The Gifted Child????

Once in a while you would come across something which will stop you on your track and make you rethink your actions and your priorities…but this time I was unnaturally not surprise to find that “something” between the pages of a Bob Ong book. In there he mentioned this generation’s pre-occupation with mental capacities above all these.

You look at commercials on TV about milk saying they increase a child’s mental capabilities by this or that much and a lot of parents today especially the young ones and with enough money take a leap of faith towards that. It’s funny how people talk about my child’s using this or that brand of milk as if it would give their child super powers to drink those milk. I have a friend who’s budget for his child’s milk is about 1300 pesos a week. Because he wanted the “gifted child”.

In our pre-occupation with the gifted child we have somehow lost what’s really important. Yes, a gifted child is a parent’s source of pride but are we really looking after the child or are we searching for our own inadequacies. I would admit to being at fault here…I tried to make my children an extension of myself, which shouldn’t be. Maybe in their own time and manner they will discover how the love for learning and the love for books but they are not me; they individuals with their own set of interests which I may have no interest at all but as a good parent I MUST support them.

In our quest for the gifted child we have lost sight that it is not the gifted child we should be looking for but rather….the giving child. The individual who’s willing to work hard for what he believes in, the individual who care enough to do something and to look around him and notice the world rather than be pre-occupied with his own needs. A well-balanced, well-developed child who will be an exemplary example to others, a helping child who’s takes into consideration what others feel and needs.

My professor for the subject Foundations of Education once asked us where the education went wrong? Why are we producing these corrupt government officials and why have the youth lost their way? If our education system is right then why are the youth losing the fight?

Maybe…just maybe…it’s because we are focusing on the wrong ideals. Maybe it’s not the genius we really need but the man with compassion and principle.


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