A Final Farewell…


It’s been 7 hours now since the funeral cortege left the Manila Cathedral to bring the remains of President Corazon Aquino to her final resting place at the Manila Memorial Park. Through the rain and sun, through hunger and exhaustion the people lined up the street just so they could catch a last glance at the remains of Tita Cory and pay their last respects. This is a clear testament of the love and respect that the Flipino people feels towards the former president.

To the Filipino people she had become a symbol of hope and determination; her unwavering love for the people to whom her husband died for was humbling. She who had suffered so much, was able to give more. She was the sole president since the end of the dictatorship who could honestly claim that she had always kept the people’s interests foremost in her mind and heart. She was the only one who could claim that she had not been corrupted by power, she was alone could claim that she was not corrupt. And the entire Filipino nation would agree with her.

I guess there will never be another Cory Aquino; a woman who had sacrificed herself – first when she gave up her husband so he could take care of the Filipino people, and again made that same sacrifice when she run for public office after his assasination and gave up her private life. And she continued to sacrifice her time and effort for the people her husband thought worthy to give his life for, even after she stepped down from power.

And so it is now our time, it’s now time for the Filipinos to honor her and give back to her all the love and compassion she had showered on us. Thank you Madame President for all your sacrifices, may we prove worthy of all you’ve done for us.

Rest now, Madame President, and rest and be with your husband Ninoy. May you again find joy together. The thought of Ninoy and Cory being reunited after so long brings to mind an old song which I often hear from one of my father’s turn table when I was growing up. Allow me to end in this Kitty Wells song and it went something like this:

I’ll walk just beyond the moon,

Then I’ll stop and wait for you.

You can look up every night,

and you’ll see me like a light.

And I’ll wait for you to join me someday soon.

And together hand in hand,

We’ll find our promise land.

And we’ll settle forever,

Somewhere just beyond the moon.


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