G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra – The Review

We just got back from watching the movie and I couldn’t wait to this my thoughts into writing. We’ve been anticipating this movie since we firstread about it on the net and we almost didn’t get to see it because of financial constraints, but that’s another topic entirely so I won’t dabble on that. At least not right now.

If I were to sum up the entire movie in a few words it would be smart, witty, action-packed and hugely entertaining.  Maybe some people won’t agree with me on that..but then again that’s my personal opinion so shut up!

To start off, I love that the producers and director (Stephen Sommers) decided to use the best known characters from the animated series and the comic books.  I love the costumes and I love the obvious attention to details that the production people gave to them; it was obviously well researched and done with love. I wouldn’t be surprise if some of them are actually G.I. Joe fans themselves judging from the way the costumes and props were done. The characterization of the characters in the film was well done too, obviously studied, as they were able to capture the personalities of the original characters from either the animated series or the comic books.

In one interview Tatum said that he was reluctant to accept the role as it seemed to promote war and he’s a big advocate of the no-to-war ideals. But after reading the script and serializing that it’s not a war movie but rather one that’s more akin to Transformers and Harry Potter…he accepted the role. I don’t understand how he could have missed the TV series but then he would have been around 10 or 12 when the series was being shown so he really might not have been so immersed into it as much as most of us were. But he did a great job on the film and so did Sienna Miller and the rest of the casts. It was interesting to see a Wayans being in a serious movie also, and he did a very remarkable performance in the film.

I have been to Rotten Tomatoes also. I wanted to see how the critiques are judging the film…well, they’ve basically pegged it as average. Most were commenting on the lack of a deeper story line or plot but again, it’s a movie made from an animated series…why look for a deeper plot from that. I say just enjoy the movie! It’s the sort of movie you go out of being entertained and smiling..not one that’ll leave you either misty-eyed or stunted into silence but again this one was made for entertainment..so give it it’s due acolaide. It’s well done and it’s satisfying that should be enough.


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