Discovering a new genre…

I would be ashamed to call myself a wide reader if I do not have the courage and the curiosity to try a new author or genre once in a while. I have always been a big fan of five specific authors namely: Michael Crichton, David Morrell, Anne Rice, Dan Brown and of course JK Rowling. But once in a while I try something new like this last few weeks.

In honor of the books I have been reading allow me to deviate from my usual blog theme and use Tagalog as much as I can. Sorry kung Tag-lish pa rin but I’ll be able to express myself better that way I think.

I have heard of Bob Ong from a few friends pero I haven’t tried picking up the books he authored until two weeks ago.  I have read a few of the forwarded e-mail na may quotes from his books and they’re really funny. So I went to the bookstore and bought my first Bob Ong book. And what do you know, I loved it!!!! Loved it enough to start buying book after book everytime I get through with the last one. Maganda sya, di sya puro comedy…and you can clearly see the thoughts and personality of the author. Madalas nyang mabanggit sa book na extension yun ng personality nya, personal daw yung mga books nya and I believe him. It’s smart, its witty, it’s funny and very insightful. Isang salamin ng buhay Pinoy, ang yung lengguaweng ginamit eh talagang akma sa mga target audience nya..yung mga teenager, young adlts at not so young adults..hehehe! Actually, minsan feel ko same generation kami ni Bob Ong kse yung mga bagay na nababanggit nya eh madalas kapanahunan ko. But his books are not all just funny things and satire of Filipino life; it’s also a commentary of the wrongs of the Filipino way of life, it’s unrelenting and very insightful.

His books are entertaining, but it’s very rich in content. It’s not fiction and some of his comments would really drive through you. I think it’s just appropriate though, we need something like this more to tell us what we are doing right and where we went wrong.

So to Bob Ong, though I know that is not his real name…more power and I hope you write more books. Hmmm….ano naman kaya ang bibilhin ko this time…Kapitang Sino o Mac Art Hur???


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