I am a martial law baby; that’s what they call people like me who was born during the time when Martial Law was being implemented in the Philippines. We were ordinary citizens, who followed the law and besides that we also have connection with the military so we were basically quite and untouched. But beneath all that my father was and still is a follower of Ninoy Aquino. He was even during his youth, very interested in politics and I was weened on his political beliefs and as early as I could remember he had always been an admirer of Ninoy.

And now more than ever I feel priveleged to have been born when I was, otherwise I would never have witnesses what I had been blessed to.  I lived through martial law, grew up on Michael Jackson songs, saw on TV the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, saw the rise of MTV, saw the transition of television from black and white to colored, knew life without the worldwideweb, witnessed the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, the great quake of 1991, the 911 bombing, the death of MJ and Princess Diana. I witnessed the assasination of Ninoy Aquino, the People Power Revolution, the rise of the first woman president of the Philippines…and now I feel the lost of her death.

It had been a journey of ups and down; I rejoiced in all the good and cried for the bad.  But I still consider myself blessed for having been born in this era and being witness to all these things. Seeing these celebrity and significant figures die makes me think about my own mortality as well, but we all must return to our Maker one day…and I just thank the Lord each day for allowing me to be one of the witness of these events, a silent watcher.


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