New Symbols…

Aside from the changes both politically and socially that EDSA People Power brought about in 1986, the event also brought about certain symbolisms that have now become a part of our awareness.


The LABAN Sign popularized by the late President Cory Aquino during her bid for the presidency in 1986, had become a symbol of freedom and courage for the Filipino people. It signifies their fight against oppression and the fight for freedom.


The yellow ribbon played a huge role in our fight for freedom. And it had become a symbol of EDSA but the color of freedom and loyalty. I don’t know when we will see the yellow ribbon again, I hope it continue to be a big part of us as Filipinos.


The yellow rose, a flower so beautiful and yet to the Filipinos it means more than just a beautiful flower but a symbol of love and the camaraderie that had brought us together at EDSA. It was the peace offering the nuns and women offered to the soldiers which melted their hardened heart and made them turn their back on their training and their commander to join the people at EDSA.


I don’t know about most people but to me everytime I will look that the rosary now, I will always think of Cory Aquino and her devotion to God and her commitment to peace.


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