabas ng Form 1902 at binigay sa akin. Whew, kinabahan ako dun a. Yung Form 1902, sabi niya, ay para sa mga “mixed-income individuals,” para sa mga taong hindi regular ang kita- professionals, businessmen, at sabi niya, freelance writers.

Okay! Fill-up dito, fill-up dun, okay lang!!! Magkakaroon na ako sa wakas! Inaabot ko na sa babae yung Form 1902! Eto na…

“Ummm, okay na? Ngayon, punta kayo sa West Ave,. Branch namin.”

Nanlaki ang mata ko. Wow, nasira agad ang aking moment of triumph.

“Err, hindi po ba puwede rito sa Main?”

“Hinde, kasi sa Project 6 ka nakatira. West Ave. Branch namin ang may hawak sa inyo.”

Naramdaman ko, parang umiikot-ikot ang paligid ko. Parang gumagaan ang ulo ko, nanglalambot at naghihina ang tuhod ko. Bigla kong naramdaman ang isang matinding pangangailangan na i-headbutt ang kausap kong babae sa desk. Sa halip na isang headbutt, nagtanong na lang ako.

“Puwede po bang ibang tao na lang ang maglakad nito para sa akin?”

“Oo, gawa ka ng authorization letter…”

Ah! Para akong nabunutan ng tinik sa dibdib! Papalakad ko na lang ito sa nanay ko. hehehe. Paglabas ko, marami pa ring tsinecheckan ng bomba sa bag sa harap. Ngayon alam ko na kung bakit. Ako rin gusto ko rin silang bombahin.

Hindi ko pa rin mawari, nung araw na yun, kung ano pa talaga ang purpose ng BIR Main. Nakangsiomai, dun sa maliliit na branches nila, siksikan ang mga tao, milya-milya ang pila. Sa Main, ang lawak-lawak, pero di sila nag-a-accomodate ng applications!

Sa kasamaang palad, hindi ako nakapagsulat ng authorization letter, at masyadong busy ang nanay ko para ilakad ang TIN ko. Anyway, sabi niya sa akin, may kaklase yung tita ko sa BIR West Ave. Kapag nagipit ako, hanapin ko na lang yun. Okey. Sige. Isa pa, may Form 1902 na ako, baranggay certificate, at yung excuse ng aking pagiging freelancer. Pila lang siguro ang problema, pero okay na. Putsa, dapat okay na.

At nakarating din ako, isang araw, sa BIR West Ave. Sa second floor sila nag-oopisina sa isang building. Masikip yung elevator dahil sa dami ng tao. Narating ko na rin yung desk para sa TIN. Nung chineck nung babae dun yung papeles ko, hinanap nila yung pirma ng employer.

“Ay. Wala po. Freelance Writer po ako e.”

Napatingin sa akin yung babae, tinitigan ako sa mata na wari’y tinitimbang ang mga salitang aking nasambit…

“Ano yung Freelance Writer?”

Napapalo ako ulit sa noo.

“Ma’am, freelancer po ako. wala po akong regular na sahod. Binabayaran ako per article na sinusulat ko. Hindi po ako regular employee kaya  wala akong certificate of employment.”

Nung makitang Form 1902 ang dala ko, sinabihan pa akong maling form ang bitbit ko, kaya ineplain ko pa na nanggaling na ako sa BIR Main, na Form 1901 ang dala ko dati pero sabi dun, mali raw ang 1901 para sa akin kaya binigyan ako ng 1902 dahil freelance writer ako, at inirefer ako sa branch nila.

Nakatitig sa akin yung babae, ninamnam ang bawat salitang sinambit ko…

“Ano yung Freelance Writer?”

Okay! Kulang ka ba sa iodized salt?

Ipinaliwanag ko ulit kung ano ang freelance writer, at nakatingin pa  rin siya sa akin na tila nambubullshit lang ako.

“Punta ka na lang sa Officer of the Day.”

“Umm. Saan po yun?”

“Sa Seventh Floor.”

1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10… ayan… kumakalma na ako… NAKANANGTOKWA!!!! ANG DAMING TAONG NAKAPILA SA ELEVATOR!!!! $#@*^%$%#!!!!!!!!

Alang choice, tumakbo ako paakyat sa hagdanan mula 2nd patungong 7th floor. Hingal na hingal ako nang lapitan ko ang Ofiicer of the Day.

“Ma’am, pinaakyat po ako mula sa second floor…” At ipinaliwanag ko yung nangyari, mula yung pagpunta ko sa BIR Main, hanggang sa pagpunta ko sa ibaba kanina.

“Umm… at anong gusto mong gawin ko?”

Gumuho muli ang mundo ko, pero buti na lang may upuan sa likod ko. Ipinaliwanag ko ulit.

“Oo nga. Sa second floor ang application ng TIN. Bakit ka pinaakyat sa akin?”

Halos nagmamaka-awa na ako.

“Ma’am, ala po ba talaga kayong magagawa?” At inilahad ko ulit yung masasayang adventures ko sa BIR Main, sa BIR Port Area, sa BIR Main, at sa BIR nila.

Awa ng Diyos, may kinuhang chart yung ale, hinanap yung kategorya ko. Nung makuha yung code, sinulat niya sa isang espasyo sa 1902 ko, sabay tatak.

“Ayan. Okay na yan.”

Napangiti ako. Sincere!!! Halos mapaihi na ako sa tuwa. Matatapos na!!! Kaso, putsa, ang daming taong naghihintay sa elevator. Walang choice, takbo ulit ako sa hagdanan pababa.

Pagdating dun, lalaki na yung nakaupo sa desk. Pinakita ko ulit yung mga papeles ko.

“Saan ang Certificate of Employment mo?”

Nammannnnn!!!! Ano ba’to? Twilight Zone? Napasok ba ako sa isang loop?

“Bosing, hindi po ako regular employee e. Freelance writer po ako.”

“Ano yun?”


At ipinaliwanag ko ulit kung ano ang freelance writer, at ikinuwento ko yung episode kanina, at yung episode sa BIR Main, etc.

“Ito kasing Form na ito, itong 1902, para sa mga may negosyo ito e.”

“E yan po ang binigay ng BIR Main sa akin, dahil hindi regular ang sahod ko!”

“May mayor’s permit ka ba?”

Pikon na pikon na ako nun kaya hindi ako natawa, pero, talaga, grabe, comedy ito, men. Wow.

“Hindi ko po kailangan ng mayor’s permit! Writer lang po ako!”

Ineksamin ulit nung lalaki yung papeles ko.

“Ummm, propesyunal ka ba?”


“Anong propesyon mo?”

“Writer po.”

“May lisesnsya ka ba?”

Sa isip ko- “HU-WAAAAAAATTTTTT!!!????”

Kung kumain ako ng bulalo kanina, malamang na-stroke na ako ngayon.


Sabay follow-up ko ng:


Deadma si lalaki. Nakatingin pa rin sa papeles ko, iniisip kung ano gagawin. Kung pinapunta pa niya ako ulit sa Officer of the Day, i-he-headbutt ko na’to talaga. Buti na lang-

“O sige, irereceive ko ang forms mo, pero ang alam ko dapat may kasamang papeles pa ito e. Pumila ka na lang dun…”


Kaso, sobrang haba ng pila, at sa takbo ng mga pangayayari ngayon, ayoko nang maghintay ng isa’t kalahating oras para lang mag-replay ng kuwento ng kung ano ang freelance writer, at kung bakit hindi ako regular employee. Lumabas ako, pumunta ako sa corridor. Pikon na pikon. Tinawagan ko nanay ko, tinanong ko yung pangalan ng kaibigan dati ng tita ko sa highschool na nagtatrabaho ngayon dun. Okay, nakuha ko na yung pangalan. Balik ako dun, tinanong ko yung sekyu kung saan ang opisina nung babae.

“Sa seventh floor po.”

Hindeeeeee!!!!! Pero sige, para lang magkaroon ng bunga ang paghihirap ko ngayong araw na ito- may exodus ng tao sa harap ng elevator, kaya ayun, inipon ko ang natitira kong lakas at hininga, at aking tinakbo muli ang second to seventh floor sa hagdanan.

Pagdating sa taas, halos bumagsak sa lupa ang baga ko. Nagtanong-tanong ako ulit kung saan ang opisina nung bes-pren ng tita ko, hanggang sa mapunta na ako sa gitna ng opisina nila. Sa wakas-

“Ay! Diyan yung opisina nun, pasok ka diyan.”


“Ha? Ay! On-leave siya ngayon. Babalik siya sa January 2.”


Hindi pa rin nauubos ang mga tao sa elevator, hindi ko maalala kung paano ko tinakbo pababa ang first floor.

Pikon na pikon ako, grabe. Pag-uwi, nakaubos yata ako ng isang pitsel ng gulaman. Hinintay kong humupa ang tila-nuclear holocaust ng galit sa loob ng dibdib ko. Punyetang gobyerno ito!!! Letse!!! Hindi mahuli-huli yung mga tax evaders, hindi mabigyan-bigyan ng TIN yung mga nagmamagandang loob na magbayad ng buwis!!! Tangina, no wonder may lumolobo tayong mga deficit!!! Syet!!! Ano nangyari sa iodized salt campaign ni Ramos!!!

Nung gabi, tinawagan ko si TJ, yung kasama ko sa trabaho, at kinuwento ko lahat. Lagi ko kasing kinukuwento ang bawat installment ng aking BIR adventures, at tulad ng isang epiko, grabe ang climax nung hapon na yun. Syet. Hayop sa climax. Tinatawanan ko na lang, pero nung hapon na yun kaya ko sigurong mangagat ng leeg. Tawa rin nang tawa si TJ, at ngayon, kuwento niya, tawa rin nang tawa yung mga pinagkuwentuhan niya. Pati yung mga tao sa tambayan namin, nung kinuwento ko, di rin makahinga sa katatawa. Langya, baka maging urban legend pa ang buhay ko, in which case, sana puwede kong i-video lahat, at lalagyan ko ng sumpa- ala “Ring”, tapos papadalhan ko ng kopya yung mga tao sa BIR.

Naisip-isip ko na lang ngayon, paano nga kung kailangan mo ng lisensya para magsulat. Isang physical manifestation ng concept ng poetic license? haha! Kung sa driver’s license, may mga restrictions tulad ng “Vehicle up to 4500 KGS GVW” o kaya “Automatic clutch above 4500 KGS GVW”, etc. paano kaya yung sa “Poetic License” o “Writing License?”


1. Haiku and short essays only

2. Essays up to 500 words and Freeverse up to 5 stanzas

3.Essays above 500 words and Freeverse above 5 stanzas

4. Critical Essays, Short Fiction, Poetry


Pero nag-digress na naman ako.

Isang hapon, pagkatapos nung BIR episode, dumaan ako sa tambayan namin sa UP. Nung makita ako ng mga kasama ko-

“Jol! Pumayat ka a! Grabe!”

hehehe. Naalala ko yung jogging-jogging ko sa building, at yung stress, at napangiti ako. Isang mapait at matamis nga ngiti.

At kinuwento ko kung bakit.

ps: hanggang ngayon, wala pa akong TIN. Kuwento ni TJ, si Santi Bose raw, namatay nang walang TIN. Nakakatakot.

I accept the challenge…..

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I came into the office yesterday with all the televisions turned on to the same channel and everyone was anticipating the announcement to be made by Senator Noynoy Aquino.  The senator’s speech was quite long and drawn out but at the end of it all he pronounced what everyone was waiting for…his decision to run for the presidential bid.

Now what’s really surprising was my officemate’s reactions….after momentous announcement they started commenting that the good senator was not ready and that he shouldn’t have decided to run for president…I mean, WTF?!!!!

I mean here they were all glued to the TV and waiting for the announcement..and what the heck for? Just to say that the man wasn’t ready? They could have just taken it for granted but I guess they were curious.

Well, for me…the senator is taking a big risk but then again running for any political position is a risk and I believe he’s up to the challenge on that score. As for being raw and inexperience…right now he’s got my vote if it happens to be the only consideration. I don’t believe he lacks experience..I mean he’s been in public service a long time he knows the job and what it entails to be constantly in the public eye. True, he hasn’t really made a big and amazing impression as a senator but if he’s clean and I am sure we are sure to find that out soon enough. Noynoy Aquino will soon find out what it means to be a presidential candidate where his tiniest deviation from the norms will be blown up and made into an issue which he will be held accountable for. I am really interested to see how the good senator will pare under pressure.

Besides that, I don’t know what other people, but I am personally sick and tired of the TRAPOs…seasoned and well-experienced politicians who as it turns out are much too well-learned in the art of corruption and of lying to the public. I would surely be a breath of fresh air to find new blood in public service and hopefully one who’s heart is truly into service. The Aquino name had remained unblemished and well-loved; let us hope that Senator Noynoy Aquino has the mettle to keep the integrity of that name. His parents had paved the way for him and now it is his chance to prove that they have taught him well. His parents were adored and uplifted by the Filipino people as a great mana and a great woman; may they find him worthy of the heritage that they have left for him.

My family had always been a supporter to the Aquino clan (with the exception of Kris Aquino when she does her many escapades). My father was a supported of Ninoy during the martial law years, we were at EDSA People Power when it happened the first and only legitimate time (I was only 12 at the time) and when Cory decided to endorse Fidel Ramos as her successor we voted for him and he did not disappoint us with his performance. So it goes to follow that this time around he will support their son in his endeavor.

But over and above that loyalty and trust, I will vote for Senator Noynoy Aquino because I believe that we need a change and change will only come if we put new people in government…people who’s values and integrity is unblemished. As one presidential candidate after another started backing down to support his bid,  I hope the people will as well.

I also would like to point out that I am really approved of the Piso Para Kay Noynoy Project. It’s a project that Senator Noynoy Aquino himself initiated wherein they will put up donation cans (like the one for Piso Para sa Pasig and the Red Cross donation can) all over the country to gather fund for his campaign so that he will not be endebted to anyone but the people with regards to funds and in so doing will lifte off the bond of obligation from his shoulder and once in office he won’t have to tiptoe around anyone. His obligation is to the people and that’s the way it should be.

FRINGE – the TV series

Posted in Movies on September 3, 2009 by otakujade

I’ve been meaning to blog about this series for a very long time but I guess it is just proper that this should be my first blog for this month. Season 2 will begin in just a few weeks so I think it’s about time I express how much I love this series.

Fringe is about an FBI team under the supervision of Homeland Security which deals with phenomenon concerning incidents and situations concerning fringe science. Now what is fringe science? Fringe science is scientific inquiry in an established field of study which departs significantly from mainstream or orthodox theories, and is classified in the “fringes” of a credible mainstream academic discipline. So in lay men’s term fringe is about a science that deals of principles and theories that goes beyond science.

Actually, the series was recommended to me by a very good friend, I got curious and at the time was really looking for something new to watch so I downloaded an episode and lo and beyond….I was flabbergasted when I saw that first episode and from that time on I was hooked!

I cannot begin to describe the series to do so would be a step towards failure. One really has to see the series…just one episode would be enough to prove to anyone what I am saying. Fringe is a mixture of the FX files, CSI and NCIS in one…I can’t wait for the second season to begin!

Oh and another trivia on the series…watch out for Wally (the watcher) I had a lot of fun trying to find him in every episode. Also, a puzzle is embedded in each episode, a sort of code or system which so far I have not been able to decipher.